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Dare diasability support van
DARE disability support van

Andrew Daly, 
DARE Disability Support

As an NRMA business Member, DARE Disability Support can keep their vulnerable clients safe on the road, while earning Qantas Points to improve their lives. 

The disability services provider was founded 60 years ago by a group of parents who wanted to help their children living with disabilities. Today, the organisation runs 14 supported independent living residences in the lower Blue Mountains of NSW for people living with profound disabilities. It also operates a thriving Australian Disability Enterprise that provides employment for a large workforce, including 48 supported employees.

With a fleet of 36 vehicles always on the move – either making deliveries, taking residents to community activities, or sometimes even travelling hundreds of kilometres to Orange or Newcastle – CEO Andrew Daly knew he needed reliable roadside assistance.

“If we have a breakdown or flat tyre, we can’t risk vulnerable people being stranded,” he says. “We need peace of mind and the NRMA gives us certainty.”

As a Qantas Business Rewards member, DARE earns Qantas Points for every dollar spent on NRMA roadside assistance for business. And every point goes straight back into the not-for-profit group. 

“We usually put our points towards airfares and car hire for interstate meetings. We recently flew two people to South Australia to meet a new resident and his care providers, to make sure that moving into our residence was right for him. Without Qantas Business Rewards and the points we’ve earned with the NRMA, we’d be left with significant out-of-pocket costs.”

DARE has also found other ways to improve the lives of its clients using their Qantas Points, including purchasing an iPad for each of the 14 facilities so residents can use Zoom. Points have also been used on a new barbecue for the Blaxland Community Centre.

“For our people, the little wins are fantastic. When they can achieve something, it brings so much happiness.” 

Now, as DARE plans to expand towards Penrith, the upper Blue Mountains and Richmond, as well as establish all-female and youth residences, working with Qantas Business Rewards partners will be vital in bolstering the organisation’s budget. 

“As a not-for-profit, we rely on donations and sponsorship. Earning Qantas Points through the NRMA and Qantas Business Rewards makes a world of difference.” 

Savings when you need them most 

Put your trust in Australia’s largest roadside assistance network while also earning Qantas Points. Here's three ways joining can help you:

1. Peace of mind 

With the NRMA, every DARE driver has the reassurance of 24/7 roadside assistance, including unlimited callouts across Australia. “It’s part of our emergency planning because we’re responsible for some very vulnerable people,” says Daly.

2. Points plus discounts

DARE earns 4 Qantas Points per dollar spent on roadside assistance and enjoys access to NRMA business Member benefits, such as parking and car hire discounts. “Our vehicles cover around a million kilometres every year, so those points and savings do add up.”

3. Making a difference

As a not-for-profit, DARE reinvests its points into the organisation. “The Qantas Rewards Store is fantastic for groups like ours. Even when we’re not travelling, it helps us make the most of every point.”

Now, until July 31 2022, you can earn double Qantas Points when you add a vehicle to your NRMA business Membership. That’s 8 Qantas Points per $1 spent on roadside assistance.

Join as an NRMA business Member and register for Qantas Business Rewards today. 

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*NRMA business Members will earn 8 Qantas Points per $1 spent when joining as a new Member or adding new vehicles to their existing NRMA business Membership between 1 June – 31 July 2022 (campaign period). Qantas Points will be earned on the Annual Membership Fee, Passenger Assist, Passenger Absolute, Light Commercial Assist, Light Commercial Absolute, Heavy Vehicle Assist, Taxi Assist, Advance products. Existing Members that add at least one new vehicle to their Membership will earn 8 Qantas Points per $1 on that new vehicle/s. Existing Members in renewal that pay on time and add a new vehicle to their Membership will earn 8 Qantas Points per $1 for that renewal payment. Existing Members that renew on time and don't add any new vehicles to their Membership will earn the standard 4 Qantas Points per $1 for the renewal payment. Payment must be made to the NRMA no later than two business days after the renewal due date. Qantas Points will be credited to the Member's Qantas Business Rewards account within 30 days of payment to the NRMA. Any claims in relation to Qantas Points under this offer must be made directly to the NRMA by emailing businessrewards@mynrma.com.au.