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If you're looking to create an online account, log in to update your details, have a question that needs answering, or simply want to leave some feedback for the NRMA, we're here to help.

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Frequently asked questions

To register, you will need to confirm your Membership number (incl. suffix). For security purposes, you’ll also need to complete a one off verification by confirming your date of birth and mailing address. Once this has been completed, you can create a password and confirm your email address so you can login quickly next time.

If you are already receiving emails from us, you may not have registered for an online account to manage your Membership. You can however register, or reset your password if you’ve registered previously.
To access member savings or change your details via the my nrma app, you will need to register for an online account. Once you've registered, you can view and update your details, communication preferences and view your savings via the settings menu (top right of the home screen). 
We do share the same brand with NRMA Insurance, but we are a separate company. If you are looking to update your policy details also, head to NRMA Insurance.

Membership management

To update your card details you need to log into your online account. Mastercard and Visa is accepted and once saved, your new card details will be charged at the next billing cycle. For a step-by-step guide how to update your card payment details click here.

If you’ve recently moved, or your details are not up to date, you can update your postal address and contact details, or simply change your email address online. You will need to register first or sign in, if you already have online Membership access. 

To update your address on your Membership you’ll need to: 
1. Sign into your self-service account using your email address and password or register to access your Membership 
2. Click Edit your details now, or the ‘My profile’ section to view and update your contact details, phone, email and mailing address.  

From the my nrma app, you can also access and change your address details under the 'My details" link in the settings menu. 

Please call us on 13 11 22 (8am-8pm) if you're email address has changed. Your email address details will also be updated if you have an online account, so you can continue to access your Membership online.

Yes, if you have sold your vehicle you can transfer your existing subscription to a different vehicle that you own. Keep in mind if your replacement vehicle is heavier than 2.5 tonnes GVM, you will need Premium Care coverage to ensure your new vehicle is covered correctly. You will need to register first or sign in, if you already have online Membership access. Once logged in, head to the the ‘Membership and vehicle details’ section to update your vehicle details. You can also confirm your level of coverage and upgrade by calling 13 11 22. 

If you have also purchased a new vehicle and do not require immediate assistance, you can add another vehicle to your existing Membership online. As an existing Member, the $55 join fee does not apply.

A Membership with NRMA is a 12 month product with access to a range of benefits and discounts. We generally do not refund for change of mind or if service is no longer required as all Members contribute towards our operating costs. 

If you have purchased a vehicle that also has roadside assistance or you are travelling overseas, we may be able to suspend your coverage. Please call us on 13 11 22, 8am to 8pm to discuss. Alternatively, if you have purchased another vehicle you can sign into your account and update your vehicle details under the ‘Membership and vehicle details’ section. You will need to register first or sign in, if you already have online Membership access. 
It is possible to upgrade or add additional products to your Membership during your renewal period online only. Before changing, please ensure the coverage is still suitable for your vehicle type and driving needs. If you are looking to downgrade your current level of cover, remove an add on product or a vehicle, please call us on 13 11 22, 8am to 8pm.

Yes, this is possible but can only be done by calling 13 11 22, as there is a 48hour waiting period when joining. You'll also need to pay an On Road Join & Go fee of $139 to receive immediate assistance, as well as the cost of the NRMA Membership. If it’s an emergency with an animal or person locked inside a vehicle, please call us immediately on 13 11 11. We'll help regardless in this instance, even if you are not a Member. 

If you are looking to join NRMA Blue to access our range of benefits and discounts, without roadside assistance, or you do not require immediate assistance, you can view our Membership options and also become an NRMA Member online.

You can access all current and past renewal notices and statements after logging into your online account. Once you’ve logged in, select the ‘Documents’ section to view and download your statements. If you do not have access to your NRMA Membership online, you will need to register.

Members can switch between the digital or print version of the bi-monthly Open Road. You will need to register first or sign in, if you already have online Membership access.  Once logged in: 

1. Click on the ‘Email subscriptions’ section 
2. Scroll down to Membership Communications and select one of the delivery methods for the Member magazine: 
Post - (default option) mailed hard copy 
Email – an online interactive version sent via email 
None – Your Open Road subscription will be cancelled. 

3. Once you’ve made a selection, scroll to the bottom of the page and click save details to update your changes. 

You can also switch between a digital or posted Membership renewal and AGM notice of meeting and Proxy forms under Membership communications from the 'Email subscriptions' link too.

We are required by law to send both AGM notices via email or post, however you can opt to receive the Annual Report and Member review electronically, via post, or not at all.

Members can access a range of discounts and benefits with a variety of ever growing partners. You will need to register first or sign in, if you already have online Membership access before viewing your savings.

Once you've logged in using your email address and password, navigate to 'My savings', which list the benefits you’ve redeemed with your NRMA Membership and the savings you’ve made so far.

From the my nrma app, you can also 'My savings' from the settings menu. You will still need to login or register. 
NRMA Members can receive a 10% discount on single adult fares for travel on the Manly-Circular Quay, Manly-Darling Harbour, and Multi Single fares with My Fast Ferry by linking an Opal Card to their Membership.

Log into your online account, or register if you have not accessed this function online previously. Once signed in, follow the prompts to 'Link my Opal Card' and enter your 16 digit Opal Card number. If you do change your card details, you can also return to the same menu and unlink your Opal Card.
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