Peace of mind

Manly Fast Ferry Social Value Images
Manly Fast Ferry Social Value Images

Providing Members a trusted service you can always rely upon. After all, keeping you moving is what we were born to do.

  • Acquisition of Manly Fast Ferry
  • Record levels of Government road funding
  • Positive changes to driver licensing laws
  • Reduced logbook hours for learner drivers 

Peace of mind has been at the heart of our service to the community for 98 years.

It’s there every time you get in to your car through our legendary roadside assistance, car servicing centres and mobile car servicing, as well as our safer driving schools.

It's there there whatever the journey, wherever you're resting or enjoying your holiday through our network of Holiday Parks and Resorts, Travelodge hotels and Thrifty car rentals throughout Australia.

Now, this peace of mind extends beyond land. With our acquisition of Manly Fast Ferry – one of Sydney’s most popular transport services that gets commuters to work more than twice as fast as other options - we're on the path to becoming one of Australia’s largest transport and tourism providers.

For almost a century we have also built a proud history of working with our Members to deliver positive change and peace of mind that has made our community safer, stronger and more connected.

  • In partnership with you, our Members, our advocacy has led to record levels of road funding from all levels of Government. As a result, some of Australia’s most dangerous regional roads, such as the Pacific, Princes and Hume highways have seen significant upgrades

  • Major motorways and public transport projects are now being delivered in Sydney. We’ve fought hard to deliver these outcomes because we know a safer road network saves lives and connected public transport network gets our Members home to their families safely, sooner

  • Keeping drivers of all ages safe is also a big priority for the NRMA. We teach children about road safety from school age and have delivered positive changes to the licensing laws for younger and older drivers, because driving should be about ability and not age

  • Leaner drivers who get a breadth of driving experience are more likely to graduate to their provisional licence as safer drivers so the NRMA successfully campaigned to have their logbook hours reduced if they get professional driver training lessons

  • The NRMA has also been instrumental in striking a balance between the vital work of enforcing the road rules and fairness for drivers. Today, thanks to the NRMA, NSW drivers have an extra demerit point.

Keeping you moving is our passion and giving you peace of mind on your journey is our purpose.

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