Should motorbikes be allowed to ride through stationary traffic?

Lane Filtering - Should motorbikes be allowed ride around stationary traffic?

GO WITH THE FLOW: To try and improve traffic congestion, the NSW Government are legalising lane filtering in a section of the CBD for the next few months. Do you think this is a good idea? Image:

From 1 February until 1 May this year, it was legal for motorcyclists to ride through stationary traffic at intersections in parts of the Sydney CBD.

This practice of moving between stationary vehicles is known as Lane Filtering.

“Lane filtering is currently against the law, however there will be an exemption for motorcyclists in part of the CBD, which will permit them to filter through traffic when vehicles are stopped at traffic lights,” said Roads Minister Mr Duncan Gay.

Mr Gay was using the three-month trial to test if motorbike lane filtering improves traffic flow. Lane Filtering will be confined to the areas bordered by Sussex and Market Streets, St James Road, Macquarie and Alfred Streets and Hickson Road.

Although the practice is legal in other countries such as the United Kingdom and much of mainland Europe, Mr Gay wants to find strong evidence it works here before making any changes to road rules.

“This trial is not about favouring one road user group over another, it is a system which could benefit all motorists in the CBD. It needs to be tested to ensure it improves traffic flow while not jeopardising road safety,” said Mr Gay.

Conditions for motorcyclists:

  • Specific conditions will include taking extra care when filtering near buses, no filtering on the left in the kerbside left lane or dedicated turning lanes, and riders must stop at the intersection stop-line.
  • Lane splitting will not be allowed – this involves motorcyclists weaving through moving traffic instead of stationary traffic.

What do you think of Lane Filtering as an idea to improve traffic flow?

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470 thoughts on “Should motorbikes be allowed to ride through stationary traffic?

      • It has good and bad effects. Car drivers are put out by a cycle to close to their car but it would help congestion easement.

        • I don’t agree, – this is legalising queue jumping, quite often now motorcyclists split stationary lanes & then stop in front of a car over the stop line, often in the pedestrian crossing. If they don’t get away quickly enough the car could be over the top of them. (This has almost happened to me !)

          • Yes. Queue jumping, with a vehicle that is smaller and 99% faster than the cars – and out of your way in a flash. Sounds like a good plan to me.

            • motor scooter are not faster and if there’s a hill your stuck doing 25km/h behind them. perhaps it should be allowed only for bikes over 250cc, No not many riders have the judgement to pass between cars with out ever causing damage I’m sure the insurance companies will be opposing this or raising premiums.

              • Great idea, most bikes and scooters are way faster than most average cars we have on the roads… For instance some 250cc bikes are capable of acceleration from 0-100 in a low 5 seconds… You would need to get Subaru WRX STI on the lights to complain about acceleration even of a scooter from 0-50. Some scooters do not go fast in the sense of top speed, but they still have good acceleration, and hills are not an issue unless we are talking about highways here…

          • You are dreaming Graham if you think you can get away from the lights quicker than a motorcycle. I have have never had it happen and I have been riding for over 50 years.

    • About time. getting ads much traffic through in the shortest time helps everyone.

      Getting bikes to the front of the queue to give them buffer space after the lights go green and prevent them being rear ended waiting at the end of a queue is LIFESAVING.

    • Seriously??? This is the most stupid thing I have ever heard of. Not only is it encouraging the impatience of the bike riders now who cannot wait behind traffic, it is a dangerous and ridiculous concept. A smart government would create a motor bike lane, therefore creating a safe area on the road for both motor bike riders and motor vehicle drivers, thus reducing the common “Sorry I didn’t see you” incidents and to disencourage the lane filtering that is so common and dangerous on our roads now. Maybe if there was a motor bike lane there would be more people riding on our roads as they would feel safer, and thus reducing congestion not only in the CBD but in the outer suburbs too!

      • There are no recorded depths from Lane Filtering ever in Australia. With the increase in population and the road infrastructure failing to keep up, line filtering helps to reduce traffic congestion.
        Also we have all seen cars in a rear-ender accident, what do you think happens to a motorcyclist in one of these situations?
        I will never sit in stationary traffic, I owe my family and myself to come home in one piece. Most cars if they see you move aside to allow you to get through safely. Sometimes unfortunally there are rarely the odd tool that deliberatly moves to cut you off, gotta watch out for all traffic, being a motorcyclist, I realize how vunerable we are. Most Motorcyclists are aware of this we don’t need to be educated Car drivers do.

        • no deaths you say i do believe that on one of the australian show highway or something on the m2 i think it was a motor bike rider was filtering between trucks lost it and ended up as road kill yes you saw correctly road kill if this wakes you up to what will happen and the truck driver had no idea it had happened

          • bikki,

            I think you’re talking about lane splitting rather than lane filtering. Filtering is moving through traffic whcih is stationary, while splitting is riding through moving trffic.

        • I agree with you Camel , before i started riding i always looked out for riders whether it be in front of me or at the back , side etc …… I’ve seen so many of my friends being hit up the rear end when they are stopped at lights …. Personally i rather filter lanes instead of being somewhere in the middle of cars an trucks that cant see me .

        • If I sat on my bike in the daily car-gridlock that runs several km across 3 lanes I might as well get a softwheel womb-carrier and contribute to the insanity….
          For every “tool” that intentionally moves across their lane to block my passage there are 2-4 car drivers that courteously move to one side…
          The sooner we catchup with the rest of the world in terms of more sustainable modes of traffic management (and public transport) the sooner we can avert carmageddon. (Having lived in London for several years I can promise you that the almost daily Road Rage element is fast approaching).

          • marko, you are an idiot, all road users be they multiple wheeled vehicles or 2 wheeled vehicles |{ yes Motor Bikes / Scooters Pedal Push Bikes are all vehicles and the operators of such are subject to the road Rules and NO one should be exempt, unlike a lot of Motor Cyclists who think they are invincible & do not need to comply with the Road Rules, as unfortunately do a lot of other Motorists so lets mall wake up and take more care and Patience on the Road

        • You owe your family and yourself to get home in one piece?

          If you were serious about this, you wouldn’t be on a bike.

          And secondly, if there is going to be a second set of rules for bike riders, you actually will need to become an educated car driver…. if you want to survive anyhow.

        • Why do you think it dangerous? Any grounds? Or just jealous of someone moving through traffic quicker then you?

          As both a car/truck/motorbike user lane filter is both a smart move for traffic congestion and a safe move for motorbike riders.

          Why is it safer? One the bike rider is no longer hidden by cars or trucks. They are in direct view of drivers behind and in front, being directly in line with a drivers mirror (you know the things most people don’t seem to realise are attached to the side of their cars). They sit less time in dense traffic, they move to a part of the road the is an occupied by vehicles.

          Most drivers by the time they realise a bike is there its passed them, so really other than annoyance at being stuck there is no impact to car drivers.

          • I would say that Di and Robyn don’t ride.
            If they rode, they would filter.
            It has been proven worldwide that filtering reduces congestion in city traffic. That is a Fact, not just some wish by riders.
            Filtering used to be the accepted norm since the invention of the motorcycle, without incident, until about 1990 when someone in power decided it was a dangerous practice and made it illegal in Australia.
            Now it is being considered again. If it was actually dangerous do you think they would consider re-introducing it again.
            Get real people, filtering is safe, and it does help the traffic flow.
            I have been filtering for almost 40 years now, and I have even seen motorcycle cops do it.
            Legalise it again but make it part of the learners test so riders learn how to do it properly.

              • Wait till lane splitting is legal I am sure the cops will love you for the ensuing snarl when I hit your door The damages suit would be interesting too I am not sure if your act would be classes as willful damage and your claim to your insurance is rejected And enjoy your rental that you pay for I bet you will be too embarrassed to tell your friends that you were the one who gridlocked part of Sydney

            • You are the danger and inconsiderate person. Your attitute is a disgrace to the rest of us safe and considerate car drivers.

              • There’s always one in every crowd. Motorcyclist have to put up with much incompetence as a hazard of blissfully unaware drivers but deliberate road rage just shows how dim some morons can be.

            • anonimous geuss what you are also gutless as well as stupid we all need to use the roads safely bikes and cars and even trucks have the same rights to be on the roads.. we all pay taxes so we can do this in comfort…

          • I completely agree that lane-splitting IS dangerous when the traffic is moving and the bike rider is weaving within inches of the vehicles.
            However, filtering to the front of the gridlocked traffic and averting asphyxiation by moving through traffic is the most logical step for all road users.
            Saying all filtering is dangerous is as moronic as the selfish gimps frothing at their bits on a daily basis…

      • Exactly what expertise do you have that allow you to make such a statement? I would guess, judging by your complete lack of sensible argument, none at all. Lane splitting is perfectly legal in many, many countries. If it really was the dangerous issue you claim, without any evidence or statistics to back up your claim, it would be banned everywhere. Instead you witter on about a ridiculous idea of a dedicated motorcycle lane (at the expense of what other traffic exactly? where would you build this lane on a standard dual carriageway exactly?) that simply proves you have no understanding or idea of traffic planning and road design. That is the most stupid thing I have ever read, although I’m pretty sure you could enlighten me with worse nonsense.

      • I also agree filtering is a dangerous practice.

        Unfortunately, I’ve also been in the situation where the side of my car was scratched by the brake lever of a filtering motorcyclist. They did not stop, I wasn’t quick enough to note their licence plate and could not pursue them in the bumper to bumper traffic. The cost of the damage was mine to repair.

        Generally, there just isn’t enough space between lanes for motorcyclists to maneuver safely. Pedestrians crossing the road between cars is another risk.

        Allowing filtering is not an elegant solution to our traffic problems.

      • Di, “A smart government would create a motor bike lane”, you’re kidding right? So where we have three lanes turned into two when buses took theirs, now you want the remaining two lanes reduced to one so motorcyclists can have their lane too. How much realestate do you think we can spare? Seriously, how many buses and motorcyclists do you think it would take to fill all those ‘spare’ lanes we have. I say the best way to reduce congestion is to give everyone access to all lanes at all times but apply preferential rules to those (buses/motorcycles) only WHEN they are beneficial (eg. as we make way for police and ambulances) and then to make those rules work by strict enforcement.

      • Really, Di, you should wake up and smell the coffee. Lane filtering makes sense because it is a Clayton’s bike lane. We already have a gargantuan waste of real estate in cyclists’ lanes which are used by a miniscule proportion of the population x time; we don’t need more. Even if we had them, cars would encroach just as they do now on motorcycle only parking spots. Educated drivers move aside for a m/bike filtering past; it’s a win-win scenario. We riders take up much less space on the road, cause far less polution and effect virtually no damage to the road surface, unlike cars. Yet we are seen as pariahs – look it up – instead of as sensible and viable contributors to smooth traffic flow.

      • I wonder where they would put these new lanes and if everyone would be happy for the cost and further restrictions to existing roads. The proposal, if extended across the state, would have no additional cost or impact to other motorists. Sensible?

      • This idea has merit, but alas we all know (with you the exception) that the government would never do something as sensible as this 1. Because it would cost them lot’s of money to impliment it. 2. It would really be seen as favourtisim by 99% of car users. 3. The government doesn’t want an explosion of motorcycles on the roads as it would reduce their tax gatherings. 4. the government doesn’t want all of us having fun all the time before and after work on the weekly commute!

      • There already is a motorcycle lane – its called a bus lane. For the use of Buses, Taxis, Hire Cars, Emergency Vehicles, Motorcycles and Scooters. But it is amazing how many car drivers seem to think it’s an express lane for them. Try Victoria Rd any weekday morning. I’m sorry but car drivers need more educating about other road users, and SMIDSY should be an admission of guilt. Been riding for over 30 years and the only way I survive is to think every other road user is an idiot and is likely to do something stupid.

      • seriously this is absolute crap i am not happy with this a bike rider nearly got himself run over as i was changing lanes he was lucky i saw him and stopped so this is the dumbest liberal move and it will not be the last mark my words here … wake up people before it is too late …

        • You appear to be under the mistaken impression that it’s referring to moving trafffic. It’s not and it explicitly spells out that it refers only to stationary traffic.

      • Well, in a LA LA land that would be an option… Would you suggest to throw in another line in addition to already existing bus lane and take away another lane from already struggling motorists? I do not think so. In most developed countries bike riders do this and it helps traffic heaps. I think same principle should apply in Australia, as we have severe traffic problems. I have car and bike myself, and if i was driving my car which is just a notch shorter than 5 meters and takes the whole lane i would be taking times more space on the road and would contribute to traffic congestion greatly.

    • Been doing it for years safely. Any clown can see that it works and helps with the traffic. Makes sense that the Government “do-gooders and protectors of us all from ourselves” have managed to keep up…..finally.

    • It is about time the powers that be looked at this, Its great….. But why the hell use a handfull of streets and intersections in the heart of the city? Should be trialed everywhere, not just the city! And to the ppl that are complaining about this, All it means is that next time you close the gap on a bike to stop him getting past you, You will be at fault. Sick of tintops doing this to me….

      • It should be trialled on many more intersections than what is proposed. I cross my fingers it works well in this one small area because if everyone cooperates this is likely to reduce congestion well.

    • yes, a bit of commonsense, but lane filtering in the CBD is near impossible due to lanes being so small, trial should be extended out of the CBD where it would make more sense.

    • I feel that it depends on who the reader is to how they are impacted by this idea. I personally believe motorcycles should follow the same road rules as cars. If motorcycles have special preferences over others then car drivers may become more reckless, and who is to say car drivers are then allowed to go onto the footpath to get around cars. I love the idea that there are going to be laws associated with an unsafe practice but it is similar to putting an side note on speeding. Speeding is illegal unless you really need to get somewhere fast or as long as you are going under 30km over the limit. I believe some motorcycle riders act unsafely, as do some car drivers and allowing motorcycle drivers to have special preference will not help reduce congestion. (I do however live in the Newcastle area and see a lot more cars than motorcycles in my travels)

    • Lane filtering is an excellent and common sense approach to traffic management.

      A lot of the comment against refers to impatient motorcyclists trying to get to the front or cars driving over people, not to mention those whose confuse filtering with splitting (riding between vehicles while traffic is flowing). The proposal is common sense and is actually beneficial to all.

      Having lived in the USA and practised lane filtering, it is a safe practice if all understand the rules. Bike riders will only move to the front when the traffic is stationary and for those thinking bikes will scrape cars, understand that the motorcycle rider will not continue forward if they don’t believe their bike will fit. I for one would not like to scrape my bike by trying to squeeze into a gap I can obviously see. The benefits extend to allowing those bikes that have filtered to the front to depart without slowing motor vehicle traffic due to the faster acceleration and as such, not impede motor vehicles unless the driver is being impatient and either trying to race the motorbike or create an incident. Further, allowing motorcycles to filter to the front frees up the space taken by the bike in the traffic line. that space can now be used by motor vehicle, potentially allowing an extra vehicle to make it through the lights.

      I have also seen a suggestion that proposes motorcycle lanes similar to bicycle lanes. This is impractical as it will confine bikes and scooters of mixed capacity/performance into a single lane and create congestion and accidents by not being able to manoeuvre around the slower motorcycle/scooter. It would also, most likely, be at the left of the main traffic lanes where debris gathers thereby increasing the potential for punctures etc leading to broken down vehicles or accidents as the tire deflates – ask thise motorcyclists who have ridden in the shoulder of the road and picked up a puncture. At some point the motorcycle needs to merge back with into the main vehicle lane(s) which in turn creates a new dilemma for all road users and will most likely increase road incidents.

      Don’t be blind to the potential for this to be a good thing. Work with it and you’ll see the benefit no matter what your mode of transport.

    • What about cyclists on push bikes, and promoting yo mainstream motorists that cyclists are permitted on roads and to give a metre space when passing.

    • Good point! Having been a motorbike rider for more 40 years, having ridden through a lot of Australia, Africa, Europe and the US, and commuted daily through Sydney traffic for more than a decade and having had no serious accidents I am, hopefully, qualified to comment. Firstly, I’d like to say: I might be killed in an accident today simply because motorcycling is very dangerous. If you are not prepared to admit that you should never get on a bike. Secondly, being rear-ended by a car is one of the biggest dangers to a motorcyclist. You normally don’t see it coming and even if you do there’s little you can do to protect yourself. However, if you are allowed to filter, it means the idiot that is texting while approaching a stopped queue is going to smash into cars with his suburban bulbar instead of the motorcyclist’s spine. For this reason alone, filtering should almost compulsory, rather than just legal. It allows the riders to protect themselves.

  1. It will probably help as they tend to accelerate away from the lights a lot quicker than most cars (they’ll just get to the next set of red lights faster than the rest of us). Most bikes I see in peak hour traffic already do this whether it is legal or not. The only concern is someone jumping out of their car to remove something off their windscreen or pick up something from the back seat they can’t reach from their drivers seat. Car drivers will just have to keep an extra eye out as usual.

