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Roadside Assistance FAQs

Roadside assistance FAQs

Your questions answered

Here are the answers to some of the more common questions we are asked about NRMA Roadside Assistance. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please call our friendly call centre on 13 11 11.

1. How do I access NRMA Roadside Assistance?

Phone 13 11 11 and the operator will ask you information including:

  • Your NRMA Membership number and/or registration number.
  • Your exact location:
    • What street/road are you on?
    • What is the nearest cross street/road?
    • What is the number of the house/building?
    • Are there any landmarks? (e.g. signage)
    • What direction you were travelling?
    • The make, model and colour of your vehicle.
    • Your contact phone number (e.g. mobile or house/office).
    • The nature of your problem (e.g. mechanical, flat tyre, flat battery, etc).
    • Whether you are in a remote area or concerned for your safety.

If you're a Premium Care Member or a Traveller Care Member and require Major Breakdown Assistance, simply call 1300 772 273. We'll arrange your accommodation, car rental and passenger transport for you.

Hearing impaired Members can also make contact with NRMA in one of the following ways:

2. I'm not a Member. Can I get immediate Roadside Assistance?

Yes, you'll just have to pay an On Road Join & Go fee of $139 plus the cost of your NRMA Membership.

What does Premium Care cost?  
Joining Fee (once off)  $55
Annual fee per vehicle subscription  $199
On-Road Join and Go Fee  $139
Total  $393

What does Classic Care cost?  
Joining Fee (once off) $55
Annual fee per vehicle subscription $110
On-Road Join and Go Fee $139
Total $304

This applies to motorists who are:

  • Non-Members requiring immediate Roadside Assistance
  • Lapsed Members requiring immediate Roadside Assistance (those whose Membership expired three months or more ago).

3. I'm a Member but the vehicle requiring assistance is not covered by a Membership package. Can I get immediate Roadside Assistance?

Yes - you'll just have to pay a Member On-Road Join & Go fee of $76.00 plus the cost of your NRMA Membership. 

What does Premium Care cost?
Annual fee per vehicle subscription $199
On-Road Join and Go Fee $76
Total $275
What does Classic Care cost?
Annual fee per vehicle subscription $110
On-Road Join and Go Fee $76
Total $186

4. I joined NRMA one hour ago and then broke down. Can I get Roadside Assistance?

NRMA Roadside Assistance is available 48 hours after you join. So if you require immediate Roadside Assistance, upon joining or later the same day, an On Road Join & Go fee will apply.

5. Does my NRMA Membership cover my caravan or trailer?

If the nominated vehicle towing the caravan is covered by our Premium Care or Traveller Care package and the caravan or trailer is not over 2 tonnes, it will be covered for Roadside Assistance.

With Premium Care or Traveller Care your caravan or trailer is also covered for free towing up to 50km in metropolitan areas, up to 100km in remote areas and in country areas, back to the town of the attending NRMA Country Service Centre or 50km free towing in any direction. 

6. Can I get Roadside Assistance if I breakdown interstate?

Yes - NRMA Membership entitles you to national Roadside Assistance coverage, utilising reciprocal arrangements that NRMA Motoring & Services has with all other State and Territory motoring clubs in Australia.

Recriprocal benefits entitle you to the basic Roadside Assistance cover offered by the State or Territory motoring club, depending on which State or Territory in which you breakdown. 

7. I am driving a car that belongs to someone else and I have broken down. Can I get Roadside Assistance?

If the vehicle is covered by an appropriate NRMA Membership package, you will be able to get Roadside Assistance. 

8. Can I get NRMA Roadside Assistance for an LPG vehicle?

Yes - NRMA Patrols are qualified to carry out repairs to the low-pressure side of LPG systems and equipment, including electrical wiring and connections associated with the system.

Patrols cannot supply LPG to vehicles that run out of fuel. These vehicles will need to be towed. Taxis will be required to pay for the tow at a commercial rate at the time of service. Towing entitlements for other Members are subject to their Membership package terms and conditions.

9. How do I contact NRMA Roadside Assistance if I'm hearing impaired?

If you're unable to call 13 11 11 and speak directly to an operator, you can make contact one of the following ways:
Membership Guide 2015 (PDF 7.3MB/17 pages)
Membership pricing (PDF 731KB/2 pages)
Membership Terms and Conditions effective 7 Dec 2015 (PDF 2.3MB/23 pages)