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Negotiating a deal


You know what car you want and you're ready to negotiate.

Don't take this step too lightly - you can usually negotiate a lower price than the dealer is asking. It often depends on how keen you are to buy and how keen the vendor is to sell.

  • Keep the seller uncertain whether you're interested in buying their car or another one. Until the deal is done, the price can always go a little lower.
  • Shop around. Ask other dealers if they can do better for similar cars.
  • Ask for the 'on the road' price, or 'changeover price' if you're trading in your present car. This will include all options you've selected, and the statutory and dealer charges. It removes the risk of getting caught by a 'hidden cost' that you hadn't considered.
  • Make the seller nominate the first figure, then mention any lower offers by other sellers to force the price down.
  • Dealers usually offer more attractive prices for cars in stock. If you fall in love with a particular model or colour with specific options, you may have to wait while the dealer orders it risking a price rise in the interim.

Optional extras

One way to blow your budget with a new car is to buy all the optional extras the dealer offers.

Optional Extras
Worth serious consideration Nice but not necessary Not Necessary 
Airbags Decorative body trim Rust-proofing
ESP Tinted windows Paint protection
Anti-lock brakes Metallic paint  
Anti-lock brakes Special tyres  
Engine immobilisers Alloy wheels  


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