    • Car drivers should only get out of their vehicle if they pull over to the side of the road and it is safe to do so. Breakdowns and accidents are an exception, but not to pick something up from the back seat. I’ve never been on a motorcycle, I’m a car/heavy vehicle driver only. The motorcyclists should not speed between the cars either. Everyone should apply commonsense although it would help if these are made laws.

      • what your describing is lane splitting (moving traffic)
        they are legalising lane filtering which is stationary traffic so safe

    • I ride and I drive. I found the only danger with lane filtering was mainly in the 70′s and 80′s when car drivers who smoked felt the need to open their car door and empty their ashtray onto the road while stopped at traffic lights. This was more common than you would think. The same with throwing their still burning butts out the window. Attides to smoking have thankfully changed, I have not had this done to me so far this century ( man I feel old all of a sudden). I say lane filtering should be legal.

  2. Interesting. When I did my rider training out at Annangrove maybe 4 years ago I was told that Lane Filtering was legal, as long as the other vehicles are stationary. So unbeknowst to me, I’ve been breaking the law for years!

  3. Lane filtering has been a common means of improving traffic flow and lowering the threat to riders from rear end collisions for decades. Lane filtering is not illegal per se as there are no laws specifically targetting filtering, there are laws that would make it an expensive past time if they wereenforced. Paramedics and Emergency services motorcycles regularly filter and it is part of the rider training in the United Kingdom. In today’s highly congested world alllowing full ustilisation of the existing road infratsructure allows traffic management experts the ability to put more traffic through a given point in a shorter period. Thus by having a courteous and alert road user population lane filtering will improve our daily commute considerably. As a rider myself for almost 50 years I have always filtered when safe and have found most (not all) drivers friendly and little envious.

    • There certainly IS legislation that prohibits the practice of ‘filtering’ without specifically mentioning the word “filtering” – and that is Australian Road Rule 146.

      • Road Rule 146 applies specifically to Drivers and NOT Riders. There is not now and never has been a law against motorcycles (or bicycles) filtering

  4. As a motorcycle commuter to the Sydney CBD I think it’s a great start but we (the riders) must still use caution in attempting any lane filtering here in NSW. The car drivers (I’m one of these too) are definitely more aggressive and random on our roads than in other country and our safety should be the first priority rather than getting ahead in the traffic. Stay alert!

    • I’m not a motorcyclist, but I agree with you. Some car drivers in Australia are too agressive, and they like to play a game called ” It’s my god given right to drive 10km ph below the speed limit in the right hand lane and enforce that on anybody else behind me “. People should make room for others and mind their own business.

  5. Very good idea as should help safety in that bikes will be less motivated to change lanes to move through slow traffic. I can see motorists being annoying by moving close to the lane line thus preventing a motor cycle through. Jealousy by some will frustrate many.

      • It is much harder for a bike rider to injure or kill a car driver/passenger than the reverse. There is currently a SMIDSY (sorry mate I didn’t see you) campaign being run due to this fact and the danger car drivers pose to riders.

        I believe filtering is a good idea but won’t be doing it myself due to my bike being too wide for filtering comfortably. But on a smaller bike absolutely.

      • Were are all Australians and that scooterist or car driver could be your niece or cousin. So be patient, leave your attitude at home and consider everyone your neighbour.

        • Well put Trev, my bike is my main form of transport and the amount of aggression i receive from people in tin cars is ridiculous made worse because i do the speed limit and have a green p plate i am a target by all standards. But this is a fantastic idea, i like using the bus lanes during the day but in peak hour filtering is the only way to go, especially with bad traffic jams remember kids. Motorcycles have to hold there clutch in all the time when not moving or changing gears.

          Means sitting in hour long traffic jams where you move 2 metres every 20 minutes is hell on ones left hand.

      • Funny but ive never pulled out in front of a car using a mobile phone when riding. try riding a motor bike & tell me motorcyclists are more dangerous than cars

      • What a load of rubbish Cezarin. That sort of us and them attitude gets us no-where in ths debate. There are safe riders and bad riders, there are safe drivers and bad drivers… from more than 40 years experience I reckon the honours are even for each group with the exception that the situational awareness of car drivers is poor in comparison due to being shut up in a mobile lounge room with pillars cutting off vision.

        Bring on lane filtering. It is a safe practice that moves more traffic,a nd that benefits everyone. The only problems I’ve had when filtering has been jealous drivers trying to cut me off – a dangerous practice. Hopefully advertising the benefits to the drivers will improve that aspect.

      • believe all you like, most bike riders are also car drivers, which means (assuming they are on an open licence) they have had to pass 3 different driving tests in their lives.

        Car drivers only have pass one when they are 16 (and it’s barely a test) and can then spend the rest of their lives building bad habits

      • 1. Many motorcycles are Air Cooled, not water cooled. Stuck in traffic causes damage to the engine as it heats up. Allowing bikes to filter not only helps traffic flow, but also stops the the engine from overheating.
        2. It is also amazing how many bikes are rear ended as cars don’t pull up soon enough in traffic. Allowing bikes to filter through to the front actually places a rider in a safer position.

    • load of crap bike riders think they own the roads already and now it looks like its true, I think its very dangerous, coming very close to our side mirrors,dump idea

      • I agree. Terrible idea. Will lead to more damage to both cars and bike riders. And raise our green slips/insurance premiums even more!

        Bikes should line up line everyone else. What makes them special.

        Plus do we really want our roads to become as chaotic as thurd world cities? I see this becoming a messy free for all.

        • The more bikes are favoured with commonsense rules then the more bikes will be on the road therefore everybody wins. ive never seen any car driver held up by a motorbike at the lights.

          • You haven’t seen me! I’m a learner motorcyclist, so it takes me a couple seconds to get moving. I’m cautious on the clutch and can hold people up! Generally I just pull over to the side and let a car sit beside me. That way I can take my time without worrying.

        • Is London a messy free for all?
          Do you think to same about cars with three or more people in them driving past in a transit lane while you sit in the traffic? Why shouldn’t they site in the traffic with you? It all helps to get “people” moving, It’s not about bike riders being special. Transit lane uses being special

        • Typical of dog-in-the-manger thinking that gets in the way of efficiency. Don’t you get it that your queue to get through the next phase of the lights will now be shorter if the bikes aren’t in it?
          And as a rider, I’l be relieved not to have bloody-minded curmudgeons sitting on my rear wheel. And by the way, free-for-alls tend to be pretty efficient, as I’ve found driving around in Paris with no lanemarking. People there learn to accommodate one another and not pig-headedly stand on their dig for their “rights”, which holds everything up, as you see in urban Australia.

          • Spend some of your time visiting other congested cities around the world where filtering (and splitting in some countires) is legal, then let us know how much of a “messy free for all” it will be.

          • The simple fact is this to all you “Wait in line idiots”… make them wait in line and they will drive cars. If they drive cars then the line gets longer and you are in traffic for even longer. So every motorcycle or scooter that filters is doing car drivers a favour b y not adding to the queue. Maybe, your “Wait in line” attitude is just saying more about your pathetic lives than it says about trying to solve the issues of congestion, pollution and parking in our cities.

        • Nothing in the trial indicates that bike riders are considered special – the trial is designed to see if filtering will benefit everyone by reducing congestion.

        • @Aussie, “Bikes should line up line everyone else. What makes them special.” I’ll assume you meant to include a question mark so I’ll tell you what makes them special. Owning a bike is not a cheap form of transport they are expensive to insure and 99% of bike owners also own cars too but they choose to ride a bike because it reduces the congestion caused by so many cars. Now if YOU want to be special so YOU can put them in the queue behind YOU, then perhaps 99% of those bike riders might as well get back in their cars so they can enjoy the air-conditioning and staying dry in the wet. How precious would you feel then? Do you think your fellow motorist would appreciate you putting all those additional cars on the road?

  6. I also didn’t know filtering was illegal. Certainly was never mentioned as such when I did my training. I do find the timidity of the minister’s approach frustrating; given the practice is successfully used in other jurisdictions, what “strong” (and presumably distinctively New South Welsh) evidence does he need? Also, since most riders already filter, it’s a bit hard to see what he thinks he’s going to measure during the trial.

  7. I ride a quite large motorcycle into the city, but not quite CBD, and sometimes it possible to filter (legal or not) and other times it isn’t. Often I just sit there behind a bus or car while narrower sports bikes and scooters whip up between the vehicles. Another 2-wheeler going past doesn’t bother me in the least, as long as the other rider is sensible in how they go about it.
    As long as the Govt makes the regulation clear and sensible and doesn’t restrict the test to an area where it would be doomed to show any real benefit, then lets get going! Bikes being allowed to use Bus Lanes (not Bus Only lanes) was the first great step… looking forward to the next practical move!

    • here here! I mentioned the same sort of thing with my larger bike and its limitations in an earlier response and have no problems with those able to fit through safely. It seems spite and jealousy are behind some of the negatives coming up on this thread?

      • I ride a narrow 600cc bike and most times I prefer to sit behind a car rather then filter, I have seen drivers open car doors on bikes, throwing a fist, it isn’t pretty, if all riders/drivers can be educated to show courtesy and share the road maybe it will be a happier place

      • Yes, Glenn – all about spite, jealousy and mean-mindedness, which are not to my mind Australian values – until the last decade, when political advantage in adopting them became apparent to some.

  8. Great idea – I don’t ride a motorcycle but I see no reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to carefully do this. Half their luck!

  9. Should be legal at stationery traffic anywhere. Motorists should also enact some common sense and allow motorbikes to merge back into the traffic when vehicles start moving again. In 38 years of driving all types of light and heavy vehicles, in cities and on highways and country roads I am yet to be cut off, have a motorcycle change lanes abruptly in front of me at traffic lights or be inconvenienced by a motorcycle rider impeding the flow of traffic. I do agree with a previous post about the riders having to utmost care in dealing with aggressive car and truck drivers…….what is it with these guys who drive tip trucks with quad dog tippers attached ? Aggression to the max and completely insane ! By the way, I do not ride a motorcycle.

    • You must not drive much then, it happens to me all the time particularly when coming up to an unbroken line, they scoot past just missing the traffic coming in the other direction just so they can get to the front and I am travelling at the posted speed as well and as for being stationary I have been abused by bike riders because they cant get between me and the vehicle beside me. Bad idea in my opinion.

  10. Probably a good idea for the better motorbike riders, which in my opinion are the majority. But for the rude and arrogant ones who already do this, it will mean we are now going to be legally cut off when the take-off from the lights or intersections; not to mention when we are moving slowly in heavy traffic.

  11. I think that it should be allowed at all traffic lights across the state – along with the proviso that the rider is automatically responsible for scrapes and broken side mirrors.

  12. I think its a great idea but how do we educate driver’s in the country? Having driven overseas, Australia has some of the most selfish and careless drivers in the world. As a person who has ridden bikes in the past, I stopped riding bikes and became a car driver after three accidents while a riding bike, all caused by cars going through red lights. It works overseas I don’t know about here.

  13. What a stupid idea, as if motor cyclist are not dangerous enough. They are not required to wear high viz tops, they are hard to see with their dark clothes and bikes that blend in to the black road, they are quite often in a car or truck blind spot.
    How about we make motor bike riders responsible to be seen and slow down
    and wear high viz clothing and not blame motorist for their poor riding.

    • Good God! How can you make someone responsible for YOU seeing them? Keep a look out – it’s part of your responsibility driving a car!

    • Hi Viz clothing has been tried, Ned. It makes not a jot of difference to many drivers. Someone who doesn’t see you in dark gear, still won’t see you in hi viz. (just ask the motorcycle cops who have been hit by drivers who didn’t see them while wearing hi viz… ….sorry, I didn’t see you on your huge white motorbike, with your lights on, reflective helmet, hi viz vest and Glock…. and not even lane filtering)…. sort of blows your theory that hi viz will make motorcyclists suddenly visible, out of the water, eh ? John has hit it right on the head.

    • Hey Man, bike riders are not lighting a smoke, talking on the phone, eating their breakfast, changing a CD or even daydreaming while they are riding. It is car drivers who do those things – forcing a person on a bike to wear high-vis clothing is not going to change anything as far as car drivers seeing what is around them because most car drivers only notice a bike when the advantages of riding one become obvious and the bloke in the car wishes he could ride.

      • I ride bright orange Vespa – wear a bright orange helmet, have a reflective jacket and wear safety gear and yet i still get the “sorry mate I didn’t see you” – my response is “it does’nt matter because I saw you!”

        Allowing me to lane split, will reduce the time I am on the ride, and will make me more visible to the cars around me. How? Because when the car is stopped, and I ride pass, they will eventually take notice that bikes are about. The best thing will be, a reduce in congestion times travelling through the cbd.

    • I wear a high-viz vest and have my headlight on and I still get cars/trucks almost sideswiping me because “they didn’t see me” (happened twice in week). I was in my own lane. High Viz isn’t going to change anything.

    • As a courier, I _have_ to wear hi viz. It’s worse than useless. It acts like a “kick me” sign which other road users take to be permission to crush me under their wheels.

    • Isn’t the idea to change the rules? So when this is all over they will be following the rules just as they will be doing during the trial, Following the rules just like very one else, Do you follow the rules?

  14. Lane Filtering absolutely improves traffic flow. If you have one motorcycle sitting behind a car then you are +1 vehicle to the traffic count. If a motorcycle filters to the front and is gone when the lights change to green then you are -1 vehicle from your total traffic on the journey to work. Do that with 20 or 30 motorcycles and you are even further ahead regardless of what you are driving or riding.

    If you change from a car to a motorcycle or scooter then you are even further ahead! No wonder they are so popular in Europe :-)

    Only shame is that we can’t seem to accept what other modern countries (e.g. UK and other European areas) have already discovered!

    • Actually, the only reason it produces a better flow of traffic is because 99% of bike riders take off at the lights at ridiculous speeds. If they kept to the speed limit, the traffic flow would be no different to if they were made to stay behind cars at the lights, and before you say cars don’t speed, I have yet to see a car beat a motorbike away from a set of lights.

      • Are telling we that the bikes are going over the speed limit from the lights? It does take time to build up speed even on a bike. Yes They do get going quicker than cars which will give the impression they are speeding

      • Motorcycles can and usually do take off quickler at the lights than cars because they weigh a lot less. The power to weight ratio works in their favour.

        Just because they are quicker off at the lights it DOES NOT EQUAL SPEEDING! It’s that kind of nonsense talk that makes its way into public opinion whilst being completely wrong.

        What it does mean is they get up to the speed limit quicker than most cars which means the traffic flow is improved. If you have a car move off slowly from the lights what happens to your traffic flow?

        If you have 30 motorcycles one behind another and behind a line of cars with you at the end of that line do you really think you are no worse off than if the motorcycles filter to the front? It’s not rocket science. Please have a think about it.

  15. I hope this does get the go-ahead, but more importantly is advertised to the car driving population. Unlike the instances above, I have had more then my share of people complaining about the fact that I am lane filtering and even in one case a ute almost hit another car to specifically block my path so I couldn’t proceed.

  16. Totally against this . . . it made complete sense when I did my Riders Licence training with the RTA… anecdotes were shared about pedestrians being struck as they weave between stationary cars (especially in the CBD!) and of course the old chestnuts of car doors being opened etc.

    • If pedestrians use the pedestrian crossings and motorcycles follow the filtering rules laid out in the trial, that wont happen.

  17. Having both driven a car & ridden a bike for more than 30 years, when driving , if I notice a bike behind me when stopping at an intersection, I will always position my car in such a way that when I am stopped a bike can filter through with more ease. It isjust common courteousy to the bike & greatly appreciated when other vehicles do this too, particulary as even a slow rear ender on a bike is far more devistating to the rider as well as the traffic flow as compared to a car.

  18. Been riding for years and filtering in stationary traffic, safer for me as cars & trucks can see me as I go ahead from the lights, better for the cars as I am out of their way. Should have been done years ago.

    • Likewise just take it slow and steady – no one has mentioned it is also more comfortable for the rider. When you’re all suited up, sitting behind a car in the blazing sun through several changes of lights is just torture. At least when you’re moving you get a bit of breeze. Of course, it’s not much fun if your sitting still in the pouring rain either.

  19. If it has been in operation in the UK and Europe for years, let’s just assume that the testing has already been carried out by our overseas counterparts and allow filtering in all cities. Our politicians always try and complicate simple things. Mr Gay just needs to make a call to his counterparts in the UK and then implement. Call it “catching up with the rest of the world”.

