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Suspending current and future bookings

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is constantly changing, and based on the recommendations from the NSW Government regarding non-essential services, NRMA Driver Training has suspended all bookings from Monday 23 March 2020.

The health, safety and well-being of our employees, customers and the whole community is our number one priority, and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We thank you for your loyalty and ask that you take all measures to look after yourselves and those around you. We look forward to getting you back on your journey to become a safe and confident driver as soon as possible.


Maintain your driving independence

Driving is often an integral part of our daily lives. Losing the ability to drive, or having to limit where you can go, can impact your independence.

Our senior driver training provides you with the right skills and confidence to keep your life moving. We’re qualified to offer expert lessons as refreshers, assessments – to prepare you for any upcoming driving tests as part of the current RMS licensing system.

Senior lessons start from $65.00 (incl. GST) – for 60 minutes. See below for lesson information or download an information brochure.

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Lesson details

Lesson lengths vary from 60 to 90 minutes. All lessons are structured and tailored to suit individual needs, and prepare for RMS driving tests.


Lesson type Price
60 minute driver refresher

Great for refreshing your driving skills, and updating your road rule knowledge. This is suitable at any stage of your driving lifecycle. The 60 minutes allows the instructor sufficient time to determine your knowledge, skill and confidence levels, and structure a custom refresher lesson for your needs.
$65 to $85*
60 minute driver assessment 

Ideal if you’re a little more confident in your driving skills and road rule knowledge. The 60 minutes is a formal driver assessment.

$65 to $120*
90 minute refresher and assessment

Great for refreshing your driving skills, and updating your road rule knowledge. The instructor uses the first 30 minutes to gauge your skills and confidence, and identify areas that may require further improvement prior to the assessment. The remaining 60 minutes is a formal driver assessment.
$97.50 to $138*

Need to refresh your skills?

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*Lesson prices are inclusive of GST, and may vary per location or number of lessons purchased. Please call 1300 696 762 for pricing in your area.