CBD Sydney's traffic hotspot: NRMA business congestion survey

By Peter Khoury on 02 July 2018
Aerial view of suburbs around Parramatta Sydney Australia
Aerial view of suburbs around Parramatta Sydney Australia

Fleet-running businesses across Sydney have earmarked the CBD as the section of Sydney causing their drivers the most congestion grief, according to the annual NRMA business survey.

Now in its 11th consecutive year, the 2018 business survey of 770 fleet-running businesses has found 35 per cent of those that said there were sections of Sydney causing congestion trepidation for staff earmarked the CBD as the area of most grief. South-west Sydney (11%) and the Inner-West (11%) also featured in the survey for congestion.

The NRMA provides specialised roadside assistance, corporate driver training, fleet support and advocacy voice to more than 28,000 fleet-running businesses.

Crucially, more than half (57%) of businesses surveyed said they plan on using WestConnex and NorthConnex. Notably, WestConnex was identified by businesses as their main transport priority project to help address congestion in Sydney. Priority projects included:

  • WestConnex (18%)
  • Second Sydney airport road infrastructure (14%)
  • M7 Motorway connecting Western Sydney Airport to the motorway network (13%)
  • NorthConnex (12%)
  • Northern Beaches Corridor (12%)
  • Sydney Metro West (10%)
  • Sydney CBD Light Rail (7%)

The survey found that 83 per cent of businesses believe congestion has increased over the last 12 months. Almost two-thirds (59%) of businesses estimate that congestion has cost their business from one-and-a-half to three hours as a result of traffic.

NRMA Chief Customer Officer Emma Harrington said tackling congestion was a strategic priority for the NRMA and would strengthen the economy, allow businesses to grow and get people home on time.

“Addressing mobility and congestion in a nation as urbanised as Australia is paramount and nowhere is that playing out more than in Sydney in 2018,” Ms Harrington said.

“There is more transport infrastructure being built in Sydney today than at any time in our city’s history and it is clear from our annual Business survey that the community places equal weight in roads and public transport infrastructure when it comes to getting around.

“The city desperately needs it – our NRMA business Members are telling us that congestion is costing them money and restricting growth.

“In addition to the vital projects being built in Sydney today, the NRMA believes we need to be innovative and smart about how we keep this city moving. That’s why we launched our own plan to get people from Sydney Olympic Park to the CBD in less than 30 minutes using fast ferries.”

The NRMA survey also found businesses were adjusting their operations to minimise the impact of congestion on their business:

  • Allowed more travel time for deliveries or call-outs (47%)
  • Changed travel routes (45%)
  • Rescheduled meetings and appointments to avoid peak hour (38%)