  20. I like others were under the impression that filtering was a legal option, not long ago a constable had indicated to me that this was the case. It is almost essential to get ahead of the traffic on a bike, the safest place is to have a buffer. Especially whilst the majority of car drivers still believe it is voluntary to indicate when changing lanes etc. Let alone turning their head to look for a motorbike, we just don’t exist until we filter lanes, frustrating for some obviously when the gap is narrowed so you can’t get through.
    I, as a bike rider and also a driver, know where everyone is around me at a given time on the road. We have to take the view that all cars are out to kill us. Harsh but true.

  21. It is the main benefit or riding a bike. Of course it should be legal.
    A bit of car driver education wouldn’t go amiss when it comes to motorbikes, whether it is about lane filtering or just awareness of 2-wheelers in general.

  22. I am a car driver only, but I absolutely agree with lane filtering.
    I think the hard part will be getting the the small minority of drivers who have no respect for bikes (or any other motorists) to let it work.

  23. Absolutely! Win for motorcycle safety, vehicle congestion and common sense alike.
    Well done NRMA for getting behind this initiative.

  24. Anything that helps the traffic flow faster in congested areas is of benefit to all road users. That the motorcyclist may get some preceived advantage should not worry anyone, all will benefit. Some driver education is required as Australian drivers (and Sydney in particular) are very unforgiving and somewhat aggressive. probably come from a lifetime of driving on overcrowded roads with little sign of long term improvement.
    Should be trialled more widely as it is a safe practice if undertaken properly. Seems like sour grapes to penalise the motorcycle rider simply because they can and you can’t!

  25. News to me that it is not already legal. Bikes do it all the time now throughout the state, so how will a “trial” prove a thing?

    • It wont prove anything.

      The trial is occurring in one small area of the CBD with no control area, and no stated criteria for determining success or failure. There has been no education given to either car drivers or motorcyclists as to how the trial is supposed to work. Those motorcyclists who already filter will continue to do so, those who do not are usually not filtering for a reason. The police will be monitoring the area of the trial, specifically looking for breaches of any related traffic rules – this can probably be read as targeting motorcyclists.

      It looks to me as if the trial is being set up to fail.

      • Brad, the trail does ahve a control area and does have fairly substantial criteria, the Police Rapid Response group are involved along with a herd of other players and there will be media about this. This trial is about proving there are no inherent safety issues. Yes we ahve been doing it all along but the Transport for NSW and Centre For Road Safety people are not bike riders so they ened convincing. Let’s give it a good shot and see how we go.

  26. Yes, it is a good idea, and should have been introduced many years ago.Virtually any motorcycle can accelerate from a stop faster than a car, it will also lead to less of the illegal and dangerous Lane Splitting.

    One problem is that some car drivers may try to block or drag off bikes at the lights due to not knowing the temporary change in the laws during the trial.

    Also, a bike that moves off too quickly would be a Prime target for any vehicle that Runs the lights across the front of traffic that now has the Green.

  27. This is stupid.Reckless motor cyclists are a hazard on the roads now,let alone having them whizzing by you every which way.Will not increase traffic flow at all,will just clog the roads further.They used to call motor cyclists “temporary Australians”.I am sure the majority of them have a death wish.Go ride on a private track,just dont come near me.

    • David, your comments and view is very narrow minded. Maybe you should open your mind and eyes and we’ll all get along better on the roads. There is a very small minority you speak of, have a look at yourself and your fellow motorists before you comment.

    • The countries that have implemented filtering to improve traffic flow after significant trials would probably object to you calling them stupid, David.

      I agree that reckless motorcyclists are indeed a hazard, but then, so are reckless car drivers, reckless truck drivers etc etc., so why limit your comments to motorcyclists? Who knows what the trial will show. It may indeed reduce the incidence of “recklessness”, or it may have zero effect. Lets wait till we see the results before condemning the trial out of hand.

      …..and yes, I am a motorcyclist, albeit one who neither lane filters nor lane splits, but I have no issue with those who lane split.

    • I hope you feel better now that you have that off your chest. Maybe now you relax and think about the logic of allowing bikes to filter. I am a car driver too and I get envious when I see a bike going past me when stopped in traffic but it dosn’t hurt me at all. So I’am going to sit back and relax and hopefully get the benefit.

    • David Taylor, you call us motorcyclists “temporay Austalians” We are all temporary aren’t we?”Stupid reckless” behaviour you say, clearly you’ve never been overseas to see how traffic flow works when you get vehicles moving. “You are sure” the majority have a death wish? How did you conduct this survey or is your myopathy working full tilt. I started riding when I was twelve, I’m now forty six, it seems my death wish hasn’t been answered???!!!! I’ve lost more friends in car accidents than on motorcycles.

  28. Many years of driving and riding. Filtering makes perfect sense, as long as the cars are stationary. Car drivers can facilitate by making sure they’re more or less lined up with the vehicle in front, thus leaving space between the stationary cars and trucks.

  29. What a load of rubbish. Every motorcyclist in N.S.W. already “lane filters”, especially in the C.B.D. and has done for years. It is seldom, if ever, policed and I have seen it done in suburbia, right under the nose of police in patrol vehicles who ignore it. As it is already a common practice, I cannot see how it will improve any traffic flow, simply by legalizing a practice already in common use. Given the narrowness of most lanes these days, I can see an avalanche of claims in the future as some riders on large and ungainly bikes like Harley’s, previously content to sit in traffic, now attempt to move threw traffic, causing damage to other vehicles in the attempt.

    • you really think a harley rider would risk his pride and joy just to get ahead of a couple of SUV’s, come on dude, no rider is going to risk their bikes because filtering is suddenly “legal”.

      riders of huge bikes value their bikes more then your cars, and even though it may damage your mirror, there will be more damage to the bike. so the majority will continue to remain in traffic

  30. I wasn’t aware that it was illegal. Quite a few motorcyclists do it anyway, in the CBD or not. It makes sense – in stationary traffic. I thought, as one contributor has already mentioned, that it was something taught at rider training. However, I also observe that quite a few motorcyclists ride in bicycle lanes in the city – a case of “lane splitting”. I’m concerned that dangerous practice may now become more common.

  31. As far as I am concerned no lane filtering should be allowed. Motorbikes should take their position as motor cars. Stop sqeezing between cars & just about scraping on cars. I see them on Syd. harbour bridge every day snaking thru moving cars. Motorbike riders should be thought never to overtake on blind side of a car. (Left side) Because they can accelerate quickly no matter how careful a car driver is they appear out of no where taking chance of cars running into them un intentionaly.

  32. It’s fine as long as it is entirely at their risk. I can foresee plenty of incidents occurring as a result of legitimate initiation of lane changes out of queued traffic by car drivers especially taxis and couriers,
    Interesting level of bias in the responses to date, given the ratio of bikes to cars on the roads.

    • Anyone changing lanes has to give way. This has always been the case. There’s nothing “legitimate” about changing lanes without a proper check (turn your head and LOOK!) and giving way to any traffic coming through.

  33. Big Mistake. Motorbikes are a difficult enough to see as it is. I have almost run over several who travel next to me in the blind spot after the lights change and traffic starts flowing and they think they can overtake one more car. You are blurring the must important road safety rule. Stay in your lane on your side of the road. Sudden lane changes and moving between cars is as dangerous as it gets. Situational awareness is severly jepordised by added one more unecessary distraction to look out for.

    • Here is a quote from an article I read today:, “By the time I invade your space, I’ve been studying your driving from four cars back. I know if you’re on your cellphone or putting on your makeup. I know if you’re following too close or lagging behind. I know if you hug to the left or right, or weave.”

      Yes, I know that car drivers are having trouble seeing me. But, I don’t suffer from the same Blind Spot problem as them.

      To quote again from this article: “First I’d like to reassure you that, no matter how much you may fear it, you will not swerve your car sideways and hit me.”

      To all car divers out there – face facts – you just don’t understand what you are talking about. Your perceptions are NOT based of facts, or any evidence. When one has become an experienced motorcycle rider, one soon appreciates that it is something is both possible, safe and makes sense when applied at the right time and in the correct manner.

      Link to that article is here :

      • That’s a great quote, and pretty accurate. Riding a motorbike around Sydney, sometimes you know that a driver is going to change lanes even before THEY know it!

        • I always find it hilarious when I’ve known someone alongside me was about to change lanes for ten seconds or more and I sound my horn in the same instant he signals or turns his wheel (whichever comes first)

  34. I can understand riders wanting to protect themselves from being rear-ended, but I’ve witnessed too many stupid rider moves to make me endorse this trial.

    It’s only tolerated because it can’t be legally enforced – like most of the other road rules.

    I look forward to flinging my door open and pleading innocence. Last time I checked opening my door was not illegal

    • Actually, opening your car door while not parked is potentially against the law. It comes under the heading of impeding traffic flow.

    • Geez.. where did you get that licence again? Mate its illegal to open your door into traffic. Totally completely absolutely illegal. Got it? Sheesh.. how the hell can any one not know that?

    • Opening your door, while in a line of traffic, is illegal and would result in a car driver or passenger exiting a car being fined. As far as I am aware the law says that you can only get out of a car when parked at a kerb. If you open your door and it is struck by a passing bicycle rider, or motorcycle rider – then you are at fault. Here we are again – Car drivers that just don’t understand this topic : (

      • “If you open your door and it is struck by a passing bicycle rider, or motorcycle rider – then you are at fault.”

        … on the other hand, if you open your door and it’s NOT struck by a passing bicycle or motorcyle rider, expect them (and any other riders who see it) to dismount and wreck your car and/or your face. Justifiable.

        You’re a psychopath, Robert. I mean that.

    • Aah – I think you will. Go to the NSW Motor Traffic Act and I believe you will be seen to be liable for opening your driver’s door with negligence. Indeed, when I was a lad, the Act said you had to exit via the passenger’s door (unenforced of course).

    • Robert Anderson – You are responsible for your actions when opening your car door! If you are parked on the side of the road and open your door and hit another car, bicycle, pedestrian or a motorcyclist you are at fault!! The same goes for a motorcyclist filtering; whilst where he does it may be illegal you are at fault if you open your door!

  35. I am both a car driver and motorcyclist (of 30 years) and I think it is ‘potentially’ a very good idea to legalise it. I say potentially as there is quite a bit of skill involved in filtering SAFELY. I’m no road safety expert (more a commonsense expert!) but I believe that L and P platers should not, generally, be allowed to filter. It is too easy to come unstuck if you don’t know what you’re doing and are fairy experienced at it.

    Some will disagree but that’s fine – after 30+ years I’m confident filtering should only be done by experienced riders. It is too easy for a learner or P plater to scratch or fall against a car door/mirror or place themselves in harms way. For experienced riders who know what they are doing and do it safely and with a margin of safety it is a god-send. Filtering will help traffic congestion but needs to be done correctly by those who can safely. Cheers, Brian.

  36. QUOTE: “Mr Gay wants to find strong evidence it works here before make any changes to road rules.”

    Where’s the “strong evidence” to show that it doesn’t work? If it was a problem in Europe, especially in the UK, the practice wouldn’t be allowed.

    Motorcyclists have more reasons to fear this than car drivers, because they’re the ones who will suffer if it’s dangerous. If cyclists are doing it safely, there doesn’t seem to be any problems.

    It’s good to see the Minister finally talking some common sense instead of Nanny-State stuff. BTW, he was the same Minister who recently backed a possible trial of auto-driving Mercedes contrary to his Dept’s spokesperson of talking down how dangerous such technology could be (as opposed to the number of people quite incompetently killing themselves by the hundreds each year). A nice change of fresh air.

  37. @David Taylor: there’s no way this can clog the roads further given there are no more vehicles involved than before.

    Instead, it will reduce the number of vehicles ahead of you in the queue, given that the motorcycles at the front will accelerate away and get out of your way.

    Do you have the same opinions about truckies or bus drivers?

    I sense this is really about you thinking you own the road. Please leave your ego at the curb when you go driving – motorcyclists have families too, and when you act aggressively and injure one, you are hurting more than just the rider.

  38. Oh boy at last I have been waiting for this for 52 years,yes thats how long I’ve been riding and still doing it..But a word of warning ! watch the looney who hates the
    motor cycle rider with a passion verging on road rage especially when he/she lane splits.There easily recognisable by the white knuckles and the rude words….!

  39. doesn’t really matter…. they do it anyway…

    it is all for that extra throttle when the light goes green… by the way, do they have any restrictions on the amount of noise a motorbike can make!

  40. As a car driver and motorcyclist with many years of driving and riding experience, I agree with this change, subject to the conditions set – and in addition, it should be (a) the rider’s responsibility to ensure that conditions are safe to lane filter, any accident is the rider’s fault, excluding where there is a wreckless act by the other party (b) if the rider hits another vehicle’s mirrors, etc, then it’s the rider’s fault (c) their should be a maximum speed for lane filtering – ie. slow, slow, slow, to enable the rider to come to a stop immediately if necessary.

  41. If Mr Gay spent his time developing safe and better practices and invested some of the monies earned from motorists and riders on the roads and improved the roads, everyone would be far better off and we would not end up with these rough rutted roads which are a danger to both motorcyclists and cars.

  42. I guess Mr David Taylor has never ridden a motorcycle or he would know that, particularly in summer, in full safety gear and atop of a continuously heating engine, it is very easy to become over hot or even dehydrated. Filtering is not dangerous if done responsibly and i commend this recommendation whole heartedly. It has been proven overseas to assist in traffic flow, and when i did rider training a few years ago, it was advised that the safest riding method in traffic is to filter thru traffic to go ahead at the traffic lights, then let the cars go past if they want to exceed the speed limit, but at least then the car drivers definitely know you are there.

    It is a shame that some people condemn other modes of transport and even become aggressive simply because they may be jealous of other peoples rights. We ALL share the roads and pay the same tolls and (often even higher) green slip taxes….

  43. by the very nature of allowing filtering it gives preference to a minority of road users. Whilst I can see there may be some practical reasoning for the move we need to remember that the lanes are made to accomodate a single vehicle not two abreast for however short a time. It is illegal and dangerous for pushbike riders to do it so what makes it any safer for a motorbike rider. If asked to vote on this I would vote no.

    • Its legal for bicycles to overtake on both left and right sides of a vehicle in the same lane in every single state in Australia. Seriously how can one even argue with an opinion held by someone who does not know the basic road laws? Arguing with the well informed..not. Bicycles are the only vehicles specifically allowed by legislation to overtake on the left. In every state and territory.

  44. I saw an episode of Highway Patrol where a bike was doing this. Was going between 2 semis when the lights changed, the trucks moved (not knowing he was coming past) and ran over him. He didn’t survive.

  45. I don’t have a problem with bikes filtering through stationary traffic as long as it is safe to do so but most of the bikes I see doing this currently break the law by crossing the stop line at a red traffic signals and thereby block the pedestrian crossing. How will this be controlled?

  46. Not only will this practice help traffic flow, it demonstrably does in just about every other capital city in the world. I look around Sydney and watch bemused drivers wondering why we don’t filter!
    As a motorcycist, we get waved through by visitors from overseas who view lane filtering, or lane splitting as a common sense approach to congestion. Lane splitting is the equivalent of riding around a car park, the only thing that will make this dangerous, and therefore fail, would be tiny minded, arrogant people like David Taylor (see comments above), who lack the observational skills to be able to cope with riders ‘whizzing by you every which way’. Probably on his phone, anyway. Enjoy sitting in your tin box – I’ll be at home…

  47. Fantastic idea! It’s a pity the trial is confined to such a small impractical area as the city CBD. Fingers crossed the trial comes out with positive outcomes and it is extended further. Even better if there was a specific ‘motorbikes only’ space at the traffic lights as happens in Europe I understand. Priority is already given to buses (that can carry 50-ish) passengers, and motorbikes have a substantially smaller footprint than a car with 1 driver/no passengers. So why not give priority to those who choose to have less impact? I ride, I drive and I catch public transport.

  48. About time. Even better if everyone switched to riding. Get any where faster. Cheaper and more parking. Less cost. How more reasons do you need?

  49. Every bike or scooter that goes ahead in city traffic shortens the traffic light queue for the rest of us. This imporves traffic flow immensely. So it’s a benefit for drivers as well as for riders. It works in Europe and the UK – in fact, when French motorcyclists STOPPED filtering as a protest, it clogged city traffic.

  50. I, too, was told at my rider training that filtering was legal and have been doing it since, frequently past marked police cars. I am totally in agreement with the trial AND the implementation state wide. There are some drivers who will deliberately close the gap when stopped in traffic if they see a bike coming and this proposal may cause them to think twice, jealousy is a sin!

  51. I rode bikes for years, no they should not be allowed, it defies common sense as it is simply dangerous for everyone, I see accidents all the time caused by this sort of stupidity, all it takes is to clip a mirror or for someone to open a door and we have a problem

    • What idiot opens the car door while sitting at lights? And when was the last time a busted mirror killed a motorcyclist? Being rear-ended certainly has.

