10 Tips To Save You Fuel

While you can’t control the price of fuel at the bowser, there are some things you can do to help your vehicle’s fuel consumption during the daily commute and stretching your holiday dollars further on your next road trip.

fuel-saving-tips-road-tripKeep a smile on your fuel dial by committing these nine expert tips to memory.

  1. Shop around – Download the mynrma app to find the cheapest real time fuel prices in your area.
  2. Refuel when prices are low – not when your tank is empty.
  3. Avoid hard acceleration and braking – Flow with the traffic – smooth driving can reduce fuel consumption by up to 30 per cent.
  4. Watch your speed – Keep in the left lane if travelling below the limit.
  5. Lighten the load – Take off roof-racks and bull bars if they’re not needed. Remove golf clubs or tools if you’re not using them.
  6. Tyre pressure – Keep pressure towards the top of the manufacturer’s recommended range. Under-inflated tyres respond poorly to steering and do not hold well on the road.
  7. Have your wheel alignment checked – An improper alignment will see your tyres drag across the bitumen rather than rolling freely which results in lower fuel economy.
  8. Open the windows – When the weather is fine, switch off the air-conditioning. This can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10 per cent in urban driving.
  9. Shop smart – Take advantage of the range of petrol offers with companies.
  10. Service your car regularly – Blocked air filters can increase fuel consumption significantly. NRMA car servicing carries out a 40 point Safety Check free as part of every general or log book service.

More on the my nrma app

my nrma fuel and parking app

Find the cheapest fuel in your area with the my nrma app.

As well as saving you money by helping you find the cheapest fuel, the my nrma app is super-handy if you need roadside assistance or need to order a car battery – and you can even use it to save money with our partners.

Its available on the App Store and on Google Play.

Have you any fuel saving tips to share? We’d love to hear back from you in the comments?

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Tim Pomroy’s old man still holds the record for the fastest lap of Mount Panorama in a Mini (Rauno Aaltonen eat your heart out) has worked in the automotive industry for more than 30 years starting out as a mechanic, and since 2003 he's been road testing at the NRMA. His mechanical experience means that when he says a car's ride is rubbish or that the sound deadening is non-existent, the manufacturer listens. That's why we call him Dr Tim.

8 thoughts on “10 Tips To Save You Fuel

  1. Good ideas. I would have one more to add: Share the ride. From my own experience I can say that it reduces the cost significantly. Check with your friends or coworkers, and see if you can synchronize with them. Most of the people are opened for ride sharing.

  2. Real time fuel prices – what a joke. I check this often before refueling and find it is always up to a week out of date.
    Might as well not have app

    • Hi William, The NSW Government provides the fuel pricing data for all NSW fuel stations. It has been made possible with the introduction of the Fuel Price Transparency Reform. Service station operators are required to ensure the price of fuel exactly matches the standard price at the pump. It is easy to report an incorrect fuel price to Fair Trading. To report an incorrect price, go to the fuel section of the my nrma app and view the ‘Station page’ for that particular fuel station operator to find the ‘incorrect price’ link. Best wishes, Dan, NRMA Social

    • Hi Muz, we’re sorry we can’t offer this service to for the ACT. NRMA will continue to urge the ACT Government to adopt the same fuel data transparency practices. As soon as the data becomes available, NRMA will add results for ACT users. Best wishes, Dan, NRMA Social

  3. It seems like the fuel suppliers are price gauging on the Central Coast Peninsula as I can purchase fuel in Wyong 31cpl cheaper than I can where I live at Umina Beach and Woy Woy. This has been the same for many weeks. It may be worth the 20 minute drive to save this amount on refills.

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