Taking action

Kyle Loades

The NRMA was founded in 1920 as an advocacy group for road safety, and we have played a key role in the delivery of the most important improvements and innovations in this field since then.

We were instrumental in the promotion of the mandatory use of seatbelts, the introduction of random breath testing, the establishment of the ANCAP vehicle crash testing regime and the delivery of improvements to the NSW and ACT road networks.

This tradition is continued today with research and campaigning on issues such as drug-driving, mobile device distraction and education alternatives for low-range offenders – all while maintaining our focus on core safety and infrastructure challenges, such as the road toll and traffic congestion.

But the NRMA is now taking leadership in charting the future of transport: we are increasingly focusing our resources on connected and automated vehicles, alternative fuel sources and the concept of mobility as a service.

Members can rest assured that we are as vigilant as ever in pursuing their interests today while working towards a safer and more convenient travel environment in the future.

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The NRMA Education Centre is the central point where people of all ages can access information about road safety. It also provides information on interests such as infants and children, young drivers, older road users and provides online booking for older driver education programs.