NRMA fast charging Balranald

22 July 2020
Free Electric Vehicle Fast Charger Network NRMA Blue Member Benefit
Free Electric Vehicle Fast Charger Network Map Australia NRMA Blue Member Benefits

The NRMA continues to expand its network of electric vehicle fast charging stations in its Centenary year with the installation of a charger at Balranald, further opening up the Riverina region to the next generation of motoring tourists.

The fast charger will allow EV motorists to fully charge their cars in about 40 minutes. Standard public EV chargers take between three and six hours, and traditional power outlets can take more than 12 hours.

Located centrally in town behind the Balranald Discovery Centre at the RV Parking Area, 89 Market St, Balranald. The charger is in close proximity to cafes and restaurants as well as a five minute walk to Murrumbidgee River, five minute walk to swing bridge and 45 minute drive to Yanga National Park. The Balranald charging station is the state’s 36th NRMA electric vehicle fast charging station.

NRMA Executive General Manager Motoring Nell Payne said the Balranald charger would help improve the future of mobility and contribute to the future regional tourism economy that will need our help now more than ever in the wake of the devastating drought, bushfires and now a global pandemic.

“We are proud to be further opening up the Riverina Region to fast charging. The Balranald site completes our Sturt Highway route from Wagga Wagga to Victoria enabling connections to Hay and Narrandera to the east, Mildura to the west and will eventually go onwards to Barossa Region, Adelaide and Central NSW,” Ms Payne said.

“At the NRMA we know one of the key reasons motorists in Australia have been hesitant to purchase electric vehicles is because they’re worried about ‘range anxiety’. In our Centenary year we are continuing our legacy of keeping people moving by building this extensive network of chargers to safeguard against that happening.

“The NRMA is celebrating 100 years by investing in creating sustainable communities and opening the gates to more unique journeys. Our aim is that 95 per cent of Member journeys are within 150 kilometres of one of our charging stations so they can charge quickly and safely without having to worry about time spent waiting.

“Regional tourism is going to be a lifeline as we recover from the COVID-19 shutdown. Never before has the great Australian road trip meant so much. We’re helping to ensure that our regional communities have the infrastructure in place to attract vital tourism revenue once travel restrictions ease now and well into the future,” Ms Payne said.

Balranald Shire Council Spokesperson said: “We are very pleased to be able to provide this facility in Balranald and thank NRMA for their efforts in installing the charger here. We look forward to seeing more and more visitors using this facility whilst experiencing the wonderful hospitality of our community”.