Ask NRMA: Does ‘the three seconds’ stop rule exist?

We recently received an inquiry from a Member about ‘the three seconds rule’ that sparked some debate on our Facebook page. Does it legally apply when stopping at a stop sign or line?


READY 1..2..3: No need to count, just make sure you come to a complete stop first!

There is no 3 seconds rule. When stopping at a stop sign or stop line you need to come to a stop at or before the stop line (or intersection if there is no stop line), look and then give way to vehicles and/or pedestrians. Once it is safe, proceed.

Part 7 of Road Rules 2014 covers giving way.

67 Stopping and giving way at a stop sign or stop line at an intersection without traffic lights

(1) A driver at an intersection with a stop sign or stop line, but without traffic lights, must stop and give way in accordance with this rule.

Maximum penalty: 20 penalty units.

(2) The driver must stop as near as practicable to, but before reaching:

(a) the stop line, or

(b) if there is no stop line-the intersection.

This rule is also applies for 68 Stopping and giving way at a stop sign or stop line at other places

Chances are if you’ve ever driven past the white line or into the intersection without stopping first, you’ve already committed an offence, which can attract a fine of $325 and 3 demerits points, or $433 and 4 demerit points in school zones.

Have you seen other motorists break this rule? 

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5 thoughts on “Ask NRMA: Does ‘the three seconds’ stop rule exist?

  1. The police fined me (he said ) for not stopping long enough…..we had a discussion about it!……..he said it’s 3 seconds………I copped it sweet, lost my license over it and had to go on a good behavior bond for 12 months! This happened nov 2013…..
    I never looked at the (very faint carbon writing – I was so upset, and just paid and dealt with it!) reason for the fine until right now…..and it says NOT STOP AT/BEFORE STOP SIGN/LINE (different than what he SAID I did/not do). Wished I’d been more on the ball at the time……

  2. At three way stop sign: If you can clearly see that there are no cars coming in front or from the side road, do you still have to stop?

  3. I think the 3 seconds is a good guideline even if it’s not the legal definition. Generally speaking it takes that long for the car to come to a complete stop and to check both the traffic before proceeding safely.

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