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Reports and submissions

Reports and submissions

All of our submissions and reports are used in NRMA's lobbying to governments on behalf of our Members. For more information contact publicpolicy@mynrma.com.au.

Most reports are in PDF format. To read PDF reports you will require Acrobat Reader - get Acrobat Reader free from Adobe.

2014 Reports & Public Policy Submissions 
Sydney CBD Parking Comparison report 1.5MB/38 pages
Fuel Security Report part 2 1.1MB/23 pages

2013 Reports & Public Policy Submissions 
School Zones Report 8.3MB/9 pages
AusRAP Star Rating - National Highway Network 9503KB/51 pages
Congestion Busting Strategy (One page summary) 228KB/1 page
Congestion Busting Strategy (Full document) 293KB/13 pages
2013-14 Budget Submission to the ACT Government  74KB/3 pages 
Submission to the Staysafe Inquiry into Non-Registered Motorised Vehicles   1.33MB/13 pages 
Submission to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure's the Lower Hunter over the next 20 years discussion paper   3.54MB/39 pages 
Fuel Security Report part 1  1MB/ 24 pages 
Fuel Security Infographic  914KB/1 page 
2013-14 Budget Submission to the Australian Government 174KB/23 pages
2013-14 Budget Submission to the NSW Government 303KB/33 pages
Submission to the Road Access Pricing Inquiry 1.47MB/8 pages

2012 Reports & Public Policy Submissions
High Visibility Policing & its impact on driver behaviour
760KB/14 pages
Submission to the Draft NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan 467KB/3 pages
Railway Stations Audit 370 KB/9 pages
Railway Stations Audit - Appendix 13 MB/312 pages
Cost of Crashes 2012 278KB/8 pages
Submission to the draft Road Safety Strategy for New South Wales 2012-2021 174KB/29 pages
2012-13 Budget Submission to the NSW Government 182KB/30 pages
Submission to the draft Fair Trading Regulation 2012 287KB/6 pages
NRMA submission to IPART regarding fuels 510KB/5 pages
NRMA Submission to the Review of the NSW Mobility Parking Scheme 888KB/3 pages
2012-13 Budget Submission to the Australian Government 176KB/27 pages
NRMA Submission to the NSW Long Term Transport Plan Discussion Paper 68KB/11 pages
AusRAP Risk Rating - NSW Highway Network 1.1MB/4 pages
AusRAP Risk Rating - ACT Highway Network 1.2MB/4 pages

2011 Reports & Public Policy Submissions
NSW Staysafe Committee Inquiry into School Safety 741KB/20 pages
2011-12 State Budget Submission to the NSW Government 379KB/35 pages
NRMA Seeing Red on Roads Roadmap 875KB/38 pages
NRMA Decongestion Strategy 3MB/40 pages

2010 Reports & Public Policy Submissions
Transport and Mobility Needs of Ageing Australians  609KB/9 pages
Get the Central Coast Moving
Inquiry into Vulnerable Road Users - NRMA Submission 257KB/15 pages
Submission to the proposed M2 motorway upgrade EIS 644KB/14 pages
Submission to the F3 Freeway Moroney Inquiry 338 KB/14 pages
Submission to NSW Government Metropolitan Transport Plan: Connecting the City of Cities 836KB/6 pages
Submission to Long Term Public Transport Inquiry - Preliminary Report 774KB/6 pages
2010-11 State Budget Submission to the NSW Government 1MB/40 pages
NRMA response to the Draft Regulation Impact Statement for Review of Euro 5/6 Light Vehicle Emissions Standards 113KB/2 pages
2010-11 ACT Budget Submission to the Australian Capital Territory Government 560KB/14 pages
2010-11 Federal Budget Submission to the Australian Government 948KB/32 pages
Get the Hunter Moving 2MB/18 pages
Audit of motorway merges 3MB/74 pages
Heavy Vehicle Safety Report 234KB/11 pages
A Road Map for the next Australian Government 2MB/18 pages

2009 Reports & Public Policy Submissions
Report Card on Pacific Highway Upgrade 1.2MB/25 pages
Price Differentials for ULP relative to PULP 417KB/8 pages
Member Survey - time of day tolling 319KB/8 pages
Submission to the ACT Government - Shopping Centre & Community Facilities speed limits 487KB/2 pages
Submission to Victoria Road Review of Environmental Factors 337KB/8 pages
Submission to NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) re: Improving the Regulation of Written-Off Vehicles in NSW 387KB/2 pages
Submission to NSW Transport Blueprint Reference Panel on Sydney's Transport Future 948KB/32 pages
Submission to the Staysafe Committee Pedestrian Safety Inquiry 1.2MB/38 pages
Submission to NSW Audit Office on School Zones 2MB/54 pages
Submission to Senate Select Committee on Fuel and Energy 514KB/8 pages
Submission to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) re: Caltex Australia Ltd - proposed acquisition of the retail assets of Mobil Oil Australia Pty Ltd 444KB/3 pages
Submission to NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) re: Winter Tyre and Snow Chain Discussion Paper 26KB/2 pages
Submission to NSW Parliament Staysafe Committee Inquiry into Heavy Vehicle Safety 1.2MB/5 pages
2008 Reports 
A Roadmap for Alternative Fuels in Australia 1.8MB/64 pages

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