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Vehicle branding
Vehicle branding

The vehicles in your business are already generating revenue by moving goods and staff around. Why not get more value out of them by using them as mobile billboards too?

The big question is, does branding vehicles work? Well, according to a survey conducted by Fleet Auto News with fleet managers and other respondents from the automotive industry in August 2021, it does. The survey found that signage on vehicles does create brand awareness.

This is great news for business owners who may have seen falling revenues this year and are looking for ways to find new customers. Adding a company logo and phone number to cars and trucks is a quick and inexpensive way to promote a business.

What branding works best?

Branding a vehicle is no different to any other advertising campaign. You need to start by deciding on your objectives.

For example, a retail business may want customers to call or visit the store. So, the vehicle branding should include the business name, a phone number and a location. If the retailer also operates an online store, the website should be prominently displayed with icons or symbols that make it obvious that customers can buy online.

If you’re a wholesaler, you would focus more on your brand, so the logo would be the main feature. If the brand has a personality, consider using a complete vehicle wrap to show images or other graphic elements that align with your brand image.

Some companies take it one step further by picking a vehicle to match the brand image and then complementing it with vehicle signage.

An outdoor or lifestyle retailer could consider using SUVs or 4X4s as company cars. The purchase price might be higher but it’s no longer a one-dimensional asset – it’s a mode of transport and a mobile billboard that is aligned to your brand image.

Don’t hide it in the carpark

Billboards are called outdoor media for a reason. If they’re not being seen, they won’t work, so it’s a good idea to get your mobile billboard out on the road.

Think about your local area and its high traffic locations. Park the car in a visible spot during the day and on weekends when it’s not being used. Or, let trusted staff members take it, so it’s seen by drivers across different locations.

Popular with small and medium businesses

Branding is often more popular with local businesses and tradies because customers report back to them firsthand that it works. Small and medium business owners are closer to their customers and can quickly measure which advertising channels are working. They also can’t afford to use their limited marketing budgets on things that don’t work.

Community Awareness

Putting your company name and logo on your vehicles isn’t just a way to generate sales. Large businesses use vehicle branding to connect with the community.

Some councils are using branding to introduce residents and ratepayers to zero emission vehicles. These councils have realised that government agencies have a role to play in the transition to a low carbon economy and some people are skeptical about electric vehicles. Making these vehicles visible in the community increases awareness and acceptance.

Water, power and gas companies brand their vehicles to let the community know when they are working on important infrastructure projects in the local area. They also use it to promote sponsorships and road safety messages.

How much does it cost?

This will depend on the design. A simple logo on the door doesn’t have to be very expensive. Wrapping the entire car in vinyl with an elaborate design will naturally involve more cost.

By using good quality materials and an experienced installer, a vehicle will act as a mobile billboard for 3-5 years, which matches the average ownership period for fleet vehicles. Spreading the cost over several years makes vehicle signage and branding a very low-cost marketing activity to help grow your business.

With businesses competing more than ever for customers, it’s good sense to make it easier for people to find you. Taking the message to them can put you ahead of the pack.

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