Thredbo Valley Horse Riding


The alpine region in New South Wales has always attracted nature lovers and thrill seekers, but the good life isn’t all above the clouds. Jindabyne is a local community with small town values, unique character and filled with a fabulous enduring history.

These are just some of the drawcards that drew Nev Barrass to the area 20 years ago. Nev owns Thredbo Valley Horse Riding - a stunning 2,800 acre private property with spectacular sub-alpine wilderness and offering some of the best accommodation in the Thredbo Valley.

The history of Thredbo Valley Horse Riding

Thredbo Valley Horse Riding was established in 1993 and is the premier destination for anyone wanting to take in the peace and tranquillity that the Australian Snowy Mountains has to offer.

Owned by husband and wife duo, Nev and Linda Barrass, Nev originally moved to the Snowy Mountains in 2003 to work for Thredbo Valley Horse Riding. It wasn't until 2007 that he jumped at the opportunity to buy the business.

Through years of love, sweat and tears - the business has continued to grow, as does the pairs' passion for their animals, which is brought home by Nev's belief that "riding in the picturesque Thredbo Valley is the best fun you can have!"

Offering everything from a child’s first pony ride, to catering to the seasoned accomplished riders and everything in between, you’ll be able to escape the hustle and bustle of city life as you ride through mountainous bushland terrain and open fields. Marvel at the incredible display of nature and see just how gentle their iconic bush horses are.

How has the last 12 months affected the business?

While the past 12 months have been challenging - with the team facing some unprecedented circumstances as business owners in the tourism industry – Thredbo Valley Horse Riding have worked through issues thrown their way.

The Snowy Mountains are not known to be in drought often, but they’ve recently experienced an unusual run of dry conditions. The loss of last summer’s trade due to the threat of bushfire had a tremendous impact on the business and while many of the team were lucky to not have been directly impacted by the fire – the flow on affect was something that couldn’t be ignored.

Restrictions on travel into the region forced Thredbo Valley Horse Riding to close for 4 weeks. The smoke-filled air could have proved detrimental to not only the personal welfare of staff, but also to the horses who would have had to work in the conditions unnecessarily.

The Australia Day long weekend proved to be fruitful. Travel had begun and families were beginning to embrace the mountains once the smoke had cleared. The signs were positive for a great Easter trade, which in a normal year is every bit as busy as Christmas and New Year. The tourist traffic was needed desperately - after all, horses are expensive animals and we all know that the bills don’t pay themselves.

However, just as things were looking up the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Forced lockdowns, travel bans, border closures and the fear of disease hitting the town of Jindabyne was high. Not only was the future daunting, but the prospect of having another financial blow only added to the stress of Thredbo Valley Horse Riding whose major industry is tourism. Every tourist dollar spent in the alpine region keeps business afloat during the slower periods and the pain from losing two major holiday incomes in the space of four months was felt throughout the community.

How are things today?

While it was a slow start to the ski season, with each business running at 50% capacity – Thredbo Valley Horse Riding is back in operation. Being diligent with their Standard Operating Procedures, the team recognises the risks of COVID-19 and have taken the necessary steps to keep their staff and clientele safe. The continued financial support from the Government has been helpful, however it’s the visitors that the team truly rely upon.

How you can help

Every tourist dollar that is spent in the region is greatly needed and appreciated. "We all need you as a tourist to come visit these beautiful locations and visit the businesses in and around the Snowy Mountains." says Nev. And while the support for their beautiful community has been welcomed by locals, Nev invites fellow NRMA Members to "come and visit our area - we're all in this together."

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