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Mitsubishi TL Magna ES Used Car Review

Author: NRMA MotoringDate: 1 January 2008

The TL Magna, which arrived in 2003, was the fifth update of the series first launched in 1996. Its new front end design had a distinctive, aggressive look.
Models available were ES, LS, VR, VRX, VRX Limited and Solara. A wagon was available in ES, LS and VR. A factory LPG model was also available in ES and LS.

All-wheel-drive versions were also introduced into the range. They hugged the road well but were heavy on fuel.

At the time Magna claimed to be the best equipped, locally made, six cylinder sedan. Standard features included automatic transmission, airconditioning, cruise control, power windows and mirrors, power adjustable driver's seat, CD player, remote central locking, front and side airbags and a trip computer.

ANCAP gave the Magna a three star rating with side airbags standard in the ES model. ABS brakes were adequate and a factory fitted immobiliser was standard.

The centre seatbelt had 3 points for added safety.

Space inside the vehicle was adequate for 4 adults. The centre of the rear seat was however poorly contoured and uncomfortable.

The dash was simple with the trip computer at eye level and easy-to-use airconditioning dials.

The boot was wide opening, low lipped and a reasonable size and included a porthole for long loads.

The Magna returned a fuel consumption reading of 9.0 litres/100km on the highway and 12-14 litres/100km around town.

The 3.5 litre V6 produced 155kW and had a 4 speed auto. The handling of the car felt tight with traction control, and had a better rear stabiliser bar than previous models. These features reduced the car's body roll in corners.

Shopping guide
If serviced correctly the TL Magna has proved to be a very reliable car and there are no major problems to report.

Keep a watch for

  • oil leaks from the motor
  • rubber mounting bushes deteriorating
  • brake shudder which can lead to costly brake disc replacement.

Expect to pay around $8,600 for a privately bought ES or $14,000 from a dealer depending on condition and mileage of the vehicle.  

Cost of parts (Jan 2008)




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