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Car Operating Costs

The NRMA's 2014 Running Costs calculator takes the hard work of pinpointing how much it costs each week to own and run a new vehicle. The analysis takes into account CTP insurance, fuel, tyres, servicing, registration, maintenance, repairs, roadside membership and depreciation.

NRMA President Kyle Loades said the Running Costs Calculator was any new car buyer's best friend, as it allowed motorists to compare the running costs of different vehicles along with ANCAP safety and environmental ratings.

"When you can compare the running costs of three or four different new vehicles you might be interested in buying, you can get a true idea how much more expensive one may be to run compared to another," Mr Loades said.

"The NRMA has done all the ground work - all new car buyers need to do is enter their vehicle purchase and insurance prices and the calculator will provide a precise weekly running cost for each vehicle.

"The calculator is handy for families who want to try and figure out a weekly budget for their car operating costs, which can be particularly difficult amidst volatile petrol prices. It could also help fleet buyers choose the most appropriate vehicle for their business."

The cheapest vehicle to own and run in both NSW and the ACT was the Hyundai i20. Based on 15,000km driven per year, the i20 would cost around $95 per week to own and run.

Calculations are for private ownership in New South Wales and the ACT, based on an annual distance of 15,000 kilometres which is "the approximate national average distance travelled" according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The calculator takes into account the negotiated vehicle price, depreciation, opportunity interest, registration, comprehensive insurance 'entered by the user'',NRMA membership, maintenance and repairs and fuel.

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