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High school teacher guides
At NRMA we value road safety education in schools and we recognise that teaching students about road safety is a requirement across all stages as part of the PDHPE K-10 syllabus.

We hope to support schools and teachers by providing resources to help ease some of the workload that comes with sourcing and creating activities for teaching road safety.

The following learning modules contain activities for students to complete independently and have been mapped to the 2018 PDHPE K-10 syllabus, suitable for Stage 5:

Pedestrian Safety
Future Driver Safety

The following resource contains road safety activities that can be incorporated into the English classroom, suitable for Stage 5:

Road Safety Activities in English

NRMA teamed with Media to create study guides that delve deeply into passenger safety, learning to drive and buying and maintaining a car for students in years 9 to 12.

Car safety

This 64 page guide helps students understand the physics of staying safe on the road through exploring Newton's Laws of Motion. Exploring what to look for when buying a safe first car and how modern car design helps to lessen the forces generated in a crash, how the speed of a car impacts on stopping distance, how seat belts work to reduce injury, dealing with distractions and more.

Driver safety 

This 60 page guide includes information on crash risk, reaction times, BAC levels, speeding, the effect of perception on driving, calculations of speed and distance, strategies for reducing crash risk, road crash statistics, the minimum car safety features to look for when buying your first car and more.


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