What we do

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The NRMA was founded in 1920 as an advocacy group for road safety, and we have played a key role in the mandatory use of seatbelts, the introduction of random breath testing, the establishment of the ANCAP crash testing regime and lobbying the government for improvements to NSW and ACT roads.

This tradition is continued today with research and campaigning, while maintaining our focus on safety and infrastructure challenges, such as road tolls and traffic congestion, the future of transport, alternative fuel sources, and the use of blue highways.

Some of our achievements

Demerit points

The NSW Government adopted a number of NRMA’s recommendations to make the demerit point system fairer. Specific recommendations adopted include removing 22 demerit point penalties for non-road safety related offences and reducing the penalty for motorists caught speeding by less than 10 km/h.

Fuel price transparency

Following a long campaign by NRMA to force fuel companies to provide greater fuel price transparency for motorists, the NSW Government mandated that all fuel retailers operating in NSW provide motorists with real-time information about fuel prices. All retail fuel prices are now reported in real-time via an online government dashboard and through NRMA’s Fuel App.

Fuel price boards

To provide greater transparency for motorists around fuel prices, NRMA persuaded the NSW Government to force service stations to advertise a wider range of fuels on their price boards. These changes helped to increase competition and give motorists more information about fuel prices.

Driver licence discount

The NSW Government adopted NRMA’s recommendation to provide a financial incentive for motorists who demonstrate good driver behaviour on our roads. NSW motorists with a clean driving record now receive a 50 per cent discount on the cost of renewing their licence.

School zone flashing lights

In 2009, following NRMA’s lobbying and recommendations made by the NSW Auditor General, the NSW Government announced a policy to install flashing lights at all school zones with non-standard operating times. In 2013, the NSW Government announced that flashing lights would be installed at all school zones in NSW by 2015.

Disability parking

After concerns were raised by NRMA Members, NRMA advocated for increased penalties for people who illegally park in disabled zones. As a result, the NSW Government increased the penalty for illegally parking in disabled zones to $519 and the loss of one demerit point.