  52. Like all laws – hopefully thought out to be good for the majority – if not all.
    Like all laws – there will be those that disagree, those that abuse.
    Filtering Happens. I see it being a good thing 99.5% of the time.
    Like most rules.

  53. Filtering has some inherent dangers and IF motorcyclists are permitted to do it they should take responsibility for any accidents resulting from filtering. If care and responsibility are taken by the rider it should be a good thing. My bike is a bit wide for filtering so I am not qualified to comment further.

  54. I think it is a good idea as long as it is done safely; the only trouble is you would have to keep your eye out for morons like David Taylor & Robert Anderson.

  55. About time, it should become permanent. Although it is annoying when a scooter heads the pack and doesn’t use that advantage. Now we just need the government to abolish Etags for bike riders

  56. I have definite mixed feelings about this one. Only two weeks ago i was witness to a motorcyclist filtering between stationery vehicles. He rode directly into a car pulling out through the traffic from a driveway. Neither was travelling too quickly so damage was limited. I don’t think either could have reasonably seen the other approaching, though the bike rider might have been clued in by the gap left in the traffic.

    • I have seen the same thing only with a car coming along a vacant lane in a line of traffic, only happens to those that don’t keep there eyes open. That is why we have a licence. I know some shouldn’t.

  57. Will not make any measurable difference because there are so few two wheelers in use. If motorcycles and scooters and scooters was encouraged by the Government and RTA with more parking spaces and friendlier rules, rather than discouraged as is the current thinking, then improvements to the traffic flow could be achieved, but only after the ratio of bikes to cars reached a certain level. With the current ratio, I would expect a nil return on the survey which is what some people want. Sadly, a well-intentioned but ultimately futile exercise.

  58. I’ve never known motorcyclist not to do this lane filtering. The minister is simply legalising something that was previously illegal yet ignored.

  59. It just makes legal (in some places) what already happens anyway. Plus I’d rather have a motor bike in front of me rather than beside or behind me in traffic .

  60. at last, common sense prevails, not all motorcycles will filter through but those that do will ease congestion and help with trafic flow

  61. I’m amazed at the negative comments of many people, especially those who think “large” motorcycles such as Harley Davidsons, Victory, etc will be attempting to squeeze through spaces which are too small.
    There is still a great deal of common sense among the majority of motorcyclists I encounter on the road and those who already lane split (or filter) take care when doing so.
    Yes, there are riders who are reckless but there are even more car drivers who are reckless, with blind lane changes, tail-gating, extreme (and late) breaking.
    We should be looking for opportunities to not only unclog our major roads but also speed them up and if this decision encourages even more people to ride to work, it would be a step in the right direction as the number of vehicles on our roads grows significantly greater every year.
    An encouragement to motorcyclists and scooter riders is a step in the right direction.

  62. I have ridden motorcycles much of my life and have always lane filtered when safe and appropriate. I always knew this was good for me and the car drivers as I was able to accelerate away quickly lessening the congestion overall. I say it is OK and should be included in training.

  63. I can’t understand the comments about what if a car moves over, what if a door is opened, what if there isn’t enough room. We have other rules like when we can overtake on the other side of the road (which is legal you know), what if another car comes the other way, We don’t overtake do we. The same will be the case with filtering, The rider will need to look ahead and respond to what ever the case is, they have been trained to do this already before they get there licence and now they would be trained to filter before they get there licence. So whats the problem. There appears to be a mind set that it dosn’t matter what I don’t like it

  64. @Robert Anderson. Opening a car door is certainly not illegal. Opening it with the avowed intention of causing damage to property (the motor cycle) or bodily injury to the rider most certainly is.
    As far as I am concerned lane filtering is a good idea and should be implemented to apply on all occasions where the traffic lanes are not moving.

  65. Great idea to start considering it. Of course it won’t stop idiot bike riders doing something stupid and it won’t stop idiot car drivers being just as stupid.

    I’m more than happy for it to be made legal.

  66. I don’t see how such a small trial area can give meaningful data on the impact. I’m all for it, and as a Scooter rider, I sometimes filter when it’s safe to do so.

    Personally, the thing to make bikes even more useful (and get more cars off the road) would be to allow sidewalk parking like in Melbourne.

  67. Indeed opening a car door without looking for inherent danger whilst parked and causing harm and/or damage is the responsibility of the driver of that vehicle. To which they have to cop and pay the consequiences. To open a door in traffic is not legal as mentioned. To do so to knock off a motorbike is malicious, Robert Anderson should be reported and not allowed to drive ever again. Shame on you Robert Anderson, you are a moron.

    • I ride (motorbike & bicyle) and drive and have done so for over 40 years across Europe and Australia. Last week I was driving (my car) and had to swerve away from a parked car whose driver opened his door without looking… Having lived for 12 years in the UK where courtsey and general awareness of Road Rules and common sense prevail, I still cannot get used (25 yrs +) to the ‘ get off my wave’ surfer mentality which abound on Sydney roads: How many cars do you see driving at dusk, dawn and other low visibility situation with no lights on? or signalling as they change lane? don’t blame the 2 wheelers for a driver’s poor judgement.. we have facing a real cultural issue… Road rage rules !! and is directed at anyone else on the road, be they 2 wheelers (Motorbiles, scooters or bicycles) other cars, buses, trucks … whatever gets in “our” way!!! NRMA do something! we need to change people’s attitude…

  68. I have held a license in the UK in NSW VIC and WA I have these have include Car Bike and MR. I have never lane filtered in NSW as it has been illegal. In London I was given a very stern talking to by a London Police Officer on a Motorcycle for not filtering. He stated stats that made more sense to filter and it cut my commute to 15mins from 45mins. This is not a dangerous as many people are suggesting look at the UK and Europes safty trials. I think it is one of the few intelligent things I have seen come from a state government yet. Its also legal in WA and I have been advised to do it there too by Police for the my safety

  69. Good idea. Used to have a bike. It is extremely hot when stationary in the sun. So keep moving through traffic helps to cool down. However, on the car drivers’ perspective, motorcyclists should not rev their engines to make loud noise when filtering as this would upset drivers who are not aware of the approaching bikes.

  70. It’s about time. Australia is such a backwater when it comes to recognising motorcycling as a genuine transport alternative. The trial has an extremely narrow focus though, with many of the exempted CBD streets too narrow to filter safely, and CBD use is hardly indicative of broader motorcycle travel. Last year motorcyclists were asked to suggest appropriate intersections for the trial, and these appear to have been largely ignored, presumably for the convenience of the Roads Minister. A genuine trial needs to test a much broader cross-section of intersection and rider. As noted by others here, many motorcyclists already filter, and it’s done safely and without incident. The trial isn’t going to tell us anything we don’t already know – safe filtering benefits everyone.

  71. This should be trialled & then made law sooner rather than later, not just in the main CBD, but throughout the State in general. Common sense should always prevail when doing this where practicle.
    Maybe the Pollies should stop polishing chairs & experience some of these type of real life experiences to fully understand what they’re legislating.

  72. TO THE NRMA – as a member of the NRMA who pays membership specifically to be covered for my motorcycle I would like to know,

    1) Is the NRMA in favour of this trial for motorcyclists and other powered two wheelers to be able to filter to the front of traffic to improve traffic flow?

    2) Is the NRMA in favour of the practice of filtering being adopted into legislation in NSW to the benefit of all road users?

    3) Is the NRMA actively lobbying in favour of improvements in safety and rights for riders as you do for other motor vehicles?

    I am very interested to hear you answer your own question and to hear your position in regards representing membership paying riders.

    • Also it would be nice to see a regular column on motorcycles/scooters in the Open Road magazine. Maybe the latest bikes, safety improvements, clothing and gear, rider friendly accomodation and news on how the NRMA is helping its riding members. You could even run an article on the topics such as the Lane Filtering trial and inform all road users of the benefits and issues. Feel free to contact me if you want some help from a rider…

      • So does the NRMA actually answer the questions they pose to the general public?

        As a financial member of the NRMA I would like answers to my questions please. I don’t mind if you reply in public as you have asked the question in public to begin with.

        (am sure I wrote a similar comment before but it dissapeared)….

          • Hi Cam, many thanks for you interest in our blog and your Membership. We value your feedback and apologise for the delay in response. We will continue to go over the large volume of comments in the coming days.

            In answer to your questions:

            1. NRMA has supported the filtering trial and, in the absence of any evidence, opposed the suggestion a couple of years ago by the Federal Government that it should be made illegal.

            2. NRMA’s support for filtering to be legal will depend, to an extent, on the outcome of the trial.

            3. NRMA supports the Road Safety section of the Motorcycle Council of NSW website and has made submissions to the Staysafe Committee Inquiry into Unprotected Road Users.

            Thanks for your helpful suggestion regarding a Motorcycling/Scooter column in the Open Road. We have forwarded it on to those in charge of editorial policy and will let you know what the outcome is.

            Best wishes, Daniel, NRMA Social Media Community Manager

            • Hi Daniel,

              Thank you for your reply and answers to my questions.

              I am pleased to hear that the NRMA is not opposed to lane filtering.


  73. Let’s really try to improve traffic flow. Ban all cars except taxis, and then also allow trucks, motor cycles and bicycles!

  74. Can’t see the trial results being any use, as pretty much all two wheelers do it now so how is any improvement going to be noticed.

  75. The planned motorcycle filtering trial has come about in part from the good work of the Motorcycle Council of NSW in establishing and maintaining a good and productive relationship with the NSW Government, particularly the current Roads Minister, Duncan Gay ad lobbying Mr Gay to do something to recognise and eventually legalise lane filtering. The MCC is being kept ‘in the loop’ on the proposed trial and the media campaign intended to accompany the introduction of the trial.

    I’m sure that any support you motorcyclists out there can give to the totally voluntary Motorcycle Council of NSW will be greatly appreciated. Have a look at the MCC website to see what they are doing for motorcyclists in NSW –

  76. I look forward to the results with interest. I hope the trial is a success and it is rolled out across the state. Traffic congestion is not confined to the Sydney CBD…

  77. This would be amazing! I am both a driver and rider and would love to see Australia move forward and pass this law. I agree with so many comments on here, so it’s great to see that most of us still have some common sense. (SOME) faith restored.
    And let’s fix the roads!! I’m not talking patch jobs either.. Some roads need to be completely re-done.. And the closer to the CBD, the worse the roads.
    I dream of a day where I can enjoy driving/riding again without worrying about my suspension or falling into a crack or pothole!

  78. How will the government possibly see if it works since it is standard practice already across Sydney? The bike riders don’t even wait for the traffic to stop before making their own arrangements and moving up between cars then pushing to the front. It is highly dangerous as you don’t see them coming up from behind and have to move over to avoid accidents then wait for them to take off when lights change. How about a trial of policing the so called law to NOT use lane filtering and see if the traffic moves better?

  79. I live in Malaysia where this practice is common and thousands of mostly small capacity motorcycles move constantly between both stationary and moving traffic.

    It’s a challenging environment when traffic is moving because of the difficulty in changing lanes with a stream of motorcycles flowing between cars but there’s no doubt more people get moved through.

    I gather the proposal doesn’t include moving traffic though so the only cost is likely to be the odd rear-view mirror. I’d suggest more car cams to c over those situations.

  80. As a rider of over 30 years I think it is long overdue. The main danger are inattentive car drivers that may suddenly move and change lanes.
    if you ride are bike you are far more aware of the dangers on the road.

    • The trial refers only to stationary traffic. Cars rarely change lanes when stationary and for the ones that do, you only have to watch for large spaces that a car might be able to move into. Bet on someone trying to move into it and you’ll not only seldom lose, you will be aware of the possibility ahead of time and be able to avoid coming to grief when they do.

  81. I skipped all the 132 comments above, assuming that 99% are of course for this, like me.
    Although the practice is legal in other countries such as the United Kingdom and much of mainland Europe…
    Bloody nanny state. Enough said.

  82. I have had two wing mirrors wiped out by motor cyclists wobbling through stationary traffic. It seems that most motor cyclists are incapable of either judging he amount of room available or staying steady at low speeds or both.
    As far as I am concerned they should stay in their lane and space like any one else

  83. It seems to me just to make sense. I always position my car to enable bikes to easily slip past when we’re queued up at lights. I can’t believe the attitude of some drivers who consciously cut motorcycles off. If it was their son or daughter on the bike they’d sure be behaving differently! I do it for three reasons. 1) Not to stop others for no reason (it does me no harm, and reduces the size of the queue). 2) Bikes are fragile road users and enabling them to ride in “clean air” from the lights seems sensible (plus it keeps them away from me when I’m driving along as they can be hard to see) and 3) When I’ve been at the front of the lights I’ve never been held up by a bike when the lights go green. I drive a v8 and don’t think people riding small engined scooters should pull in front as they don’t have enough power, but no motorcycle has ever hindered my progress when the lights go green. Bring it on I say. It will reduce traffic congestion, keep riders safer and stop those clod-headed hits from feeling entitled to “block” bikes, using their 1.5 ton steel battering rams against people with just a jacket and helmet, which might lead to overall less road anger for everyone.

  84. One of the many advantages in allowing lane-filtering for motorcycles is that it puts them out of the rear-end crash zone. I understand that about 30% of crashes are rear-enders, mostly while stopping at traffic lights. I ride a bike, and my own risk analysis tells me I have less chance of getting injured if I’m filtering than if I become the meat in a rear-end collision between the vehicles in front of and behind me.

    It’s a pity the Minister has confined the trial to such a small area and for such a short time. How it could be expected to provide the proof he seems to want (which is not defined) is dubious. Or is it the old political trick where a pointless trial is made to allow you to say “We tried it and it didn’t work”.

    I hope this is not true, but the practice will continue regardless, simply because it makes sense and is safer than the alternative. Car-only drivers who criticise the practice should get on a bike to experience how much more room there is on the road than seems to be the case when you’re sitting in the caged confines of a car or, worse, a large 4WD.

  85. As a professional (truck) driver, I find that amateur (car) drivers and motorcyclists have no patience and can’t wait a minute or two to get somewhere safely. There needs to be much more education a out driving and riding around trucks, but governments have no clue about the real world and don’t think it’s necessary

  86. It should be legal to filter through traffic, it’s a fantastic idea that improves traffic flow, most bikes do it now already…

  87. In countries where it is legal there is a 30% reduction in bikes getting rear ended in traffic is the federal government really concerned with road safety and actually going to stop finning us for splitting so that we can be safe , or will it continue to ignore this and continue to put us in harms way making it illegal so they can profit at our expense ???????I have split trafic all of my adult life Im 43 this year and have ridden since the day I was 16 , I have broken one mirror which was replaced immediately generally I split stationary traffic and slow moving traffic when its safe up to around 20 k/p/h iv owned 82 bikes and never wrecked one and have driven/ridden over 4000000 ks

  88. So when a motor bike scratches the whole side of your car like happened to me you till contribute to my insurance excess paymernt..The rider just kept on riding and i was stuck with the bill….You are putting peoples lives at risk for no apparante agin in opinion.

    • Ih he hit you and kept riding.. well .. there you go.. it obviously did not instantly result in injury. Good luck tracking him down. I am still hoping to identify the christian gent and member of the congregation of the church down the road who backed into my parked ute and took off. I t hink your chances better.. since you were right there to see him hit you. Tell you what.. You pay for a new side for my ute and I,ll pay for your scratch.

    • Nick, since you have all the answers, can you please explain to all us uneducated how putting a scratch down the side of your car is “putting peoples lives at risk”? You told us it was only a scratch so it is your CHOICE to have it repaired; you could ignore it and your vehicle would still be safe and roadworthy. Again, it is your CHOICE to use your insurance to pay for it. By the way, it was your CHOICE to have a car and it was your CHOICE to take out insurance.Now my limited education suggests to me that you have plenty of money to spend as you choose so please explain to us all why you didn’t spend it on a better education (“for no apparante agin in opinion”)?

      • Now here is PROOF that bike riders think they own the roads. You presume it was the car drivers fault even though he was stationary- I had an open mind on this until I read these comments- yours just made it up- BAD idea, bike riders get angry all too easily as it is. Once I came to an intersection and moved slightly over to avoid some rubbish on the road- no idea that while I waited at the lights a bike rider would come up- He couldn’t get through then gave me the bird when he went past. I think all drivers need to be taught not to be in such a rush, we wouild see way less accidents- allowing differential road rules is not the way to go. Oh, and while we are at it- Why do I have to have my hearing accosted by LOUD bikes all the time- especially Harley’s? If my car was even HALF that loud I would get booked in a heartbeat.

  89. no it is not a good idea for two reasons (1) those selfish bike riders place even more pressure on the car driver having to continually monitor rear vision mirrors whilst vehicle is stopped at intersection and (2) they can wait in traffic just like the car driver has to why should they receive special treatment ?

