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Frequently Asked Questions about the More4Members rewards program.

1. Why did my Membership number change from 7 digits to 9 digits?
We have recognised that some Memberships actually include a number of people within them (e.g. partner/spouse) and therefore want to be able to give each individual their own unique card and number that's still linked to the original Membership. It works just like the Medicare system - the primary Member is identified as 01 with subsequent Members as 02, 03, etc.
2. What is the key tag return service?
In the event that your lost keys are found and sent to NRMA, we will endeavour to get your keys returned to you. We are able to do this without compromising your privacy because we use your Membership number which is printed on your key tag to find out exactly who the keys belong to.
3. What is the More4Members rewards program?
The More4Members rewards program is NRMA M&S's own, exclusive rewards program. It has been specifically designed for our Members and can only be accessed within NSW and ACT. We wanted to develop a rewards program which was relevant to our Members and provides discounts and benefits right across the growing NRMA family of businesses.
4. What is SYC&S and is it different to More4Members?

The easiest way to differentiate between the two is:

  • The More4Members rewards program is exclusive to NRMA M&S with offers only available in NSW and ACT.
  • SYC&S discounts are available when travelling interstate and internationally. Look for the logo. The offers are primarily in the travel, entertainment and accommodation area.

NOTE: You can still access all the SYC&S benefits at participating partners.

5. Who can use the More4Members rewards program?
All valid NRMA M&S Members including Free2go Members. BusinessWise Members are excluded.
6. How do I access the program?
Just use your Membership card at a partner outlined in the More4Members rewards program brochure or website. Make sure your Membership number is recorded or your card scanned in order to access the benefits.
7. Do I have to pay extra for the More4Members rewards program?
No - as long as your Membership is valid there is no additional cost.
8. What's the difference between Show Your Card & Save and More4Members?
SYC&S is an international benefits program that allows you to get benefits around Australia and overseas. More4Members is NRMA M&S's own rewards program which has been specifically designed for our Members and can only be accessed within NSW and ACT.

Look for the More4Members rewards program logo in NSW and ACT but when travelling interstate or overseas look for the SYC&S logo.
9. What does More4Members entitle me to?
All the benefits and discounts outlined in the brochure and on the More4Members website as may be amended from time to time.
10. Who are the partners included in More4Members?
Please see either the partner brochure or look on this site under the 'Member Benefits' section for a complete list.
11. I used to be able to get a discount with (partner x); why isn't this available anymore?
From time to time the partners within the program do change for various reasons. This is an area of the program which will continually develop and evolve. As always, we love to get Member feedback. Please go to 'have your say' and let us know your suggestions.
12. I've heard the term 'Family and Friends'. What does this mean?
Family and Friends refers to how we classify our partners in the More4Members rewards program. Put simply, Family refers to those products, services or companies that NRMA M&S wholly owns or has a financial holding in (e.g. Thrifty, NRMA Travel, NRMA Safer Driving School, NRMA MotorServe, NRMA Insurance). Friends refers to a company we have partnered with but do not own (e.g. Snooze and Beaurepaires).
13. How can regional Members take advantage of offers?

Many of our partners have offers that are relevant for all Members, regardless of where they live in Australia.

These include all our online partners, such as Staples, Quickflix and more - as our online partner list is growing. Our NRMA family products, such as Car Loans and NRMA Insurance Multi Policy Discount can also be redeemed easily by regional Members over the phone.

14. I don't want my transactions to be recorded by NRMA when I transact at your partners. Can I still access the discounts?

The More4Members rewards program terms and conditions outline that any transaction undertaken by a Member will be subject to some data being collected. Therefore, to access any of the More4Members rewards program discounts or benefits, the details of the NRMA Membership card and the transaction will be collected by NRMA.

However, if you have not previously provided marketing consent then we are legally obliged not to use this information to send out marketing material to you. For more information on NRMA's privacy policy please click here.

15. When my card is scanned or swiped will any of my personal data be collected?

NRMA is one of Australia's most trusted brands and complies with all privacy legislation.

When you access the More4Members rewards program, some transactional information is passed to NRMA M&S by the partner. Your data is always kept confidential by NRMA M&S - as with all other data we have about our Members.


i. If you use your Membership card (i.e. you access a More4Members discount or benefit) you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the program.

ii. As a Member, you cannot stop us collecting your data if you decide to use the More4Members rewards program. However, you can opt out of marketing communications.

For more information, refer to the More4Members terms and conditions.

As always, if you believe there is a breach of the Privacy Policy you can contact the NRMA M&S Privacy Officer.