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Caravan | The NRMA

Caravan and camping is going through a resurgence, led by a trend of people wanting to reconnect with nature and each other rather than ‘things’.

Remember those beautifully, brightly-lit mornings spent splashing in the Pacific Ocean blue? Barbecue lunches signified by light, billowing clouds carrying mouth-watering aromas, followed by afternoons bursting at the seams with activity - beach cricket, fishing, swimming, tinnie rides and boogie boards? Carefree, splendid family fun.

Today, with the rising cost of living, and people looking to disconnect from their devices and reconnect with their loved ones and a more wholesome lifestyle, camping is enjoying resurgence, and it's not just the older generation enjoying this popular pastime, with the younger generations behind reviving this quintessential Australian experience.

Did you know? Caravanning and camping has become the fastest growing domestic accommodation type in Australia, with a 5 percent annual growth rate year-on-year since 2011-12.

Destination accommodation

Positioned in prime locations next to National Parks, beaches and major attractions, Holiday Parks have become destinations in themselves, meeting the needs of those who want to experience a back to nature-style holiday their way, by opening up options whatever age and preferred level of luxury, wherever you want to explore in the expansive regions of Australia.

Whether you prefer to be inland to kayak or fish in nearby creeks, explore the varying tracks of the National Parks, or stroll in seconds to the beach, and whether you want to bed down in a caravan or motorhome, stay in a tent, cabin or luxury villa for your next holiday, NRMA Members can access to discounts on a range of holiday parks and resorts nationwide to suit every type of budget, making your next getaway affordable and memorable.

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Did you know? Holiday parks also make a significant contribution to the local communities in which they operate. For every dollar of caravan park income, $1.38 of economic activity is generated in the local economy.

Best places to camp

Unique, one-of-a-kind, brag-worthy experiences are what inspire us to travel. Lucky for us, Australia is rich in these experiences.

Our natural environment is vast and varied, providing a range of experiences that attract people to our shores. Our culture is diverse and engaging, providing opportunities for visitors to learn and share these experiences with others.

The NRMA is passionate about travel. We aim to inspire people to connect, explore and discover this great country through cost effective and seamless tourism and transport services.

As the backbone of many regional communities and an employer of over half a million Australians, we need to ensure the tourism industry continues to grow.

Through our Discovery Series, the NRMA will champion investment in transport and visitor infrastructure, partnerships that profile our regions, and technology that links visitors with the most iconic and best kept secrets this country has to offer.

Read the first of our reports from the Discovery Series, Are We There Yet? The NRMA Roadmap to the Visitor Economy Roadmap.

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