A collective call to action to keep school zones safe

As classes return after the holidays, everyone needs to be aware of the need to exercise additional caution around school zones, especially as private vehicle pick-ups and drop-offs have increased during the pandemic.

From March 2020, travel restrictions caused by COVID-19 resulted in more vehicles around schools in NSW and the ACT during pick-up and drop-off times. It's imperative for all motorists to employ common sense and extreme caution around school zones, especially around primary schools. To investigate the issue of increased congestion and school road safety, we surveyed 1,141 NRMA Members in November 2020. 

Our survey says... 

  • Nine per cent of parents and guardians witnessed a collision between a pedestrian and a vehicle in a school zone in the past year.
  • Over a quarter of parents witnessed a near miss collision between pedestrians and vehicles in a school zone in the past year.
  • More than half of Members (51 per cent) who regularly pass through school zones were concerned about double parking or illegal stopping when dropping off and picking up children. 
  • 41 per cent of Members were concerned about speeding in school zones.
  • Half were concerned about a lack of parking near schools. 

How you can help

Schools worked so hard in 2020 to ensure safe environments were provided for children during COVID. As we start the school year the extra traffic congestion around school will return. We are calling on all road users to adjust to these congested traffic conditions around schools and drive with utmost care.

Child safety is a shared responsibility and we all - both carers and schools - must work together on it. Please share what is working well at the school in your local area or what needs attention?