NRMA to build one of Australia's largest fast charging networks

20 October 2017
EV charger network The NRMA

The NRMA has today announced that it will establish one of Australia’s largest electric vehicle fast-charging networks, suitable for a range of electric vehicles and free for NRMA Members.

More than 95 per cent of NRMA Member road trips will be covered by the network. The $10 million investment will deliver at least 40 chargers, more than double the size of the current network of chargers in NSW and the ACT.

The network will unlock Australia for electric vehicles, enabling stress-free journeys whether motorists are doing the daily city commute, or visiting beaches on the South Coast, weekend getaways to our world-class wine regions or snow trips to the mountains.

NRMA Chairman Kyle Loades said the strong financial performance in 2016-17 had created the opportunity for the business to invest in an initiative to benefit the community and NRMA Members.

“Just as the NRMA was there to help Australia navigate the rise of the automobile 97 years ago, we will be here to help future generations navigate this new era of electric vehicles,” Mr Loades said.

“There has been under-investment in the electric vehicle market in Australia, so the NRMA is stepping in to develop a network to support the adoption and rollout of electric vehicles in Australia.”

The announcement follows the NRMA’s release of a new report, The Future is Electric, which highlights the move towards electric vehicles globally. The report found that while electric vehicles have been more expensive than conventional vehicles, this is quickly changing, particularly with the mass production of more efficient batteries.

Mr Loades said that countries around the world had committed to phasing out petrol and diesel propulsion and that manufacturers and technology companies were rapidly moving towards an electric and automated future.

“Our research has highlighted that a lack of charging infrastructure is the single greatest barrier identified by NRMA Members to purchasing an electric vehicle,” Mr Loades said.

“There are simply not enough chargers in public places to make electric vehicles viable for longer journeys and the NRMA’s investment will change this forever.

“The NRMA’s core purpose is to keep people moving, and this initiative to remove obstacles to the adoption of electric vehicles and give motorists peace of mind will do exactly that.

“The network will deliver significant benefits for Members and the community, removing the barrier of fuel costs, investing in renewable energy and supporting tourism by unlocking regional locations that are currently inaccessible to electric vehicles.”

A fast charging station is already in operation at the NRMA’s new headquarters at Sydney Olympic Park. The NRMA is taking a phased approach to the rollout of the network, with initial charger sites to include Sydney, the Blue Mountains, the ACT, the Illawarra, Mid North Coast and Newcastle.

The NRMA is calling for potential partners such as local councils and community groups to express their interest in working with the NRMA to bring a charger to their local area. Find out more about the NRMA's electric vehicle fast charging network.