Business Membership FAQs

NRMA business Membership is an effective and flexible way of getting the right level of roadside assistance for all the vehicles in your fleet.

After becoming an NRMA business Member you simply choose the package for each vehicle in your fleet, optimising support while minimising spend.

You gain access to a host of discounts and benefits as a business Member, including free Qantas Business Rewards membership, discounts on fuel, car servicing, driver training and car hire.

NRMA is a mutual - we are owned by Members and run for Members. Just one Membership means your whole business can enjoy the benefits of being a Member.

When you join NRMA business you get the experience and strength of the NRMA, plus a wide range of savings and benefits including free Qantas Business Rewards membership, discounts on car hire, fleet servicing and driver training. See the full range of benefits.

Because it's tailored for business, NRMA business includes extra services to get you moving quickly and efficiently and to get your employees back to safety.

This includes packages with up to $3000 a year for a range of breakdown costs, making sure your employees aren't left stranded and preventing major unexpected expenses to your business.

You also get dedicated Case Managers that handle everything - from driver and passenger transport and accommodation as well as vehicle towing and goods delivery.

NRMA business also gives access to a unique national network of over 3,000 mobile service providers that specialise in light commercial and heavy vehicles.

The top 3 reasons Members call us don't have anything to do with vehicle reliability. These are:

FLAT BATTERIES: - e.g. the lights have been left on or a door has been left open.
LOCK OUTS: - e.g. the keys have been locked in the vehicle or have been lost or broken.
FUEL SYSTEM PROBLEMS: - e.g. the wrong fuel has been put in the vehicle.
You're covered for roadside assistance, towing and Membership benefits 24 hours after payment has been received and processed by us for your subscription package. A schedule of vehicles covered under your Membership plus your Membership card and call out information stickers for each vehicle will be issued within 7-10 working days.
Yes. Our national motoring club patrol network and our special NRMA business network for mobile service providers cover all sizes of vehicles wherever they break down.
You can substitute another vehicle in its place - as long as it's the same GVM. If there is not a replacement vehicle a refund or credit cannot be given.
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 1300 349 369
 1300 349 369

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