    • Car drivers in “general” are the selfish ones, A car uses about 6 times the space on the road as a bike. A car uses about twice the amount of fuel. To make a car it uses about (well a lot more) steel, fabric ect. Now who is being selfish.

    • Rod,

      “(1) those selfish bike riders place even more pressure on the car driver having to continually monitor rear vision mirrors whilst vehicle is stopped at intersection ”

      you should be doing this anyway

      “(2) they can wait in traffic just like the car driver has to why should they receive special treatment ?”

      so if you had 5 bikes in front of you, all taking up the same amount of space they are entitled to, (i.e. the amount of space a car takes up), you would be upset if they went forward through the traffic and out of the way? you wouold seriously prefer to sit there longer in traffic, now imagine if there were 20 bikes in front of you. your arguments dont make sense

    • Rod, so you think you have two good reasons. Please go and get a life! You said in (1) you are “stopped at intersection” so why are you fixated on motorcyclists behind you (“continually monitor rear vision mirrors”)? And in (2) “they can wait in traffic just like the car driver” so now you want to take away any advantage a bike rider has over a tin top; they may as well get back in their cars (almost all of them have cars too). So who’s going to feel “even more pressure” as you say when “selfish” people like YOU have just placed all those motorcyclists into cars? Next time you find yourself stopped at an intersection, here’s a suggestion to keep your mind off all those motorcyclists in your mirrors; take a look at how many people are sitting in those cars around you. Now for every car with just one occupant (the driver) just imagine how much less congestion there would be if they all took a motorcycle instead. Can you please do us all a favour; put your hand outside you window next time I come past on my bike, I’d like to shake it…

  90. This is long overdue. This allows bike riders to manage their risk by getting out in front of traffic. A huge win for bike safety, kudos to all involved in finally making it happen

  91. Of course we should do everything to encourage motorcycle riding. Motorbikes have a significantly smaller impact on the environment than cars and also improve traffic flow. There should probably be bike lanes and some roads that are only accessible by bike or bus.

    p.s. I am not a motorbike rider.

  92. I really dont understand why this needs to be trailed, you got to wonder if the majority of the world is doing this we should of years ago. as comments above quote. Hello Sidknee welcome to Nanny State Central….

  93. Maybe we should have a NON- FILTERING DAY when all the bikes in Sydney CBD who having been filtering for years, start acting like a car and taking up the space of a car in the traffic. THEN people might see how motorcyclists prevent congestion.

  94. Finally – I believe this trial should have been extended to cover all of ‘X’ area not just CBD. Normally there is very little room to filter in the CBD however suburbs outside of this it is totally possible.

    Done it back int he UK and i do it here too. If it saves me from having a rear ender due to the distracted car drivers then I’m all for it. It’s about time bikes and other Powered Two Wheelers were seen as a viable option of REAL transport and given some benefit to do so.

    Now we need to have those jump lanes at the front of the queue as cyclists do to prevent congestion of bikes all down between the cars causing a risk. That said, MOST bikers will go right to the front and beyond as courtesy to those that may follow behind.

    Great JOB!!

  95. This is the most sensible safety measure proposed for motorcyclists in recent times. It’s also free and has the added benefit of reducing congestion.

  96. I’m puzzled… bikes have been doing this for years. I see it daily on my commute between Peakhurst and Randwick, and some even do it when traffic is moving, which is incredibly dangerous both to them and the car that has to brake hard or swerve to miss them. Either they need to accept it’s done by most motorcyclists and make it legal, or keep it illegal and crack down on it.
    Why can’t we just make dedicated motorcycle lanes in the Sydney CBD? If it works (which I’m sure it will), they can be spread around other CBD’s and eventually the whole metro area.
    I really don’t see how it will reduce congestion, since motorcycles take up so little space on our roads. I can see how it makes motorcyclists safer by getting them ahead of the traffic.

  97. Great idea! It works in other countries, so why not here.

    It’s about time we tried to keep up with the rest of the world!

    Now to get speed limits raised on freeways to Europe, UK and USA levels…

  98. I have been riding bikes for 33 years now in several countries and always filter through stationary traffic, in a slow and controlled manner. This has meant that the queue of cars is much shorter behind me and that I have not been rear-ended by cars whilst I was stationary at the lights, which I understand is the cause of most bike/car accidents at traffic lights. This is a great idea to actually collect some data on this that will hopefully lead to this being allowed all year around. This will free up the police to concentrate on more serious matters and reduce congestion.

  99. Great idea! It works in other countries, so why not here.

    It’s about time we put our selves on the same level as the rest of the world.

    Now to get the freeway speed limits set at the same levels as Europe, UK and USA….

  100. I’ve never had a problem with lane filtering.
    The majority speed off the second the light changes, so I’d rather those motorcyclists get ahead, “over the line”, and out of my way. Makes life easier for us in cars, trucks etc, to concentrate on the road.

  101. Lane filtering for motorcyclists presumes that a driver will not need to move within the legally prescribed space allocated for them.
    There are different reasons that a driver may do this. As a driver I find that my attention is generally focused in front of me with occasional glances to the left, right or rear of the vehicle. I don’t recognise any sense of jealousy about a motorcyclist being further in front of the vehicle that I drive.
    From time to time I see motorcyclists doing what appear to be immensely stupid things from where I am sitting. This perception of course needs to be adjusted by recognising that I can’t really see their actual position on the road. There remains a perception that motorcyclists are more individualistic and potentially rebellious towards the road rules. Give filtering a try but good luck trying to assess the safety and other considerations

    • “Lane filtering for motorcyclists presumes that a driver will not need to move within the legally prescribed space allocated for them.”
      Lane filtering is moving though _stopped_ traffic.
      Stopped traffic by definition is NOT moving within any space, allocated or otherwise.

      “As a driver I find that my attention is generally focused in front of me with occasional glances to the left, right or rear of the vehicle.”
      This is a good start and I’m pleased to hear it. As an operator of ANY motor vehicle (motorcycles and scooters included) it’s your obligation to, as best you can, be constantly aware of ALL of your surroundings – that very much includes what’s happening to both sides and behind your vehicle. The short of it is, always use your mirrors and TURN YOUR HEAD!

      “From time to time I see motorcyclists doing what appear to be immensely stupid things from where I am sitting.”
      As a motorcycle rider AND a car driver, I see the same. From motorcycle riders, car drivers, truck drivers, bus drivers, you name it. You seem a pretty reasonable person and sound like a more-competent-than-average driver. Wouldn’t it be great if NSW would get off this “Speed Kills” copout and make a single new offence of “Driving Like A D*ckhe*ad”, get out there on patrol and issue tickets everywhere? :)

      • Unfortunately, it’s the case that we can mechanically measure speed but not stupidity. That actually takes a live person with mature and reasonable judgement. Try finding that in the Highway Patrol! (To be fair – I did – just once). So what does government do? The easy option that rakes in the best revenue.

  102. Its done in many other countries in the world and works very well. Most motoryclists do it here any way with out issue. Some Motor vehicle drivers complain because the bike is able to get in front of them (out of turn???) are you kidding!? Most drivers don’t give a rats about anyone but them selves, and couldn’t care less about the rider. Most Riders will always take the safest route whether its in the rules or not because it is safer to do this than to ride in packed traffic.

  103. Yes most riders do this already. it is legal in so many other countries but of course we have to wait for anyone with a brain to come along and try to help out the issues with traffic. For the record I ride and drive a large amount in the city. If splitting / filtering is done sensibly then there is no issue. We have those little areas for cyclists to get in front of traffic to only then hold everyone up again so why not let the bikes go up the front as they move off quicker.. no not speeding to the fools who say thats all it is. many drivers dont like the fact that bikes do move around quicker and take a smaller gap and use transit lanes and so on and thus get angry when they see this and try to cause trouble for the said bike. if people just used the roads together then maybe.. just maybe they would run smoother. what needs to happen is that drivers and riders as a whole need to pay more attention to what they are doing and understand the road isnt just theirs. this, though, applies much more to car drivers.

  104. lt is sensible but the issue is the generally low level of skill needed to obtain a car driver licence. To improve safety for motorcyclists the police need to pay attention to poor driving on the road by car drivers, instead of their lazy culture ofsitting behind speed cameras and autmatically issuing tickets at any accident they turn up at

  105. As a former law enforcement officer I believe lane filtering or lane splitting should be allowed on all road where the traffic has stopped or traveling well below the posted speed limit, it will ease a lot of congestion on the roads

  106. I think it’s a great idea & about time Australia came on board with the rest of the world.. I think though what would be an even better idea is if we got our own lane.. We pay taxes, stamp duty, rego etc the same as other road users so why can’t we have our own lane cars, buses & even push bike riders have their own lanes so why can’t we??

  107. It has been working in other countries for years. And although currently illegal here it can only improove the traffic flow in metro areas. I want it legalised.

  108. To be honest, it is about time this happened. If any of you had been to any major European city, you would see this works well. This is also important considering there is a 30% increase in motorcycle registrations for the last few years, according to VIC, NSW and ACT motor registries. Many people are choosing to use mopeds, many of which turn of the engines at lights and achieve well over 100km per litre… it also leaves more parking spaces in the city – remember that the next time you bag out a motorcyclist. In addition, there is less wear and tear on the roads.

    Finally, and I am quoting this from VIC roads report, for the last 5 years motorcycle accidents have decreased around 12% per annum, which you must take into account the 30% increase in registrations. Cars on the other hand are only decreasing by 8% per annum (on average) linked with a 3% growth in car numbers! So from that one could read that motorcyclists are safer drivers!

    Quoting from ABS, 2.2% increase in passenger cars over last 3 years across Australia compared to 7% increase in bikes.

    Lastly, with increasing population and congestion in the cities, I feel it highly likely that city centres will become the domain of motorcycles, light rail/trams and buses. Cars will be left in the suburbs to reduce congestion, and additional reduce our greenhouse effect.

    I currently work for a business that has an 8 storey car park. We can fit 300 cars per level, or 1200 bikes (as they can use all the small spaces) – I was in the consultation…

    …just my .02c worth….

  109. Lane filtering will reduce congestion. The overseas locations where it is the norm don’t have statistics which indicate a significant increased risk. This might be the only sensible and affordable way of alleviating urban congestion. It is a way forward. in the short and long term. Clearly, building more and more and bigger roads is not that effective. The widespread introduction of lane filtering could be one step in redesigning urban transport, by making 2 wheeled traffic more attractive, and providing some breathing space during which some half decent public transport links could be developed, rather than just pursue the obviously futile tactic of making the roads larger for larger traffic. The ideal would be for people to feel equally comfortable with as much transport as they need to get where they need to get with such things that need to carry. The choice of Walk, Motorbike/Scooter, car, bicycle, Public Transport should be based on how far and what you have to carry, NOT what is available.

  110. 2 big reasons why it works:

    Reduce the risk of injury from rear enders. It has been great to give us motorcyclist an option to reduce our risk of injury from a rear ender. I’ve been in a rear ender in a car and had I been in a motorbike, I wouldn’t be here to type this comment.

    Reduce traffic conjestion. This one is pretty obvious as you can fit more motorbikes in the same footprint a car would occupy. Having motorcycle priority spaces to stop at the lights like they do in Asia also helps allocate space for us who do the right thing for the environment, the conjestion and time. Car drivers benefit from motorcyclist not getting in the way and adding to the traffic they will be stuck behind.

  111. This will simply legitimise what motor cyclists and cyclists already do and will continue to do regardless of any law anyway.
    What should be considered is the provision of a dedicated zone for motor cyclists only in front of cars at every intersection.
    Cyclists are a separate problem. It is O.K. where there are dedicated cycle lanes and they stay within them but elsewhere when you have spent some time changing lanes in moving traffic to get past a cyclist(s) only to have them move in front of you at the next intersection I get annoyed and can understand the frustration of other drivers. I’ll vote for anything that sorts that problem out.

  112. I’m a motorcyclist and have been riding for the past 13 years, the advantages of being able to lane filter is a great way to overcome pollution, travel times, there is next to no road rage until a car driver decides to open their door or try to close the gap, the disadvantages include those mentioned above but if all road users respected each other and followed the law there shouldn’t be a problem at all with lane filtering, but however I do have one concern and that’s only allowing P plate and higher class riders to be able to lane filter as a learner rider has not yet had enough experience on a motorcycle to navigate through tight spots I believe lane filtering should be legal everywhere and highly promoted

  113. Its about time.. I definately feel alot safer and less paranoid when I’m first at the traffic lights oppose to being surrounded by cars. What non riders don’t know is we are actually taught to not stay in the blind spots, the more cars around us (motorcyclists) the more blind spots are created. We are taught to buffer, but we can only do so much when thete are cars right, left, centre, behind us. Then the motorists blame us for staying in their blindspots…

  114. I’ve yet to see a reasonable fact-based argument against filtering. The arguments against normally fall into the “I’m scared of them and they may damage my car” argument or, far more often the “I’m stuck in this traffic, you have to be too” argument.

    If eveyone’s considerate (cars: move over and give the bike some room to get through. bikes: if you’re not sure about the gap or your ability to ride slow and steady, don’t take the gap) then in the unlikely event that a bike hits your car, chances are that he and his bike are going to come out of it a lot worse than you and your car .. and if he’s at fault, he or his insurer will have to pay for any repairs to your vehicle. Argument solved.

    As for the “you have to wait like me” argument, it just grates on me. The bike rider is in the rain, or in full leathers in 40 degree heat .. so YOU, car driver, have to do that too. You don’t? Why not? YOU chose to use a BIG 5-seater to get yourself to work and back, YOU get both the benefits and the disadvantages of that, and if that means you have to wait behind all the other big 5-seaters then that’s your own issue. If these drivers came up behind a car that was waiting to turn right, I don’t believe ANY of them would wait behind it but would go around it to the left. Explain the difference to me between that and filtering?

  115. I am all for this change to the legislation , but am concerned about the details .

    Firstly , it say stationary traffic , not slow moving.
    So when the lights change , does this mean the motorcyclist cannot ( legally) move his vehicle from between the cars to position themselves safely in a lane ?

    Secondly , stopping at the intersection stop line . This, i presume is the first white line.
    So this puts the motorcyclist right in between 2 cars which they need to beat in order to get into a clear lane , or worst still , having to then move behind if the car
    proceeds to drag them off ( which they do a lot , because they feel like they were in front of the queue , and the bike is queue jumping )
    I understand the pedestrian space , but most riders look for them as they approach the intersection . ( not many pedestrians are hit by bikers )

    So even though I think the details of this law wont be policed ( ie you wont be fined for moving your bike through traffic thats starting to move), it actually puts the bikes in more vunerable positions than before
    Maybe these laws makers should consult real life before putting together legislation… hell maybe they should go ride a motorbike .;)

    • Actually, if you’re filtering through and the lights go green then if the car beside you moves before you are in front of it then THEY are illegally lanesplitting. I don’t believe a single one will be booked for it, but they ought to be just the same as motorcyclists have been.

      You can only go past traffic that is stopped.
      So if you’re beside a vehicle and moving, they can not legally move until either you have stopped or your are clear of the vehicle, and if the vehicles _ahead_ of you start moving then you may not continue filtering past them. If the vehicle beside you doesn’t let you re-enter the lane then (a) they’re illegally lanesplitting and (b) they’re being an immense c*ck and should have the whole damn book thrown at them by the cops who I KNOW are going to be watching these intersections.

  116. Sydney cage drivers are so selfish, distracted, aggressive and incompetent all wrapped into one. The modern safety features and cheap insurance makes the average cage driver an invisible self entitled mongrel. People say “bike riders think they own the road”. Who does own the road, the guy with the biggest most expensive luxury SUV? Driving these monstrosities to work with 1 driver is selfish and congrsts the road for everyone. But if you do have to drive one atleast learn to keep the thing squarely in the lines so everyone else can go about their business, IE filtering. Think of bikes as taking the 12 items or less checkout at the supermarket. Don’t get mad, get a bike

    • “But if you do have to drive one” …

      You can blame registration costs and CTP Green Slips for this.

      My first car cost $300, registered and on the road. Now my annual registration alone costs almost $1500.
      If I could register a car for $50/year (which is more than enough for somebody to hit a key on a computer to say “this car still belongs to that person” which is all REGISTRATION is supposed to be) then I’d have several. A trail bike, a sports bike, a small car for commuting to work in crappy weather, a big car for taking the whole family out, maybe a big 4WD for bigger adventures…
      Unfortunately the current system makes that impossible, and so sadly for most people it’s a case of “I need a vehicle that can do everything” so inevitably they end up commuting to work or to the shops in an enormous 4WD.

