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The NRMA knows how difficult and frustrating it can be to park in and around Sydney. To help our Members save time, money and to park their cars safely, we've developed an app functionality dedicated to finding you a parking spot at the best price at your desired location.

Book your parking spot using the my nrma app so you can have your parking dilemma solved before you drive.

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Check fuel prices, find parking, access exclusive Member savings, request assistance and track us on our way.

After nearly 100 years of service, it's understandable that most people know the NRMA for our 24/7 roadside assistance. But we're always looking for different ways to to help make the journey better for our Members.

Even if you're looking for car parking, the NRMA are looking out for you with pricing on car parks with the my nrma app. So open it up and find the best option for you.

From Sydney Airport to the city CBD, Sydney University and the University of NSW (UNSW), Bondi Beach to Central Station, there's a range of parking for you to view in Sydney. But it doesn't stop in the NSW capital, with a range of metropolitan areas around the country on your very own parking app - the my nrma app.