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Sharp Focus

Author: Trent NikolicDate: 1 June 2011
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Ford unveils the all new Focus for Australia with a 5-Star ANCAP rating topping the list of impressive features.

Ford has announced a number of enticing propositions with this new Focus range too, including two body styles, three powertrain options and four specification levels including a new high tech luxury Titanium model variant. In short, there's plenty to keep potential buyers interested in what is already a popular model range.

The new model line up encompasses entry level Ambiente, mid series trend, dynamic Sport and high tech luxury Titanium.

"In every world market where Focus competes, customers are looking for expressive design, affordable innovation, superior quality, responsive performance and exceptional fuel economy," said Bob Graziano, President and CEO, Ford Australia.

"In Australia, the all-new Focus presents all these elements in one outstanding package. It raises the bar in all these areas, which will not only delight our existing customers but also expand the appeal of the Focus brand to a whole new generation of Ford customers."

In line with recent additions to vehicles of this size, Ford has lavished the new Focus with some serious driver aids making things safer and more tech savvy. Active Park Assist helps steer the Focus into a parallel parking spot, Adaptive Cruise Control makes freeway driving a doddle, and the Ford Adjustable Speed Limiting Device allows drivers to set their own personal speed limit. There's also premium audio, revised cabin technology, front and rear parking sensors and automatic headlights. In short, there's a whole host of new technology to enhance the driving experience.

There's been a heavy focus (pun intended) on interior fit and finish and a premium feel in the cabin throughout the range. Sophisticated colour schemes and a stylish design ensure the cockpit is a luxurious place to be.

The range of engine choices is headed by the all new 2.0-litre GDi direct injection 4-cylinder powerplant, which is the most powerful and fuel efficient naturally aspirated engine in the small car class. It delivers 125kW of power at 6000rpm and 202Nm of torque at 4450rpm. That represents a 17 per cent increase in power and a nine per cent increase in torque from the previous model. Ford is claiming an impressive 6.6L/100km combined fuel usage on models equipped with the automatic transmission.

"The steps we have taken to increase fuel economy represent significant steps forward in reducing the environmental impact of our products and enabling our customers to make a more sustainable vehicle choice," said Gunnar Herrmann, Ford's Global C-Car Vehicle Line Director.

The engine is not the only advanced piece of hardware underneath. The 6-speed auto 'box works with a high efficiency, dual dry-clutch system, which is one of Ford's most advanced units.

In line with the high tech wizardry involved in all aspects of the new Focus' construction, the body and chassis have been engineered to exceed global safety standards.

"The new Focus uses more high-strength steels than any previous Ford," said Helmut Reder, Focus Chief Programme Engineer.

"These advanced materials help us cut fuel consumption by reducing weight, while still improving the strength and stiffness we need for vehicle safety and dynamics.

"Innovations like the 'tailor rolled' B-pillar design have enabled us to raise the strength and efficiency of the structure to a new level."

Advanced, high strength steels are used extensively throughout the construction of the Focus. These high strength steels comprise more than 55 per cent of the body shell and more than 26 per cent of the vehicle's structure is formed from ultra high strength and Boron steels. The structural integrity of this new design is reflected in the torsional rigidity which is 15 per cent better than the outgoing model. Impressive in a small car.

This intrinsic strength has resulted in the Focus being such a safe small vehicle. Inside there are individual single stage front airbags, and 3D side thorax airbags for the driver and front passenger along with standard side curtain airbags for both the first and second row seats.



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