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Open Road is NRMA's bi-monthly magazine that's free to all Members. We bring you the latest news on motoring issues, road safety rules, the best and most trusted car reviews and some fantastic travel ideas for exploring Australia and beyond. Don't miss our round-up of the special offers, discounts and benefits your NRMA Membership gives you.

Open Road history

The NRMA has been working alongside governments, businesses and drivers to make motoring easier and keeping people moving since 1920.

The NRMA has been providing a range of services, including our famous roadside assistance, for our members and bringing together motorists with our member-owned organisation. Part of how we do this is by giving back to our members, that's why we created The Open Road magazine more than 90 years ago.

Originally called Good Roads, the magazine launched in 1921 to inform members about the NRMA's activities, road safety, information about cars and campaigns to local governments.

Renamed The Open Road in 1927, the bi-monthly magazine still reflects these values today and continues to give back to the motoring community with car reviews, road rules and the work the NRMA has done campaigning for safer and better roads as well as better deals for motorists.

The Open Road also collates their best money saving offers for members, of which the numbers have grown since the magazine was first published, such as car servicing, car battery replacement, mobile mechanics and cheaper driving lessons.

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The magazine is published in both paper and digital format, and while many Members enjoy a hard copy to read, we also cater for those who prefer the conveince of reading online. Click here for instructions on how to change your Open Road magazine delivery from post to email.