Your Road Trip Tales

Last month, we asked you to share your favourite road trip tales. It's fair to say, we were inundated with responses, receiving over 1500 amazing stories.

Thank you for sharing them with us. It's been a labour of love reading them, each one revealing the magic that happens on the open road as personal connections are made with this precious sunburnt country and the animals we share it with. 

It's hard to put a finger on what sparks that magic: there's something in the shared discovery of a new experience, the closeness to loved ones as landscapes, wildlife and weather reveal themselves on the horizon.

Many of your stories are filled with misadventure which makes the tales more memorable. Stressful experiences, like running out of fuel, losing keys, getting lost, and struggling with punctures become rose-tinted over time, as we realise they lead to new discoveries.

As much as stopping to see the Big Things, it's the little things that are treasured in our memories: games of 'I Spy', silly conversations, bad food choices, arguments and belting out classic tunes like no one is watching.

Here we've compiled a few of our favourite Member stories, which show why road trips matter so much.

Oldies but goodies

These four heartwarming Member stories will live long in the memory: Anna's Rolls Royce reminisce, Neil's Austin 7 Roadster revelation, Sue's 1954 Holden Ute bliss and Leonard's 1955 Standard 10 Cadet adventure all tell tales of times past.

It's a family affair

Wedged together like sardines for hours on end as new sights appear around every corner, there's nothing like a road trip to forge family bonds. Sarah's is a lovely story of the healing power of a family road trip and Julia's sums up the simple fun of a shared journey.


There's no freedom like a full tank and a stretch of open road. Bianca's coming of age story evokes this feeling so warmly. Meanwhile, Patrick's mouthwatering tale of daily discovery is so idyllic, it gives us itchy feet. 

Fast friends

Nothing deepens friendships like travel. Byron's story shows how easy it is to make new friends when on the road, while Jessica escaped to Uluru with her best mate to recharge and renew. 

Furry friends

We received so many animal stories! There were tales of crocodiles, snakes, kookaburras, parakeets, koalas and plenty of kangaroos. Not to mention the many road trips done with our pets. We loved them all but Jess's story of a doggy discovery and Chloe's Joey rescue are inspiring.


If there's one way we can all help regional towns in need it's by taking the time to visit and stay, eat, drink and shop in local businesses. The stories you told show that there's something special about having a uniquely Australian experience, and knowing the value it delivers to the regions just adds to the experience.


Marie and Jessica discovered romance and road trips go hand-in-hand!



Just as NRMA's early founders believed in 1920, we still strongly believe today that road trips are good for Australians - the families and friends who take them and the communities who value from them. We know that regional Australia is hurting with drought and bushfires. We know that road trips drive the $40 billion NSW tourism economy that employs 278,000 people.

The stories you shared with us prove that road trips really matter. We hope they've inspired you to take a new one.