As travel restrictions begin to ease, you might be ready to get out and start exploring, visiting loved ones and connecting with nature again. And, we're here to help, making sure you're prepared with plenty of advice for safe travel while COVID-19 is still a threat.

We're encouraging all our Members to see NSW and the ACT by road, as there's so much to discover and so many ways to help. Just by staying, eating, drinking and shopping locally, we can revitalise regional communities together. So read on for stories, destinations, discounts and tips to help you plan a fantastic, fun and hassle-free escape. Use the menu below to find the information you need.

Tips and advice

Helping Australians on the road over the years has meant we've learned a thing or two about planning a safe and hassle-free road trip. Once you've filled up with fuel for the best price via our app, there are some other handy things to consider before you hit the road.

Road trips

From visiting the places where our Members live to going on holidays with our friends and families - we’ve taken a lot of road trips over the years. Below are some of our favourites to inspire your next adventure, but remember to check what's available in the areas you wish to travel, and do not leave home if feeling unwell.

Member discounts

We work hard to make sure that your Membership comes with as many perks as possible. The full list of NRMA Blue benefits is quite diverse, but here are some that you should really take advantage of when you’re on your next road trip (and when you’re staying close to home).

Your photos and stories

The best thing about road trips is that they're not just about the destination, but the many moments that make up the journey. Take a scroll through and enjoy a smile at some of the memories our Members have shared with us. With any luck, they'll inspire you to get out and make some new memories of your own.


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