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Marine batteries


NRMA has long kept motorists on the go with high quality and reliable automotive batteries. Now watercraft owners can access marine-specific deep cycle batteries from the NRMA.

Our batteries are specifically built for rough sea conditions and can be used by both recreational and industrial marine craft. They have high CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) ratings and a high reserve capacity ensuring they constantly deliver reliable performance and power. The batteries have a built-in carry handle to ease battery installation and removal, and come with a warranty of up to 2 years.

Compared to automotive batteries, NRMA Deep Cycle batteries are constructed using thicker battery plates and the active material is denser to withstand repeated charge and recharge cycles. Rather than providing high bursts of power for short periods like an automotive battery, they are specially designed to deliver sustained power with low current drawn over extended periods of time. 

For marine battery advice and assistance call 1300 726 751.


Should it be time for a battery replacement NRMA will come straight to your docked boat, in a metropolitan area, whenever you need it.*

Advantages of NRMA marine batteries:

  • Dual terminal connection - allows easy connection of accessories (7501 and 7601)
  • Advanced maintenance-free technology - offers longer storage life, season after season
  • Increased durability of internal plates and high density paste
    • Decreases the risk of vibration damaging the battery internals
    • Provides excellent cycling characteristics as well as cranking power
  • Magic eye indicator - makes it easy to check the state-of-charging
  • Fully sealed container - eliminates accidental acid spill-out and contamination
  • Envelope separator - prevents internal-short between positive and negative plates

*Mobile marine battery delivery service is limited to land delivery and is available in the Sydney metropolitan area trafficable by 2WD vehicle only. Service does not include battery installation. Non-Member service hours are 8.00am to 10.30pm.

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