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Preparing children for holiday season safety

In only 5 years from 2012 to 2016, more than 1,800 pedestrians or cyclists under the age of 16 were killed or injured on our state roads. We ask teachers to work with us as we approach each holiday season to educate and empower children to recognise dangerous situations, and know how to keep themselves safe so that together we can reduce this statistic.

Practical studies summer 2017

For the month of November we  invited schools across NSW and the ACT to adopt the theme of ‘holiday road safety’ within their classrooms to help build momentum on the issue and create a ripple effect within their wider community. As an extra bonus all schools that adopted the initiative and submitted a class survey went into a draw for a chance to win $1000 for educational resources.

Please refer to the competition terms and conditions for further information.

Competition winner

Congratulations to Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary School, Fairfield, who won $1000 towards educational resources after participating in the holiday safety program in preparation of the summer holidays.


The Max and Emily Code

Emily and Max are back with a new adventure in 'The Max and Emily code' by Mitch Lewis,  this time visiting a holiday park and identifying serious road safety issues that we witness every year during school holidays. 

Teachers and parents please follow the four simple steps below to work through the respective activities with your class or child.

Activity 1 - Read The Max and Emily Code e-book with your class or child

Activity 2 - Discuss the illustrations to delve deeper into the safety scenarios 

Activity 3 - Complete the appropriate class project for your stage group

Activity 4 - Submit the survey with your class

*Note the competition has now lapsed  

Drivers, parents and children keep alert

Drivers – slow down, kids around

Seasonal population spikes in our communities whether during the school season or holiday’s means there are always children outside and on our streets, carparks and recreational areas. Reducing our speed and looking for children near roadways is an important practice in protecting our vulnerable road users.

Parents – have a safety talk with your children

We encourage parents to have a road safety conversation with their children, highlighting the key visual roadway differences, setting boundaries and running through the different behaviours they should practice when playing in the shared environment.

Children – be road safety aware

  • Treat all roads within holiday parks with the same caution as you would around your home
  • Always bring your own helmet on holidays so that it fits properly
  • Make sure to check your bike before going on holidays, checking the:
    • Brakes
    • Bell
    • Reflectors
    • Tyres
  • Avoid playing near carparks as drivers may not see you in their mirrors
  • Always keep your parents informed of your whereabouts

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