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Sydney's parking problem

When we surveyed NRMA Members in May 2019, 77 per cent believed that parking prices are too high. 

It's not hard to see why: the Sydney CBD has the lowest ratio of car spaces to workers in Australia, with 12.2 spaces for every 100 workers. Globally, these ratios are some of the lowest. 

A further frustration for Members, particularly in the Sydney CBD, is the ambiguity of parking pricing and availability throughout the day. This includes on-street and off-street parking where confusing signage means pricing is not transparent.

So we know how difficult and expensive it can be to park in and around Sydney, especially in the CBD or near Sydney Airport. That's why we've added a parking finder to the my nrma app and have teamed up with some great partners to offer parking discounts to our Members.

How to save on parking in Sydney

  • Park and Fly: 20% off airport parking including shuttle service to domestic or international terminal.

  • Space Shuttle Airport Parking: 20% off airport parking including shuttle service to domestic or international terminal.

  • Secure Parking: Save 10% on pre-booked casual parking across all applicable NSW car parks, and 30% off* evening and weekend parking when you book online via Secure-A-Spot. 

*T&Cs apply

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95% of Members surveyed say they'd happily recommend the NRMA to friends and family.*
Our organisation
How we transform our business and create ongoing value for the NRMA, our Members, society and the environment.
Car insurance and rego
Everything you need to know about insuring and registering your vehicle in NSW. NRMA can help with competitive car insurance, CTP green slips, pink slip inspections and more.
Buying a car
It’s easy to make an uninformed purchase, but when it comes to buying a new or used car, it’s best to get all the information.
Driving lessons
Bookings for learner drivers, senior drivers, or corporate driver training from highly qualified instructors in Sydney and NSW.
Car servicing and repairs
Our expert mobile mechanics will come to your home, workplace for all your cars servicing and repair needs across Sydney and NSW. Alternatively, you can visit any one of the Motorserve centres across the ACT and NSW.
Roadside Assistance

No matter the time or place – whether you’re broken down, have a flat battery, a punctured tyre, or locked your keys in your car – we’ll be there to get you moving again.

NRMA Business Roadside Assistance

No matter the time or place – whether you’re broken down, have a flat battery, a punctured tyre, or locked your keys in your car – we’ll be there to get your business moving again.

Business Member benefits

As an NRMA business Member you receive a host of benefits and access to vital services for the smooth running of your business.

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After nearly 100 years of service, it's understandable that most people know the NRMA for our 24/7 roadside assistance. But we're always looking for different ways to to help make the journey better for our Members.

Even if you're looking for car parking, the NRMA are looking out for you with pricing on car parks with the my nrma app. So open it up and find the best option for you.

From Sydney Airport to the city CBD, Sydney University and the University of NSW (UNSW), Bondi Beach to Central Station, there's a range of parking for you to view in Sydney. But it doesn't stop in the NSW capital, with a range of metropolitan areas around the country on your very own parking app - the my nrma app.