Save up to 5c off per litre of fuel at Ampol*


Save up to 5c per litre
on fuel at Ampol*

Members enjoy exclusive fuel discounts at participating Ampol# and Caltex branded locations. No need to spend anything in store, simply save by being a NRMA Member.

Member offer

NRMA Members can save 5c per litre on Premium fuel and 3c per litre on regular fuel at participating Ampol# and Caltex branded service stations* every time you fill up – with bonus savings throughout the year.

How to redeem

Simply download the my nrma app and search for a red pin to visit a participating Caltex or Ampol# service station with your QR code in tow to redeem. Be sure to have your code ready at the counter for a swift transaction.

Caltex branded sites are changing to Ampol#. Please be assured as an NRMA Member you can access your fuel discount at both participating Caltex and Ampol locations during this transition.

As Ampol continue to roll out revitalised stores across Australia, your local store may be branded Caltex or Ampol#, in either case, your discount will be applied at either branded service stations.

COVID-19 Check in

It is mandatory in NSW and ACT to check in to Service Stations.

It is also mandatory in NSW to wear mask in service stations, unless you have a medical exemption.

Why fill up at Ampol?

Caltex locations
We're near you
Find an Ampol fuel station as a red pin in the my nrma app.
Caltex fuel types
Fuel savings
Discounts across unleaded & diesel fuels.
Caltex groceries
Pick up groceries, snacks and more.
Easy Payment
Easy payment
Discount applied in the my nrma app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Members can save 5c per litre on Premium fuels and 3c per litre on regular fuels when they download the my nrma app and and search for a red pin to visit a participating Ampol or Caltex petrol station. Simply open the my nrma app, click on ‘Membership cards’ to bring up your Caltex discount QR code. Simply show this QR code to the cashier at the counter to scan to receive your fuel benefit. 

Besides the standard Member offer to save 5c per litre on Premium fuels and 3c per litre on regular fuels, Members can also enjoy additional fuel savings on top of the standard offer.

To be the first to hear about our special fuel offers and extra fuel discounts, turn on your app push notifications on your phone and check the benefits page of the my nrma app. You can also subscribe to our eNews for the latest news and special Ampol offers. 

Not specifically, but we do frequently run special offers on extras including coffee, snacks, car washing and more. You can receive these special offers by turning on push notifications on the my nrma app as well as checking the benefits page of the my nrma app. Don’t forget to subscribe to our eNews to receive the latest news and offers. 
There is a fuel limit of one redemption every 24 hours capped at 120 litres on your fuel purchase. 
Caltex branded petrol stations are changing to Ampol#. Members can enjoy a discount at both Ampol and Caltex branded service stations during this rebranding phase. 
There are more than 1,900 fuel stations across Ampol and Caltex locations that are yet to be rebranded to the Ampol brand. To find a participating Ampol fuel station near you, simply open the nrma app and use the search functionality to find your nearest Ampol fuel station. Alternatively, use the map below. 
Yes, you can fill up more than one vehicle using different fuels. However, you can only make one redemption every 24 hours capped at 120 litres. 

Each Ampol fuel station provides a variety of petrols and diesels for your vehicle. These include the following:

  • LPG
  • Premium Diesel
  • Ethanol 94
  • Unleaded 91
  • Premium 95
  • Premium 98

The 8 cents per litre Ampol discount applies to Premium fuels and includes:

  • Vortex Premium 98
  • Vortex Premium 95
  • Vortex Premium Diesel
  • Amplify Premium Unleaded
  • Amplify Premium Diesel

The 4 cents per litre discount applies to Regular fuels and includes:

  • Unleaded
  • E10
  • Diesel
View and compare the latest fuel prices across Unleaded and Diesel fuels using the my nrma app. You can view by location and filter by fuel type to find the cheapest fuel near you. You will also see the fuel savings available to NRMA Members at participating Ampol service stations. Alternatively, view the latest weekly fuel reports.

Participating locations

Map correct as of 5 January 2022.

#Ampol Limited, through a subsidiary, is a licensee in Australia of the Caltex trademark, but is in the process of transitioning its network of over 1,900 sites to instead trade under its own Ampol trademark.

The 5 cents per litre discount applies to Premium fuels and includes Vortex Premium 98, Vortex Premium 95, Vortex Premium Diesel, Amplify Premium Unleaded, Amplify Premium Diesel; and 3 cents per litre discount is for Regular fuels and includes Unleaded, E10 and Diesel.

The Offer:

a. is only available at participating Caltex and Ampol locations. For participating locations, visit Caltex.

b. is not available at Caltex Woolworths service stations.

c. cannot be used in conjunction with any other fuel discount or loyalty offer.

d. for commercial purposes or by NRMA business Members.

The Offer can only be used for one transaction every 24 hours, to fill a maximum of 120 litres.

The Offer can only be activated by Members who have:

a. downloaded or updated the my nrma app (on a compatible smartphone)

b. logged into the app using their mobile or Membership number

c. opened the Membership card section in the app and show their discount QR code at participating locations.

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