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Safety & Advice

We're here to help! Get information on anything to do with purchasing a car, caring for your car, break downs and safe driving information.

Advice services

We’re here to help! Get advice or assistance on anything to do with purchasing, using or maintaining a vehicle, or find legal information for commonly asked questions about NSW and ACT traffic laws. More

Planning your journey

Did you know that vehicle emissions account for about 8 per cent of the total carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere? Simple changes to your journey can help you drive more efficiently, improve your fuel consumption and save you money. Find out how. More

Stay safe while you wait

Broken down? Our safety guide will help you stay safe on the road before and after calling NRMA for roadside assistance. You’ll also find important tips for breaking down in heavy traffic or in an isolated area at night. More

Safer driving

Driver education and attitude are critical to becoming a safer driver. Our safer driving section aims to provide you with as much useful information to help you stay safe on the road and inside the vehicle. More

Motorcycles & scooters

Booming scooter and motorcycle sales show that many people are taking up the two-wheeled motorised option. Find out what protective gear you need to wear, how to get a licence, buying a bike or scooter, bike care and maintenance. More

Child road safety

Want to help keep your kids safe when on the road? Whether you need advice for child restraints, choosing the best child-friendly car or tips for travelling with kids, we can help answer the questions you might have about child road safety. More

Buying & Selling

Buying and selling a car can be a long and complicated process – but it doesn’t have to be stressful or daunting. Here’s all you need to know about buying and selling and how to ensure you get the best deal possible. More

Green Driving

We're helping our Members move toward a greener, less volatile transport future More

Breaking down

In the event of a breakdown here's what you need to know and do, including the tools you should carry plus how to keep safe in a city or remote area breakdown. More

Car care

Avoid breakdowns and save money by keeping an eye on some of your car's basic components and maintenance. This includes storing your car correctly, understanding the cooling system and how to check oil and water levels. More

Vehicle insurance

Vehicle insurance is important for any motorist as it covers you against losses and liability incurred in the event of a crash. Find out more about comprehensive and compulsory third party car insurance options as well as how to save money. More

Vehicle registration

Registering vehicles is a necessity that we all must do at least once a year. Here we give you information on green, pink and blue slips as well as how to transfer vehicle registration. More

Wheels and tyres

For your vehicle to operate safely on the road the tyres fitted to it must be the type and size as specified by your car’s manufacturer - as well as be in good condition. Here are the guidelines you need to be aware of. More


Information about car batteries, battery problems when it's cold and the different types of batteries available. More

Motoring directory

From car maintenance to storage you’ll find information on every aspect of vehicle care in our directory - covering all types of vehicles from motorcycles and scooters to cars and 4WDs. More

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