NRMA keeps you moving by Fast Ferry

07 December 2017
Manly fast ferry
Manly fast ferry

We were born to keep people moving, and now the NRMA is looking to our waterways to help expand the way we help our Members get around even further.

In a move that demonstrates our commitment to become one of Australia’s largest providers of transport and tourism services, the NRMA has invested in and taken ownership of Manly Fast Ferry.

Founders and operators Richard and Will Ford remain invested in the business and will continue in their roles as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer respectively. The NRMA will now work closely with the Fords to secure exclusive benefits for NRMA Members, deliver a better experience for existing customers and drive the business forward.

This exciting move now places NRMA as the exclusive provider of fast ferry services to Circular Quay, as well as regular services to other Sydney Harbour locations and popular whale watching and sightseeing tours.

The Manly to Circular Quay trip takes an average of 18 minutes, which is significantly faster than the average one-hour bus journey and more than twice as fast as the optimal car journey, and last year transported over 3.2 million passengers via its 10 vessels.

Crucially, costs are comparable to other public transport services and customers get home to their families faster than those who drive or catch a bus; travel in greater comfort; and can even quench their thirst at the onboard bar.

Our commitment to better roads has never been greater, but the NRMA recognises the potential that comes from blue highways and are broadening our transport and tourism offerings as an extension of our legendary service to Members to get them home quickly and safely.

“Blue highways offer a viable and effective solution to the congestion impacting on Sydney’s traditional transport methods. Since so many of Australia’s major population centres are located on rivers, harbours and the coast, NRMA will look to provide comparable service to others across Sydney and coastal centres,” NRMA Group CEO Rohan Lund said.

For years, Manly Fast Ferry has been a beacon of fast transport in a region notorious for its limited transport options and roads that remain among the most congested in the city.

“Manly Fast Ferry is fast, safe and extremely popular with its customers – three values that are synonymous with the NRMA over its 97 year history, providing the same opportunities to greater Sydney and coastal centres across Australia is a key priority for the NRMA,” NRMA Chairman Tim Trumper said.

While Sydney is getting the roads and public transport infrastructure it desperately needs with billions being spent on crucial projects, the NRMA believes the city’s blue highways can lift more of the load and we are prepared to spend capital to provide transport solutions and boost tourism.

“Today signals a significant milestone in the future of Manly Fast Ferry and our commitment to providing world class transport and tourism services to the community,” Manly Fast Ferry Founding Owner Richard Ford said.

The purchase is subject to regulatory approvals.