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NRMA is proud to announce that Jumpstart is back and ready for its second intake.

"The need to innovate is a continuous process, one that is imperative to the growth and ultimately the sustainability of any organisation. The NRMA has undertaken to channel resources to our Jumpstart program which I'm confident will continue to identify new services and products suitable for our Members."

NRMA Group CEO Tony Stuart


Would you like $30,000 and the potential opportunity to work with a large, engaged customer base?

NRMA Jumpstart is a mentor-driven program designed to assist entrepreneurs who want to develop a startup or scaleup an existing business.

The NRMA Jumpstart program has been launched to secure helpful and innovative new services for NRMA Members. The NRMA is Australia's largest member organisation with more than 2.4 million registered Members and owns a number of iconic brands including Thrifty, Travelodge and NRMA Roadside Assist.

The Slingshot and NRMA relationship combines NRMA's ongoing commitment to its Members with Slingshot's expertise in the startup community

NRMA Jumpstart opens for applications on 1 July 2015 to 6 August 2015 and is available to all entrepreneurs who are considering establishing a business and who would like to do so with the support of NRMA.

How it works

Find out more about NRMA Jumpstart! Check out the benefits, the application criteria, and the four NRMA business themes that align to NRMA Members.

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Our program

Check out the great startups and scaleups we worked with in our first NRMA Jumpstart program. There are profiles, videos and stories documenting their incredible journey.

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Apply now

Apply now as applications close on Thursday 6 August 2015.

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