      If we need CTP, put it on the license. Make registration cheap. Let people have a selection of vehicles to suit their needs. We’d have less vehicles scrapped and more people commuting with smaller vehicles with the accompanying savings in fuel use and emissions and congestion.

  117. A wonderful idea! Should apply to all our roads. Anything that gets traffic moving is commonsense. Lots of drivers will hate it, but they’re jealous because bikes are moving and they’re not. More of us should therefor ride bikes!

  118. Of course filtering makes sense.
    Get the bikes to the front and out of the way, less traffic for the cars to fight with.
    But this trial has been setup to fail. Gay has picked a section of the city with narrow lanes, lots of construction, poor road surface, basically the least safe place he could come up with to trial filtering.
    Then he can claim that he trialed it, and demonstrated it was not safe, and so it will be off the table.

  119. This will be the biggest win for car drivers ever. If filtering was made specifically illegal can you imagine the >5,000 motorbikes per day entering the CBD sitting nose to tail in the traffic stretching the traffic queues further and further back? Motorbike riders are doing car drivers a huge favour with filtering.
    As for the risk comments? Most riders are acutely aware that we will come off very second best in any collision and therefore have a much greater situational awareness than the average driver. Motorcycles move intuitively and riders have a better feel for space, time and vectors, so what may appear risky behaviour to a common car driver is in fact less risky than uneducated observation would have you believe. If you check the RMS statistics you will find that motorcycle riders are involved in less collisions per 10,000 registered vehicles than car drivers because it hurts.
    My partner recently completed her rider training and gained her motorcycle licence and is firmly convinced that both the riding experience and training have made her a far better car driver.

    • ” If you check the RMS statistics you will find that motorcycle riders are involved in less collisions per 10,000 registered vehicles than car drivers BECAUSE IT HURTS.”

      Truest. Statement. EVER.

  120. Seems to me the test will prove nothing. Most riders I see (myself included) lane filter in the city, as a rider with 30 years commuting into the city most people I see lane filtering are doing it reasonably safely.
    I assume the RMS as already gathered some statistics regards traffic flow in this area prior to the test, ready for a comparison with the stats collected throughout the test. If my view is true – “most riders already lane filter” then allowing us to do what we already do will prove nothing.

    • You’re absolutely correct. This is one of he main reasons why bike riders own bikes for goodness sake! I would hope the government stats gurus are clever enough to include this in the equation. Laugh out load!

  121. I lane filter coming into the Sydney CBD every day and I have never seen a motorbike filter at a speed that I would consider dangerous, it would be silly if they did, rider is going to come off second best. Often on Sydney roads, e.g. Pacific Highway, the traffic will be such that it takes 3 or 4 cycles for cars to get through. I don’t see why motorcycle riders who are reducing congestion should also have to sit in these traffic light cycles amongst the selfish single occupant motor vehicle drivers.

    • Car Drivers are contributing to the congestion, and motorcycles help reduce congestion. It is a cheap way of the government not improving infrastructure, it reduces pollution with not having to sit idleing through three changes of lights only to drive 200 metres and repeat the cycle.
      This is an idea long over due.

  122. Some idiot’s ride bikes, some drive cars.[ More cars- more idiot drivers]
    No problem if everyone can be relaxed and aware of those around them
    Pity everyone didnt have to ride a bike in Asia or Europe to realise what traffic is.
    Hi-Vis clothing, how about some Hi-Vis stripes on the dark cars with their black windows, no wonder some dont see

  123. Well, all very interesting. I have a couple of concerns:

    1. Let’s be VERY CLEAR that any pedal powered cyclists should be fined if they try this anywhere other than on the far left of the road — why? because they simply can’t accelerate as fast as a car, not even if they’re a hyped up Armstrong.

    2. My observations of this in Italy is that is works well UP TO THE POINT where you get 10 or more lightweight underpowered scooters all scrambling (often slowly) to get away as the lights turn green so the cars who have been waiting patiently (can they do that in Italy?) find they have to wait for the interlopers to clear the way. The solution here is that bikes can accumulate in the leftmost lane’s pedestrian space in front of the white lane provided they DON’T interfer with pedestrian flow (yes, hard to judge) but no more than, say, two deep and three abreast so they don’t congest the intersection too much for any other vehicles that got there before them.

  124. This is a long overdue step in the right direction. I’ve been riding bikes now for just a smidgeon under 50 years. I say this in an attempt to portray to the reader that I do think I’m qualified to speak on the issue.

    In all that time, legal or otherwise, I’ve been witness to both safe and unsafe filtering by motorcycle riders and would say at the outset that I hope the stupidity of a few doesn’t stop this happening for a sensible majority and in the interests of smoother and quicker passage of traffic particularly in heavy congestion.

    It just simply makes sense. If there is enough room for safe passage why shouldn’t a bike and rider filter through traffic instead of in effect becoming another four wheeled (or more) vehicle and take up the very same space that vehicle would somewhere back in a line of traffic. If motor cycles are not taking up ‘car space’ it only stands to reason that more care will proceed through a set of lights at any intersection. Traffic flow will be smoother and quicker.

    Safety of course is always an issue but for the life of me and over my 50 years I can’t remember any serious injury of death of even one motorcyclist as a result of filtering through stationery traffic. Safety parameters can of course be built around legislation allowing filtering in certain circumstances anyway. Good sensible thinkers who subscribe to the doctrine of reason and common sense will always come up with the right answers. Such has not been the case to date. In fact other than for some fairly proactive (but well overdue) advertising of late bikers as a group have been discriminated against and in some cases openly persecuted. But then thats another issue.

    I wonder when authorities will begin to understand the real value in the ‘big picture’ of motorcycles and riders. How different would our roads and cities be in terms of congestion and pollution and ultimately the health of everyone if even just one third of current vehicular traffic was motorcycles.

    Safe motor cycling should be encouraged by authorities and initiatives such as this should be aggressively promoted into existence for it does nothing else but compliment the total experience, engender interest in motor cycling as an alternate means of transport and inject sensible change for the better into a traffic management system screaming out for some outside of the box thinking.

    I hope this is not where the thinking stops.

  125. This is a great idea, and most bike riders do it anyway.
    A few points though……………………………………….
    - applicable to motor bikes and scooters only, not pushbikes – they must stay way to
    the left
    - can only filter past stationary vehicles ( I’ve had some dipstick riders do it by passing
    in moving traffic ), and
    - how will it be policed ?

    • It will be policed by NSW motorcycle police of which they have a special CBD group ready to pounce on evil doers. Also by monitoring the CCTV footage from Bus Lane cameras and other road cameras they have in the city streets. The trial is limited to a fairly small section of the Sydney CBD only….

    • Russell, they are accounting for that by counting how may bikes are filtering then calculating what the congestion would be like if they remained in traffic. kinda reverse engineering thing

  126. Many already do it, but it’s great it’s legal and will help with the bike driver relationships. Car drivers seem to dislike motorbike riders, but think of it this way, we don’t threaten your life on a weekly basis from lack of care, motorbike riding demands 100% concentration and holds higher consequence, so when making careless choices think twice and don’t act aggressively when we do filter – plus.. it speeds up the time it takes you to get home…
    (Motorbike commuter from Coogee to the CBD)

  127. Why not those bloody push bike riders use pedestrian crossings then straight out into your lane .They don’t pay for any use of the road and are a pest. Let the motor bikes do this instead of being held up while a push bike will just ride up onto the footpath to go arount the cars..

  128. There has been studies by various agencies and it has been found that if 10% of people who drive in the city switched fromcars to bikes/scooters and they allowed filtering, congestion would be virtually halved

  129. Well there are pro`s and cons obviously. More con`s i believe.
    I believe it probably would benefit and I would not mind as long as motorcyclists follow the speed limit and drive safely next to cars.
    My issue is that the majority of motorcyclists i have been on the road with, tend to filter through traffic unsafely, going to close to cars and speeding to get past you to get to the front, however, once when they are the front, they normally take-off 20kms less than the average taking-off speed limit and slow everyone down. I just find them a nuisance for that reason. Why go fast overtaking everyone and then slow everyone down when taking off at the front?!
    Also, i don`t like how they are automatically creating a hazard to me, when i have to watch them meticulously and veer my car to the left as they carelessly ride past in order so they don`t scratch or impact with me. It creates an extra hazard which i never needed to have to begin with.
    Traffic would flow better if everyone did the speed limit and not having people that go 40kms in a 60km zone. It happens every time where you see people tailgating some slow driver in the right hand lane that wont move to the left lane, creating a build up of traffic. Also, there is no good flow of traffic due to so many bad drivers on the road and so many lacking common courtesy these days therefore creating too many prangs.
    Oh well, the government makes so many time wasting choices, why not let them make another.
    They should highly consider though fining people for jay walking as that becomes a huge hazard and waste of time for drivers. Having to constantly have to monitor when another person is going to cross the road somewhere they should not be. I can`t begin to mention how often people cross a busy, main road and look only one way expecting every driver will let them cross as if there`s some imaginary crossing there.

  130. When have politicians ever done anything sensible. Traffic stopped = no danger to anyone. Motorcycle accelerate away from a standing start quicker than cars. More traffic is able to cue is a smaller space. Iy’s a win for everyone except the hot heads. But we don’t expect the trial to last. Just another cycnical stunt to steal our votes.

  131. I am 50 plus. I have never owned a car. Always motorcycles. All weather. Everyday. I own 9 bikes its a hobby, passion, obsession. I commute 50 km each day. I treat all car drivers like idiots – most are. I filter, I speed, I find clear space away from cars on the commute then settle down keping a buffer. I have been booked for filtering, speeding and doing the things to stay alive. I wear the cost and don’t complain. Every day I see them changing CD and changing lanes, food on their laps, texting at 100kph in traffic, screaming at the kids, eating a burger while driving, looking at themselves putting on makeup, changing songs on their Ipods, distracted, isolated from speed, the tar, their tyres, the road. Solo fat vehicles guzzling gas with one occupant. Ashing on me, squirting me with their wiper washer. Almost killing me, tailgating me. Sometimes I lash out and kick their car it is the only way to get through to them. It rains, they tailgate not realising that a bike is compromised on the oily wet road. I could go on.

    My personal opinion is that car drivers are pigs.

    Law or not – I will filter.

  132. I think it should be permited everywhere , we share the road not own it and if I can manoeuvre my mororbike safely to the front of the stopped traffic I will do so and have done so for years .
    I move over to let bike riders through when I’m stuck in a traffic snarl in my car and I see them coming
    Too many car drivers who would have the courage or skill to ride a motorcycle resent the freedom that motorcyclist have , we ride in the rain , we don’t complain …. why don’t you cagers grab a brain.

  133. As per most previous comments, this (lane filtering) happens already and is just common sense for motorbikes, but the assumption is that the motorbike is the faster vehicle. This is the case most of the time, but a bit of common sense is needed. If you are on a 50cc scooter, you shouldn’t be pushing to the front just because you fit, you’ll just end up a rolling road block once the lights change. Happens all the time and holds up traffic, not improves it. I’ll happily fold in the mirrors on my vehicle to let a motorbike through, because I know that they will have enough power to get away quickly. But keep in mind that most modern medium to large sedans can pack 150 – 200kw easily with a modern V6 , and will pull away fairly quickly if pedaled, while cutting in front of a 311kw IS-F on your scooter is just rude and stupid. But rude and stupid is not confined to car drivers.

  134. About time we caught up with other parts of the world.
    It’s ludicrous that a motorcycle has to sit in a lane of stopped traffic increasing the congestion when they can simply ride through the gap and give their space up to a car.
    We can only hope that the people making these decisions adopt some common sense and allow it Australia wide.

  135. Motor vehicles are becoming smaller in city traffic allowing greater numbers. Space needs to be allowed for motorcycles to gather at head of traffic queues at lights and intersections of roadways. Should have been incorporated into rules 40 years ago

  136. I’m a motorcyclist have been riding bikes since I was 14 I filter everyday I’ve pulled up between cop cars pulled up beside cop bikes never have been booked have pull up and chatted to the cops and been told its ok as long as you can do it safely there is no law to say you can or can’t filter. If you read through all or most of these comments you will see it’s the non-motorcyclists that are against it all the ones for it are riders we can argue all day and still there will be the riders for it and non-riders against.

  137. Making it illegal just panders to jealous car drivers or nit-picky legalists. How is it all that different from a car moving (safely) around another stationary car?

  138. As a motorcyclist I don’t like doing this, my bike has hard panniers which require greater clearance, a misjudgement can easily happen. A dedicated motorcycle lane would be the ideal answer but is not practical on our existing roads in Sydney and most towns.

  139. Most of these comments appear to come from motor bike riders who want free reign on the roads.
    I travel the harbour tunnel each day where bikes zoom in between cars. As your picture depicts, since when is the white unbroken line designated as a bike lane?
    If these people want to ride a bike, how about they stick to the lane rather than gambling with either their own lives or scratching a vehicle.
    One day I’m going to see someone go under a vehicle and it will be a case of “I told you so”.

    • Unfortunately what you have witnessed sounds more like what is called “lane splitting” which occurs when bikes ride between cars when the traffic is moving.

      With the proposed trial they are looking to try “filtering”. This means moving toward the front of a line of traffic when the traffic is stationary. If you had read the article you would probably have gotten that though.

      Most often when a bike goes “under a vehicle” it is due to a driver not seeing the motorcycle rider not because the motorcyclist was riding in a dangerous manner.

  140. Common Law in the UK has already set a precedent that that permits filtering. Strict guidelines still apply. Provided similar guidelines apply I think it’s about time that we allowed filtering and made other road users aware that it is allowed and moving over to block or opening car doors will result in an offence.
    Let’s share the road and drop the agro. Motorcycles can already use any part of the lane they like and can ride 2 abreast or more when overtaking other motorbikes.

  141. I hope NRMA as a whole supports this trial and a broader application of the rules. It is good for all road users. I know many people are saying how dangerous it is but how many of them are actual motorbike riders? Please try to view these sort of trials in a positive light and think of the benefit for you as a driver as well. Less bikes sitting in traffic means quicker travel times for all. If it becomes a common rule more people will switch to bikes which means less cars on the road and again quicker travel times.

    Quick travel times mean less time on the road therefor a reduce chance of an accident.

    Its a big yes from me.

  142. It is excellent that this is finally being looked at with the potential for Australia to join the civilised countries of Europe.

    I’ve been driving for almost 30 years and riding for 25 and have yet to see a valid argument against filtering. Most anti arguments revolve around one of two points. The refusal of many drivers to pay attention to what is going on beyond the confines of their car and simple jealousy that someone may be able to avoid sitting in stopped traffic.

    Remember, if you’re in a car, you’re not stuck in traffic, you are the traffic.

  143. Motorcyclists are more likely to be killed at intersections when the traffic is moving at speed by people turning in front of them who haven’t seen them, especially if they are obscured by a vehicle in another lane. Moving to the front of an intersection by lane filtering increases visibility of motorcyclists and decreases the risk of someone turning in front of them as happens if they are further back in a line of traffic. In relation to any slight increase in risk of a motorcyclist hitting someone getting out of a car, such incidents would be low speed, non serious, as opposed to the fatal consequences of cars collecting motorcycles.

  144. If I didn’t filter I would be dead, I’ve seen too many people stare at their phones when they see a red light up ahead and therefore not process the scene in front of them. Not all drivers realise that there is a bike at the back of the queue and only focus on the car, they then judge their braking distance accordingly.
    On more than one occasion I’ve had to filter at very short notice when a car has not seen me. If I’d stayed where I was I would have had a 2 tonne SUV on top of me.

  145. It reduces traffic queues, and is safer for riders.
    The most dangerous place for a rider is anywhere with cars, get to the front and take off leaving the cars behind.

  146. I’m a seasoned bike rider from the UK. I can’t believe this isn’t law already. And lane splitting is absolutley fine if conducted in a safe manner. Australia is such a lovely place to live, but you guys have far to many rules and regulations for pointless situations, and no rules or regs for really important ones! In Victoria I can drive my car or bike without having a yearly safety inspection…crazy!! Bodyshops do not have to prove the mechaical or structural intergrity of a vehicle after it’s been repaired…crazy! The amount of death traps roaming the roads of Australia i dread to think, and yet some Gay bloke thinks land splitting is harmful. Australia, your priorities are skewed.

  147. Does it matter? They are already doing it everyday. I have never heard or seen any one being caught for lane filtering these days. If it is currently illegally, then this is another law that is not enforcing or enforceable. Just like bike passing red traffic light and breaking all the traffic laws.

