One-in-five parents parking in spots without prams


As Coronvirus restrictions are slowly lifted and more families are out shopping, the NRMA is urging parents to be more courteous in car parks after research showed almost one-in-five taking up parking spots meant for parents with prams.

Parents with prams car spaces are provided by the owners of car parks as a courtesy and are not enforced by law. For the system to work it requires people to do the right thing and only park there if they have small children and prams to unload.

An NRMA survey of almost 1,500 people found almost one-in-five parents who have children aged 0-7 admitted to using ‘parents with prams’ parking spots when their child was no longer in a pram or not with them.

The data showed that while almost two-thirds (63%) believed that parents shouldn’t park in parents with prams spots when their child was no longer in a pram, 16 percent did it anyway.

NRMA Road Safety Expert Dimitra Vlahomitros said parents with prams parking spots were useful because they were located closer to easily accessible entrances to help parents safely move children through high traffic areas into lifts or travelators.

“Going to the shops with young kids can be a stressful experience. Parents with pram parking spots can be a game changer,” Ms Vlahomitros said.

“Parents with prams parking means parents don’t have to drive around looking for a parking spot and they are usually wider so children can be up loaded in and out of the car comfortably.

“Children are more at risk of being involved in a crash due to their unpredictability around cars and they can also be hard for other drivers to see so ensuring convenient parking close to entrances is available for parents with young children is really important.”

The research also revealed almost 9 in 10 of those who witnessed a person parking in a parents with prams spot without a child or pram did not confront them.

“It is vital parents don’t take matters into their own hands if they see someone parking in a parents with prams spot when they shouldn’t,” Ms Vlahomitros said.

“Our advice to Members is be mindful, courteous and vigilant at all times. If you don’t have young children or prams with you, don’t park in a parents with prams spot so it’s available for someone who really needs it.

“Always hold your child’s hand even if there are no cars around and secure them in their car seat before you put your shopping in the boot. Then you don't need to worry about kids running off into danger when you have your hands full.”

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