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International Drivers Licence

International Driving Permits

An International Driving Licence is a United Nations-sanctioned document translated in 9 different languages.

Beat the queues and apply online today and get yours delivered within 5-7 working days – without even leaving the house.

Due to the Queen's Birthday on Monday 12 June 2017, please allow an additional business day for processing.


How to get my International Driving Permit

An IDP costs just $39 (AUD). You'll need to be over 18, hold a valid Australian driver's licence, and provide a recent passport-sized photo – less than 3.5cm x 4.5cm.

Watch out

Only motoring organisations such as the NRMA are authorised to issue IDP's.
Other, non-sanctioned IDP's are counterfeit and considered illegal to use.


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Frequently asked questions


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"It was really quick and easy to get mine (IDP) from the NRMA, and it came in handy more than once as I drove around Europe." - Sam N, Stanmore.

Frequently asked questions

Are international driving licences the same as International Drivers Permits?
No, there's actually no such licence. An International Drivers Permit is a United Nations sanctioned document and will always have "Convention on International Road Traffic of 19 September, 1949" on its cover. Counterfeit IDP's or licences usually don't show this anywhere. IDPs are only available from State and Territory Motoring clubs such as the NRMA.

If I apply online how long will it take to receive my IDP?
For an IDP sent to an Australian address please allow between 5 to 7 working days from the time it is submitted (depending on the postal service selected). For IDP's that are to be sent to an overseas address please allow 10 or more working days (depending on postal service selected and destination).

But I am leaving in less than 7 days, what do I do?
If you are leaving in less than 7 days you can pick up an IDP from your local NRMA branch or drop into the NRMA Travel Centre Wynyard at 9a York Street, Sydney. Please note, NRMA Travel are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, and we do not accept cash payments.

Why are IDPs a United Nations sanctioned document?
The United Nations together with its Member states agreed that an IDP document would be accepted across a wide range of countries as proof that the holder is qualified to drive.

I have a Learner's licence, can I apply for an IDP?
Unfortunately not. The IDP can only be issued to Provisional or full drivers licence holders, aged 18 years and older.

Will I need to carry my Australian licence once I have my IDP?
An IDP is not a stand-alone document or a substitute for a valid driving licence. You must carry your Australian state/territory licence with your IDP at all times.

Does an IDP give me any special driving privileges?
No. You still must follow the road rules, laws and regulations of the countries you visit.

How long is an IDP valid for?
Your IDP is valid for 12 months from the date of issue or the expiry of your Australian licence (whichever comes first).

Can I organise an IDP to be valid from a future date?
No. An IDP cannot be post-dated.

Can I renew my IDP overseas?
Yes, through our online application process. Please allow up to 10 business days for us to process and send it to your specified address and then adequate time for the overseas postal service. If you've lived overseas for more than 12 months you may need to apply for a local licence. Speak to the your local authorities who can advise you.

What languages are included on my IDP?
English, Spanish, Japanese, Greek, German, Arabic, Russian, Chinese and French.

IDP Enquiries
If you need to enquire about the progress of your IDP application or have a question, please contact us on 1300 053 052 or email to permits@nrmatravel.com.au

Should you not wish to provide your details online, you can submit a postal application by completing an IDP application form.

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