  148. Lane Filtering, as distinct from splitting, is an accepted part of many Asian and European transport systems, and as seems to be the case, Australian regulators have been slow to see the benefits and quick to see imagined negatives. In some countries motorcyclists are recognised as legitimate road users and given due consideration with a marked area set ahead of the general car traffic at intersections, and encouraged to “lane filter” to get there. Motorcycles can most times move away from a stopped traffic situation quicker than cars, therefore leaving the following cars an open road ahead of them, motorcycles do not hinder traffic flow. It makes good sense to have a trial of lane filtering in urban areas where it will be of most use, and when seen to be an advantage to car drivers as well as motorcyclists, should be adopted country wide.

  149. Been doing it for years. Whether legal or not, I’ll continue to do it. Amazes me the amount of bikes who sit in heavy traffic going with the flow. In all the years I’ve only ever had one car take exception to my filtering. We had words.

  150. Whilst it’s illegal only the confident and the competent will take the risk, Make it legal and you allow those less capable to exercise their right and create further problems. What about door mirrors? in some traffic lanes you can barly squeeze yourself between two vehicles because of protruding door mirrors. Are we going to see a spate of motorcyclists bouncing of the side of several cars after they get hooked on a door mirror and causing more accident delays? Are we now to expect long queues of bikes along the lane gap in stationary traffic so motortist won’t be able to take off safely until all the bikes have filtered down? If that is the case then that truely is unfair queue hopping and will add additional delay to the motorist.

  151. Brilliant idea, but I’m disappointed by the minority of responses here (yes, if you’re against filtering you are in the minority)

    Some people are so blinded by the idea that “bikes should act like cars and wait in line” that they don’t see that every bike that filters past a queue of traffic is one less vehicle adding to that line of traffic, making everyone’s commute home that little bit quicker.

    As mentioned a lot of bikes do this already, but currently filtering is a grey area (neither legal or illegal), if it is not legalised then it would most likely be explicitly made illegal, and those 30 or so bikes that used to filter will be just more vehicles in the queue. In other words, your travel would take even longer than it does now.

    For those saying it’s dangerous, it’s just like parking in a car park. Statistically it is more dangerous for a bike to sit in line, as drivers tend to not see them and hit them from behind, not possible if the bike is between lines of stationary (i.e. unmoving) cars. If you really think this is dangerous, then I really think you lack the observational, driving and/or anger management skills to operate a car. “If bikes filter I’ll open my door on them to stop them from being dangerous, now where did I put my Nobel prize?”

    Explicitly legalizing filtering would help everyone get home that little bit faster and a little bit safer, surely that’s the goal for everyone?

  152. While motorcyclists consists of the minority of road users it’s about time we get the go-ahead on lane filtering in heavy traffic such as we have in Sydney as anything that could improve traffic flow will help all road users. With the increase of bikes and scooters on our roads of whom the majority are responsible citizens we are likely to see more scooters and bikes on the road once car drivers realise the benefits of two wheeled transport. Thank you NRMA for giving us a voice.

  153. I’ve been driving for years and was under the impression that motor bikes push bikes or anything skinny enough to lane filter was legal, but I was and still am not happy with the near misses you see when the traffic lights change green and there is a drag race by car users to the next lights !

  154. It’s idiotic that lane filtering isn’t legal. The law in Australia is an ass. Lane filtering eases traffic and promotes road safety.

    To improve road safety even further, car drivers need to be penalised heavily for suddenly swinging into adjoining lanes without previously indicating their intention to so by use of their indicators. Indicating while moving into another lane is not the same as indicating prior to moving into that lane. So many times have I seen cars almost taking out motorbikes by this dangerous practice. Car drivers — please indicate well in advance of moving into another lane.

  155. As a retired bike rider having survived 54 years on 2 wheels and now onto a big scooter I do filtering but not weaving and suffer the most absurd tin top behaviour. Unfortunately I am on their road somehow cheating them as they wait in the queue and some often move to the centre to stop me filtering at the next lights and I have even had one genorous citizen open a door and abuse me. Beware the yummy mummies in their big 4wd’s after dropping their kids off at school, smoking and ashing on me and even butting out whilst texting their facebook entry for the minute.
    Good one Mr Gay, at least when I am killed or maimed I will be legal!
    Having advanced on filtering can we now mount a campaign against smokers who ash and butt on 2 wheelers.
    A big yes from me, well done NRMA.

  156. Yes, it is a great idea.

    I always move to the left to let the motorcycles move to the front and this has the added bonus of cutting off any of those mongrel push bike riders that may be thinking of moving in front of me at the lights.

  157. Motorcycles between cars is a NO NO! Lane filtering? Who thinks up these stupid terms? NO WAY. This is only about motorcycles getting there first. Scratching cars and knocking mirrors doesn’t speed traffic. Why are bike riders in such a hurry? What happens when the light turns green and the bike is back in the traffic between cars? Do all the cars stop until the bike has moved up front, thus slowing traffic. Or can cars move off and good luck to the bike between them. I have seen SO many bikes ride within death defying distances between cars at freeway speeds I don’t want them to kill themselves on my car. Why do bike riders want to push past cars and trucks and take risks to save as few minutes. Better late than dead. Take care on the roads.

  158. I totally disagree with bike riders being allowed to “Lane Filter” as people are calling it. I ride a bike myself and live outside the major cities, but I had the unfortunate experience of seeing bike riders in Paris, who are allowed to do exactly the same thing the govt. here is contemplating introducing. I was driving a car in Paris, where I might add that the lanes are much wider (than say Parramatta Rd.) but still bikes went riding past my stationary vehicle at incredibly fast speeds, and if you didn’t leave sufficient space for them to get through, you encountered something similar to road rage. It may seem like the answer to eliminate congestion, however, it has the capacity to do even more so. I was held up for nearly an hour in traffic in Paris, with motorbikes whizzing past me, only to finally get to where the congestion started…….. and guess what caused it? the same mentality of the Paris bikers. One of them had crashed, causing absolute chaos. So based on my personal experience of the use of “Lane Filtering”, I only see more of the same and frustrated drivers venting their anger at these proposed changes.

  159. Sydney bike rider are amoung the worst in the world this practice will be abused by the young P plate riders who think they own the road.It will cause accidents.

  160. I think it would be interesting to see how many people who are against this are the people we see day after day, sitting in peak hour traffic in massive four wheel drives with 4 empty seats.

  161. I’ve seen riders do this at intersections, every time a bike or scooter moves out of its spot in traffic and between cars, all traffic behind them moves forward a spot to take their place.

    Riders trickle through slowly where cars get stuck – it doesn’t slow cars down. From what I’ve seen, they take off from traffic lights MUCH faster than cars, even scooters.

    Every bike on the road is a car off the road, taking up less space and improving traffic for EVERYONE. This isn’t a new concept, almost every rider does it – but by making it legal we’re making drivers more aware, minimising risk.

    Besides, a huge proportion of motorcycle fatalities are from being rear ended in stopped traffic by an inattentive driver, whilst lanesplitting fatalities are an exceptional rarity.

  162. Filtering should be allowed at all intersections, as I believe it will smooth out traffic flow especially if the other motorists are aware that it is allowed. I find most drivers will give me space IF they are looking in their mirrors, although you do get the odd one that moves over to block your way but I think that would be less of a problem if they know it is legal. I have been driving cars and heavy vehicles and riding bikes for 40 years and don’t ever recall being inconvenienced by a bike in traffic.

    • No hate just a comment on your post, I to have been driving cars and heavy vehicles for years , but in saying that I think this could work if there is a widening of lanes over a distance leading up to a intersection and there is only room for one or two bikes. I would rather see the road rules illustrated in adds on tele ,people have different understandings to others,and I have seen bikes hit at intersections

  163. Stupid idea to legalise on the pretense of traffic flow. Have you seen an inexperienced rider wobbling between stationery vehicles, dangerous to them with the possiblity of causing damage to vehicles. The rider shoots off leaving the motorist with a damaged vehicle. Unfortunately there is too much road rage now this will only increase the incidents especially in the city. I do not know how this was raised but it is definitely not one of your better ideas Mr Gay.

  164. Fantastic idea
    I’m from the uk and this has been the norm for years I believe it’s part of the test for riders and if they don’t filter they don’t pass the test . Very good for the big city’s with gridlock traffic .
    More bike on the road less cars . Time to try something new .

  165. Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments so far. Some very interesting arguments. We posted the question on our Facebook wall this morning Check it out if you’d like to see the discussion evolve on another platform. Also, be sure to keep your opinions coming and let us know how the trial goes for you! Daniel, NRMA Social Media Community Manager.

    • The amount of vitriol, complete lack of knowledge and malice on the Facebook page is disturbing to say the least… goes well to showing the mindset of a small subset of road users though.

  166. Having had my car hit by both sorts of riders (motor- and push-bike) doing this sort of thing, and having been nearly hit on pedestrian Xings by both sorts of cyclist trying to rush through traffic, I think this is a stupid idea. How about a trial of police actually enforcing the laws that apply to riders properly for a few months instead?

    • Not being nasty or anything, but we also should ask how any times cars have hit our cars in traffic, how many cars have nearly / have hit pedestrians. are we only looking at what bikes might do. These things will happen at times. As bikes have been filtering for years, is there any record of bikes hitting pedestrians?

  167. Lane Filtering will work logic dictates this. Yes there will be some issues with some riders ‘abusing’ this along with stopping past the stop line, bust most riders have courtesy. A percentage of car, van and truck drivers will attempt to ‘block’ bikes filtering which is very childish and shows their lack of inteligence, as this will help ease the traffic chaos and make their journey home a little quicker. Just because a person can not or does not wish to ride two wheels should not be a reason to stop others enjoying the benifits of this. Think about it, the majority of all commuters will benefit. You can dream of Motorcycle/Scooter lanes but I do not think we will see that happen even in the long term. For the record I am a very experienced rider ( & car driver) and I belong to a large group of motorcyclists.

  168. I think it will work well, I haven’t seen any problems with it although recently I was booked for ‘unsafe overtaking’ or lane filtering and fined $165 and gained 2 demerit points. The killer was beeing booked for putting my front wheel over the first line, that one scored me 3 points and $397. All given to me by a lovely man on a nice white motorbike. So don’t go over that first line , that rule won’t change.

  169. I think this is a wonderful idea. At the moment there are many riders who do it, doing stupid things to avoid police, cutting across multiple lanes, speeding up to not get noticed or just breaking suddenly causing problems if others are behind.

    There have been studies that say it is potentially safer as well as if hit in the back of a bike there is a larger chance of injury. Being hit from the side has a lower injury rate.

  170. I think it’s great idea, it’s a pity some car drivers view it as queue jumping, seems to me it’s more like creating a new queue. Usually the bikes are gone after a couple of sets of lights, so not really any penalty in letting them go ahead. Seems like a strange place to run the trial – would see a greater benefit is carried out on some of the wider artierial roads. Still, if the trial is to see what can go wrong rather than what gains can be made, perhaps it is the right place…..

  171. There is nothing wrong with lane filtering. It only becomes dangerous when a frustrated car driver become jealous and make it his mission to prove that it is dangerous.
    Lane splitting is a very different thing altogether and not advisable.
    However, if more people would ride bikes or scooters instead of taking up 10 m2 of road for themselves (and burning copious amount of fuel at the same time) the congestion problem would ease.

  172. Lane filtering or what ever you want to justify it as, is still lane jumping. We all have a distination and correct me if im wrong . Regestration on motor is payed on cars as well as bikes , I personally think this is a very dangers practise and I do get the shits when there or four bikes cut down the middle I you only here them when they are at your window.I think a better campaign is getting the RTA making adds on TV illustrating the correct understanding of road rules,they had this on telr in NZ and it seems to sink in

    • You’re not getting to your destination any slower just because motorcycles get there a little quicker. Fact is, if you and people like you weren’t so busy making sure no bikes could get past you, you’d be getting there faster too.

  173. No don’t allow it. They damage cars, them both vehicles don’t know which lane the bike is going into there both wait and slow down. This slows traffic not speed it up. And elderly and nervous drivers panic and delay. More cars not making it through the traffic lights. It’s wrong unless they have there own lane.

  174. It may seem a good idea on the surface, but motorbikes and scooters don’t add much to the congestion which is more cars, buses, truck orientated. A line of traffic may look stationary but often vehicles will move about. It only takes a car/bus/truck to move a cm or so in a lane for it to catch a motorcyclist. Some try and fit through the smallest gaps where there is little room. Have personally watched 2 motorcyclists come to grief doing this,becoming wedged between vehicles. Not only damaging themselves and their bike but gouging massive scrapes out of innocent drivers vehicles by their stupidity. The gap between traffic is often small and the risk of getting your arm/leg ripped off is real. Maybe let it happen but if you misjudge and damage other vehicles the penalty should be harsh. Likewise if you injure yourself you should have to stump up the medical bills.

  175. I am an Aussie rider, living in Japan. Anyone that has been here will realise road rules depend on the mood of the police at the time. Lane filtering is an everyday and everyone event. I am all for it. It certainly is good for the rider and usually fine for the car.
    I say usually because there are two possible issues. One is the driver who gets annoyed that someone passed him/her and will try to race the bike. And two, the idiot riders who move to the front of the queue on bikes which have no power. These puttputt machines usually start slow and gain speed slowly. This annoys the drivers and leads to number one above.
    So I say, to all riders, if your bike isn’t capable of getting out of the way, don’t get in the way. But that should also be said to those slow drivers too.
    My vote is for Lane Filtering and make it permanent.
    And riders, understand the width of your machine, If you are on a ‘hog’ with panniers…. you aren’t going to make it.

  176. Only in OZ this is still a discussion. This country is obsessed with regulations in general and road rules in particular! It’s one of the most dangerous places to ride a bike or drive a car since you constantly observe signs instead of DRIVING!
    Lane filtering shouldn’t be regulated it should be naturally accepted.
    Government should provide incentives to bikers for each bike reduces traffic by 75%. More parking, Less stress, Less pollution, Happier employees, More free time, Cheaper to maintain, Good for the environment, Great way to explore, probably more good things then bad…
    Welcome NSW to the rest of the world. Don’t punish bikers, embrace them.

    • Everyone loves a theory, but real life has consequences. If a motorbike rides between stopped traffic then the bike must accept responsibity for any accidents caused. Why should someone not change lanes because a bike might show up with the same warning a blowfly gives your face.
      I have heard of enormous road tolls in other countries, so I would not be too quick to argue against uniform regulations for bikes and cars and the use of lanes.

    • BEAUTIFULLY put.. as an Australian returning from living 3 years in Italy, I wholeheartedly agree that driving here is more dangerous because people are pushing the limits as much as they can within the millions of rules we impose, as opposed to simply using common sense. I felt much safer on the crowded streets of Milan or Rome amongst a million bikes, scooters, motorbikes and cars on the wrong side of the road than back home on Sydney streets where drivers hate everyone who isn’t in a car! EMBRACE.

  177. Driving along Parramatta Road and in the CBD Sydney, I have seen motorbikes going between vehicles (cars, trucks, and buses) in lanes either stationary or moving and they have become sandwiched so that they nearly come off and vehicles have to wait until they go off before they can move. Sometimes I suppose this new law would be beneficial if done safely but I haven’t seen much of that. Also if they are darting either side of a car that’s just asking to die and causing danger to other motorists. Are they always visible!!! Changing the law won’t change much as they do it now anyway.
    Maybe they should just wait – like any other driver!

  178. Our roads are already awash with suicidal tour de france wannabees & madly impatient motorcyclists making life hell for all other road users.
    Now this…
    I hate the city…

  179. I suggest the government immediately increase funding to spinal units & trauma units specialising in amputations/spinal injuries.
    Of course all other road users will be expected to pay for this as usual.

  180. explain to me again how it gets me home quicker if there one less space in traffic, im already ahead of you,so if your filter past me, you are actually adding spaces in front of me when we arrive at the next intersection and therefore delaying my journey
    wait in line like everyone else has too
    im so tired of bike riders blaming everyone else for there problems on the road, when more than half the time its probably their own fault for racing up into someones blind spot just as they go to change lanes

    • All the bike riders already in front of you are effectively removed from the traffic stream ahead of you. The cars fill the spaces that the bikes would otherwise be taking up and you get home earlier. The riders filtering past you are clearing spaces for the cars behind you so that they get home earlier. Everybody wins.

  181. If commonsense and manners prevailed, motorcyclists would filter when safe to do so without causing damage to others cars. Drivers would appreciate the safety aspect for motorcyclists and not consider the perceived ‘queue jumping’ as a grievous insult to their being. Leave that for the hotdog stand please. The deadly risk in filtering is the redlight runner who cleans up the motorcyclist.

  182. I wonder if some people are ascribing their own attitude to driving to motorcyclists, and basing their judgements on filtering accordingly.

    You don’t have time to play with the radio, send a quick text or do your makeup in the mirror on a bike, you are 100% focussed on the job at hand at all times.

