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All NRMA Members can enjoy NRMA Blue. Whether you've purchased roadside assistance, or bought NRMA Blue on its own, you now have access to discounts on fuel, car maintenance, insurance, transport, travel and accommodation, entertainment, experiences, and more.

Plus, we've added loads of new content to the new my nrma app, which is now exclusive to Members. Not only can you find cheap fuel and parking and book assistance when you need us, you can see other benefits and attractions and get more from your every journey with local guides, articles and travel tips.

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Frequently asked questions

Your Membership is only getting better. With NRMA Blue, you'll now have access to even more benefits and savings on a huge range of products, services and discounts that will help you every day, and on every journey.

Other than that, everything else stays the same – if you've got roadside assistance, your cover won't change; your years of tenure are unaffected; and we value your Membership as much as ever in helping us with important work in the community, planning for the future of mobility, and lobbying the government on behalf of all road users and commuters.

There is no change to your Gold Membership status or your discount, you'll just have more benefits to enjoy as part of our NRMA Blue Membership program.

Whilst our roadside assistance is second to none, it is not merely a service from a company - it is the original Member benefit of our mutual organisation. All the benefits of NRMA Blue come at no extra charge to those with roadside assistance - they are simply a way to give even more benefits to our Members, and bring more value to you every day.

Most benefits will still be included, and there are several new ones you can enjoy. However, there are a few partners that we've said goodbye to. You can find a full list of partners and offers here, or head to the A-Z section in the benefits section within the my nrma app.

Yes, all our Members have automatic access to NRMA Blue, with all of its added value and savings such as free nights at a range of great in hotels in various locations and discounts on fuel at Caltex.

However when it comes time for you to renew, you will need to renew onto NRMA Blue or take up a roadside assistance package that includes NRMA Blue. That way you'll continue to benefit, and help us to provide great initiatives in education and helping those in need, right through to championing the cause of all road users and commuters to all levels of government.

Yes, you can simply use the new my nrma app as your Membership details will be displayed there.