What We Do

Better road and transport infrastructure has been a core focus ever since the NRMA first came to being in 1920 when our founders lobbied for improvements to the condition of Parramatta Road in Sydney. Today the NRMA continues working with government for more road funding to improve safety and for solutions to ever increasing traffic congestion.

By working with all levels of government to improve not only road infrastructure but also public transport infrastructure we can give motorists a real choice about how they get around.

The NRMA believes that efficient roads, public transport and better facilities for cyclists and pedestrians, work hand in hand to solve the many transport problems that we face each day.

The NRMA advocacy team

As well as providing roadside assistance to Members, lobbying the Government on motorists’ behalf was one of the original motives for establishing the NRMA in 1920. We fight for Members on a wide range of issues and play an important role in the community. 

The NRMA advocacy team draws on a wealth of government, media, policy and social justice experience and have been dealing with government, industry and business leaders at the highest levels for many years. 

Our professional approach to advocacy and public issue campaigning has led to many significant wins on behalf of Members.

Today, the NRMA is working more closely with Members than ever before. Through our use of this website and social media channels, NRMA provides a powerful platform for Members to directly make a difference and be heard. By helping more Members - more often, the value of your NRMA Membership has never been greater.

Free information,
resources and programs
from the road safety experts

The NRMA Education Centre is the central point where people of all ages can access information about road safety. It also provides information on interests such as infants and children, young drivers, older road users and provides online booking for older driver education programs.