    Filtering is one of the safest things you can do on a bike (seriously) what looks like a small gap to most car drivers is actually plenty of room for most bikes – imagine driving through a very long carport, that is the kind of room we usually have – not dangerous in the least, unless a car does something silly – but even then, we should be alert for any changes in conditions.

    I have been riding for around 15 years, I have never had any issues filtering. I was however rear ended twice early on in my riding career before I realised the benefits of filtering. Once by a young lady who just HAD to change the radio right then, and once by a tradie with an iced coffee carton in one hand, a ciggie in the other and eyes on his mobile

  183. I think it says it that the only complaints appear to be about line jumping.
    Says it all about Sydney really, if I am an idiot and force myself to suffer then why should YOU not have to. Pathetic.
    Get this you dopes, it does not affect you, we don’t hold you up.
    Your concept of “line jumping” is based on your pathetic transport.
    May as well get people that ride public transport suggest that all vehicles have to stop at all bus stops on their way to work because, damn it all, THEY have to.
    If you don’t like sitting in your poxy car get a bike. Problem solved.
    AND there is you traffic solved too, how many vehicles have ONE person?
    But no you’d rather bitch about the “haves” eh?
    What sad little lives you have.

  184. Finally a solution to the city’s traffic woes. Let those that can proceed quickly do so. Bikes are safer at the front than sitting at the rear waiting to be rear-ended. Every car converted to a bike (motorised or not) significantly improves traffic flow.

  185. im a rider n do what i can to get away from th looney drivers on the road n not be sucking in exhaust fumes but i can not see how this will cut down on city congestion 1 iota.sounds like its more about politics than anything else.1 bike moving to th front of the line,no probs but what happens when there is 10,20 or 30 bikes all lined up between 2 lanes of traffic?chances are motorists will b going slower thus creating more congestion

  186. Hooray. Common sense provided the rider has commonsense. I have ridden up the middle for forty years. It is part of what makes a bike brilliant in built-up traffic. NSW should also follow the example of other states where motorbikes are allowed to park on footpaths provided they do not block pedestrian traffic. Its just commonsense: it provides all those extra parking spaces for cars and it it brilliantly efficient for bike owners.

  187. Very much in favour.

    A great initiate from the Govt.

    Without sensible measures like this, congestion in the city can only get worse.

  188. Lane filtering should be legal as it is in nearly all western countries. This frees up traffic more for all vehicles as well as using the obvious advantages of motorcycle ownership.
    When the car drivers understand that this is the norm (as they do in other countries) attitudes will change and safety will improve.

  189. I have been driving cars, semis and riding bikes for nearly 40 years with all types of bikes and I have filtered and split where it is safe to do without incident and appreciate those car drivers who have made it easier. I agree with past comments where learner or provisional riders MAY lack the ability to safely do it but failling that I think it is a great idea.

  190. I ride and drive. I do shift work and if I’m rostered mornings I take my bike, if I work afternoons I take my car. Why you might say? Obviously to avoid the car parks we all call roads around Sydney. Lane filtering is a great idea and wether it gets legalised or not I will always do it. I have read comments in the nature of “wait like everyone else”. My reply to THEM? I’ll take you on my bike and wait in traffic and let’s sit behind that smoking Magna or that Skyline with a pipe bigger than a sewerage pipe or the hundreds of old school diesel powered cars or even that highway patrol V8 and while you’re wearing that helmet, visor down or up, just breathe normally see how long before you want out… You talk about damages from bikes that filter, how bout instead of trying to negotiate which lane is faster to jump in without looking or just curious how much traffic is ahead and crawl in he middle of two lanes you stick to the designated parking spot you call road and leave the middle for the ones that can use it. There’s no argument lane filtering is a solution and PROFESSIONAL DRIVER TRAINING is as well just like bike riders are required to do. Congrats to NRMA Motoring & Services for the initiative and let’s get battery’s for bikes on the menu as well!

    Cheers to all regardless of what you ride/drive!

  191. Its about dam time something was done it the right direction to speed traffic up. Just because your stuck in traffic in a car shouldnt mean everyone else has to be (and I both drive and ride long distances daily). People need to stop being so offended and pissed off when someone rides pass or as some people are calling it “que jump”, if the bike gets to the front of the lights while your waiting in the traffic it makes no difference what so ever to you, so why does it bother people so much.

  192. Nice to see so many rational, positive, comments from RIDERS—who also use their name—and the SHORT, ANNONYMOUS “no’s” — with no real reason /s other than “it’s dangerous”—which it isn’t & can’t be—if the cars/trucks are STATIONARY.

  193. Lane filtering does work in many places. I believe it can work in australia as well but there needs to be a huge change in the “Car vs Bike” mentality. And there is the kicker. Because it is not just on the roads where bad attitude exists but across our whole society. And the problem with that is that those who make the rules live a sheltered life in affluent circles, not seeing what we are turning into.
    But therein lies a whole new debate that concerns us all but will never come to fruition.

  194. Well if your are prepared to loose rear view mirrors like i did then i guess it’s great for the impatient bike riders.
    Why don’t we just let them ride through RED lights if it’s safe to do so as well.

    • Bit of an extreme view there Steve! For every damaged mirror I would guess there is a much greater number of minor collisions between cars as a result of the same issue… a lack of training and possibly poor attitude.

    • Actually in some US states motorcycles are legally allowed to turn right on red lights if safe to do so, because the sensors in the road can’t detect the bikes mass.

  195. Allow the law to come in across the board as a trial period of one year. If it does not work then revoke the law. I ride every day and filter every day. I show respect to all other road users and try to leave the lights as fast as legally possible. At least let all road users try this out.

  196. What happens when we have 10 MC’s waiting between cars at an intersection and the lights turn green? The first one gets away and gets infront of the cars. The second one may just get in on the “act”, but the other MC’s will now be travelling inbetween the other cars which by now are also moving ahead. But it is not legal for them to do this, obviously only the first & perhaps the second MC can get away legally. If we change the law, we would also have to limit the number of MC’s permitted to wait between stationary cars, lets say to a maximum of two MC’s. Now I wondered, if we did this change, would it really help congested traffic? I doubt it very much. Lets get real and propose something which can actually work!!!

  197. As a rider of over 30 years, Its my belief that moving through stationary traffic doesn’t hurt anybody, Its only the jealous drivers that get upset and try to block you ! When the light changes green and I’m off, the cars are still thinking about moving ! I don’t believe that motorcyclists hold up anybody !!!! Happy riding people !!!

  198. For the sake of moving motorcyclists from temporary to permanent citizens, land filtering should be banned. another grat idea is to ban cars and have us all on bikes. I don’t think that will catch on in this country.

    • Lane splitting (i.e. when cars are moving) has always been illegal.

      Land filtering itself is not mentioned in the road rules. That is because, if you are driving in your car down a street and pass a “parked” car in your lane on your left…. then that’s still OK. If the car on your left is stopped, then that’s OK too. If there are a string of cars parked there, or stopped there on your left, then that’s also ok. This occurs everywhere.

      If you overtake a moving car by changing lanes, without indicating, or simply change lanes without indicating that’s also illegal.

      Now picture this…. I’m on my motorbike and all the cars in my lane on my left are stopped. I pass them, staying in my lane, keeping them all on my left. I do not change lanes and therefore do not need to indicate anything. It is not relevant whether or not the cars in the lane to my right are moving or stationary. Exactly how is that illegal?

      If I do change lanes or split lanes passing cars on my right while in that lane, then that is obviously illegal, as you cannot pass in the same lane, on the left.

  199. I’ve just completed my 45th year of motorcycling without an accident. I didn’t filter after seeing another rider filter his way to an intersection and stop on the left of a car turning left, with indicator on. This resulted in an impatient rider rubbing along the door of an innocent car driver, with all of the reultant mayhem and rage.
    Waiting a few seconds longer hasn’t injured me so far.

  200. Having lived in the city for years & knowing how hard it is to get around, during the peak times. To lane filter as long as the bike passes the stationary vehicle/s on the right as per the road rules & everyone uses CDF, time will tell if it will work or not. If it does, it then should be made legal NSW then Australia wide, but it has to been done within a 12 month time limit & not let drag on as these sort of issues do. We can only hope.

  201. I’ve been riding 33 years no accidents and I’ve done filtering but on the righthand side of the lane, because the law states that you must overtake on the right. What about the abuse Riders get by sitting in the lane by them selfs, more than one time I’ve be abused and had my rear tyre bumped because i’m sitting at traffic lights in the middle of the lane, with comments like “Move over scum and you lots should be on the roads” etc. On another note it lets make it mandatory for car drivers to ride motorcycles for the first year of driving that would make the stiff necked car drivers learn to use the swivelling that portion of the their heads, instead of just watching their mirrors.

  202. As a member of the Emergency Services; to see what happens to a motorbike rider when hit by a car, one wonders why anybody would ride them. This is just opening another method for creating additional exposure to car and rider. So I vote NO.

  203. If it is legal in most European cities and UK then it’s certainly not cut & dry is it.

    What’s probably difficult to understand is that the motorcyclist that overtakes or filters past is one less car blocking your way.

    I say let it be legal but prosecute those who treat the filtering as a race track because care should be taken in case doors open.

  204. Anything that reduces traffic congestion is a good idea. New South Wales does not take advantage of the small footprint made by motorcycles. Lane splitting works most other places.
    Good on the Minister for showing an understanding of traffic problems and doing something about them.

  205. What a stupid Idea. this was not in the city but in traffic in the eastern suburbs, I had the side of my car scratched by one such idiots he went past and because he did it so fast I couldn’t get a rego no. he caused several thousand dollars damage to my car. This practise should not be legal or encouraged. Another issue is the motor scooters there seem to be more and more of them on the road and they almost all filter and stop in front but don’t pull away like motorbikes so the end up slowing traffic fewer cars can get past an intersection and if there’s a hill they hold up traffic even more traveling at around 25-30km/h on a 60km/h road because they don’t have the power to get up hills. and if you manage to pass them when there’s a rare 2 lanes they just get to the front of lights and slow the traffic down again. This is no help minister just open up our streets and provide more lanes instead of closing them and restricting traffic to a crawl every where.

  206. more bikes on the road equals less cars…..ride a bike people and reduce petrol consumption, emissions and the toll on the environment.
    It should have always been legal..!

  207. reading all above comments. MMM = people that talk against this have never ridden a motorbike and or a pushbike ,, that do exactly the same thing. crazy talk.

    i have been ridding for 2 years im 42 years of age – so frustrated driving into work, i decided to get my bike license and i TELL YOU THIS it was the best thing i have done – i NO longer stress riding into work and i feel free ad relaxed, cannot explain the riding sensation. for those that do not have the balls and speak out of their behind try it some day.

  208. reading all above comments. MMM = people that talk against this have never ridden a motorbike and or a pushbike that do exactly the same thing. crazy talk.

    i have been ridding for 2 years im 42 years of age – so frustrated driving into work, i decided to get my bike license and i TELL YOU THIS it was the best thing i have done – i NO longer stress riding into work and i feel free ad relaxed, cannot explain the riding sensation. for those that do not have the balls and speak out of their behind try it some day.

  209. we all should ride pushbike and or motorbikes – for all those able body people who drive a car with no passengers – you should be banned – the more motorbikes the less cars.

  210. Sam, that is wrong your car got damaged, that is a bad rider, simple. At least there IS a number plate to try to get, if it was a pushbike you would have no chance! Scooters are faster than pushbikes too. So, do you get upset with pushbikes, just curious. I have been riding bikes since 1968, always filtered, always get going quickly and always tried to acknowledge the people at the intersection. I have been rear ended twice by cars when sitting in the lane correctly and also had cigarette butts flicked into my lap, unintentionally, by motorists while sitting correctly in the lane. Had my parked bike knocked over in a car park by a bike hater trying to move my bike from a parking space. Just chill out guys, it’s a small planet.

  211. Great idea, but only stationary traffic, and drivers must learn to respect bike riders, how many times have I done this and a driver has moved over to block me. Actually I stopped riding with the birth of our first child, I was knocked off but not hurt around the same time, but if I had been we would lose our house and the family’s future.

  212. For all of those car driving critics, think about the fact that you are the cause of the congestion in the first place. Usually one person per car, using 3 times the fuel, causing 3 times the polution and having no option other than to sit in the grid lock that you caused. Cost me $21 dollars in fuel for 3 weeks, filtering lanes every day, getting to work faster and getting a parking spot straight away everywhere I go.
    They say that if 10% of car drivers converted to bikes there would be a 40% reduction in congestion…!
    By simplying driving defensively (as we all should) I never have a problem despite beign on the busiest roads every day, and in fact the ride is one of the highlights of my day.
    Get out of the car……get a bike!

  213. Sooner the better,
    As a matter of common sense it should be legal everywhere.
    If people want something to get agro about I would tackle the idiots that do not indicate left turn when leaving a round about or in fact even exit with a right hand blinker flashing.
    Problems are so often caused by people not knowing the road rules.
    Letting bikes clear an area by moving through stationary traffic just frees more road space for others

  214. Lane filtering is about more than just reducing congestion. It provides for a safer riding environment for motorcyclists. By allowing riders to advance to the front of cars, it provides an open road and, thereby, a more safe riding environment.

  215. Fantastic internet site. Plenty of valuable details listed here. I am just transmitting that to a couple of pals ans additionally giving with delectable. As well as, thank you with your perspire!

  216. I had a bit or a read thought some of these comments and a lot if them resemble the sort of comments that a 22 yr old adult would leave.
    1) On QLD (I don’t know about elsewhere) but it is actually Iegal for a motorcycle to “Fitler” through traffic ONLY if the other traffic Is stationary but the rider MUST re-Enter the general flow of traffic once it begins to flow again.

    2) stationary or not it IS actuly illegal for a passenger or driver to exit the vehicle “Unless in cases of emergency” whilst in a line of traffic on any type or road which is used for the transport if vehicles.
    So pretty much ANY road be it sealed or not except for private road ways.
    So where that person said that oh I will just open my door while your riding past and his excuse would be that Hello had to get something off of the windscreen.
    If for some reason you have to exit the vehicle for reasons other than for an emergency you MUST signal your intentions then proceed to move out of the flow of traffic and proceed to the shoulder if the road where you are able to completely remove your vehicle from the flow if traffic then proceed.

    What’s the lesson here.
    1) If you do something that normally if you had of seen someone else do it and you would have thought what an idiot or what the hell are you doing then you can garuntee it’s not only as you think but most possibly it is ILLEGAL.
    2) Think about things before you say them. It’s one thing to sit there and be thought of as an idiot then to open your mouth and confirm it.

  217. Who pays for the damage to stationery vehicles when bike riders force themselves through, scraping either one or both vehicles in adjacent lanes. One can’t get out of ones vehicle to chase the offender so they get away with it and “The Driver Of The Car Pays!”

  218. Very interesting to read this now that lane filtering has been legalised in NSW and Queensland.

    The biggest problem I’ve experienced so far is driver ignorance due to virtually complete lack of education of the general driving public regarding the changes in the rules.

    Also very interesting to note that as a result of this trial, filter has been legalised, not only for stationary traffic, but for slow moving traffic as well up to 30km per hour.
    Being a daily motorcycle commuter, I am yet to come across any evidence of the epidemic of accidents that many of the contributors above feared. Were it truly as dangerous as many fear, statistically I should have ridden up behind at least one accident in the 6 months since it was legalised.

    Unfortunately, the most common issue I have is cars waiting at the traffic light who feel they have to creep forward to stop me from riding off ahead of them when the lights change. This daily occurrence changes a perfectly safe situation (in which I am usually well ahead of the cars by the time they have crossed the intersection) into a potentially hazardous one. For those commenters who take exception to bikes pulling in front of them at the lights, please stop to consider that this is generally a self-preservation technique intended to prevent this stupid behaviour.

    Overall, the changes have been positive and the fears of accidents and damaged cars etc have proven to be unfounded (obviously with the exception of the small number of idiots both on bikes and in cars who don’t seem to have any sense of consideration for other people, their safety or their property).

    If only we had a better education campaign so drivers would actually leave a little more room, they wouldn’t have to fear for their cars and we could all get home just that little bit faster.

  219. Maybw there should be a motorbike lane…. this way most problems would be solved, with the occasional lane crossing for right turns, or cars for left turns.

  220. Pingback: Motorcycle lane filtering to be legalised in NSW – what does it mean? | The NRMA Blog

  221. Im sick and tired of bike riders thinking that they can do whatever they like on the roads, drivers must follow the road rules and wait in line so should riders. Id love to open my door on one of you queue jumpers.

  222. Screw motorcyclists, you want to say drivers are ignorant towards riders, maybe if you weren’t breaking the road rules all the time drivers would know where you are. And as far as lane filtering goes i would love to open my door on one of you queue jumpers and then make you pay for the damages.

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