Billy Zammit hits 40 years with the NRMA

By Rebecca Page on 20 February 2017
NRMA Patrol Emanuel 'Billy' Zammit is so well recognised in the St George area that he doesn't go a day on the road without a wave or a smile from motorists in traffic.

Mr Zammit has just clocked up 40 years of service to NRMA Members, and said he felt like the local community had been his family throughout all of those years.

"The area has grown a lot, but so has the sense of community," Mr Zammit, who lives in Arncliffe said.

"Just the other day I helped a Member in Rockdale who said he remembered me looking after his grandfather when he was a little boy, he said to me, 'you're still helping us, you've helped three generations of my family!'."

The biggest change Mr Zammit said he had noticed in the industry during his years on the road was technology.

"You have to stay up to date with changes, which keeps you invigorated. We're using technology more and more now to diagnose problems as well as to repair, but it also means motorists sometimes tend to know a bit less about their cars."

Mr Zammit said his role was incredibly rewarding.

"It has been such an enjoyable 40 years: I get paid to go out and help people, and I just love helping people," Mr Zammit said.

NRMA Executive General Manager of Motoring, Samantha Taranto, said Mr Zammit had contributed valuably to the NRMA since he started in 1977.

"Billy's one of those amazing people that comes to work every day and does such an outstanding job that every manager wants him in their team," Ms Taranto said.

"He's been so involved in the growth of the company, holding leadership and management roles, and currently as patrol in the South East.

"We are so proud to have patrols like Billy helping to keep our more than 2.4 million Members moving every day across NSW and the ACT."

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