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From large multinationals to small family enterprises, NRMA business has helped countless businesses provide care for all drivers and get business back on track. With a range of services including roadside assistance and support, we can ensure your business always runs smoothly.

And what better way to find out how we can help your business, than taking a look at how we've helped others.  

Charles Sturt University

"Our vehicles have travelled all over Australia since the university was incorporated 30 years ago. NRMA Roadside Assistance provides our drivers with the peace of mind that, wherever they may be, if they break down they’ll be back on the road quickly with one easy phone call."

Steven Wakem, Fleet Manager - Charles Sturt University



“Our couriers regularly go the extra mile for our referring doctors and their patients, so it’s important that our roadside assist partners can be on hand whenever we need them.

“If a vehicle breaks down, it could result in a delay in getting an urgent result to a doctor, or it could compromise the integrity of a specimen and require it to be re-collected. Our mission is to make sure we deliver our specimens to the lab as quickly as possible, and NRMA helps us to do that."

Mark Clucas, Fleet Manager for DHM


Youth Off The Streets

"The NRMA has been an integral part of supporting our organisation for the last 27 years by maintaining our fleet and ensuring we get back on the road. Our fleet is a major part of how we drive change in the lives of young people; ensuring they get access to the programs and services we offer.

"It’s comforting to know that we’re with a reliable and trusted provider that is committed to ensuring we’re always where we need to be."

Lex Nadine Lutherborrow, Deputy CEO at Youth Off The Streets


"Recently one of our trucks broke down on a freeway and was causing a major traffic jam. The NRMA were there in less than an hour and able to do exactly what was required, which in this case was to get it off the freeway and straight to the mechanics so we didn't have to muck around and the truck driver was able to get right back to work.

"We got the truck back on the road in the shortest amount of time possible, which was critical for us being able to get on with our business."

Greg Coleman, General Manager Boval Engineering


"Whenever downtime occurs it costs money, but for us when fences aren't going up it really costs money, so when that happens we need to get the problem sorted out as soon as possible. One time we had a truck break down in Newcastle. The NRMA guy picked me up in another vehicle and drove me back home, so that all went swimmingly.

"In that instance, they towed the truck from Newcastle back to our own mechanic in Sydney which was a huge plus as we ended up having to put a whole new motor in. If we didn't have Absolute cover we would have had to pay for it to be towed from Newcastle to Sydney."

Doug Lobban, Installation Supervisor, Bluedog Fences Australia


"In the building trade we get a lot of flat tyres and sometimes you just can't get the wheel nuts off no matter how hard you try. Our trucks are on the job site for eight hours sitting there. So we call as soon as we realise we have a flat and a couple of hours later it's fixed. By the time we're done working the NRMA has taken care of it. That means we don't have any slack time while one of our guys is trying to fix a flat tyre which is critical when you're only a small family-run business."

Mark Westwood, AP Westwood & Sons

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