What does NRMA Membership give you?

Members can get unlimited callouts for:

Flat batteries
Empty fuel tanks
Locked out
Key lock-outs
NRMA Roadside assistance
Flat tyres
Flat tyres

Here to help you

How we've kept you moving in the past year



Flat batteries


Lock outs


Flat tyres

Why 2.4 million Australians trust us

Business motoring
Over 1,000 specialist vehicles
Secure shopping
35 minute wait time
9/10 problems fixed roadside
24/7 battery help
Dedicated help
Unlimited call outs
Thumbs up
Emergency help

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We were born to keep people moving. We're able to do this by helping with everything from great roadside assistance to car servicing and driver training.

But that's just the beginning.

We'll be there to take care of your pink slip, battery replacements, windscreen repairs and much more. Plus, you can come and see us at one of our 22 car servicing locations with mechanics in Sydney, Canberra and Regional NSW, and our mobile mechanics can even come to you.

Our Members also enjoy exclusive savings on driving lessons, holiday deals, car finance and travel insurance. With 2.4 million others beside you, you can get more, do more and drive for a better tomorrow as a Member of the NRMA.

Free to download, the my nrma smartphone app provides the latest member benefits, best parking and petrol deals in real time, wherever you are.

We look forward to keeping you moving.