Buying a new car checklist

New car salesman and customer

Realising that your current car doesn't work as well as it used to can be tough. However, that's simply an opportunity to get a new car. Before you get too excited and buy that dream car you've had your eye on since you were a child, read through our checklist and make sure you've thought everything through before purchasing. Some things to think about include:

Do you know your budget?

No point in trying to buy a Mercedes when your budget is more suited to a Ford. Knowing how much you can spend and sticking to it can help with this. Read more here for more information about hidden costs to look out for that might blow your budget out of the water.

Is your new car right for you?

Have you decided whether the new car you want is practical? Does it have enough space for your current and future plans (maybe plans that involve children?). Figuring this out is an important aspect of choosing the right car

Are you able to negotiate?

Negotiation can be tough and it can be even tougher dealing with a salesman who deals with this all the time. Read more about our tips and tricks here

Do you know the car jargon?

As you're going to be around dealerships and doing your research online, it can be helpful to know the jargon so you don't look confused if your sales representative asks whether or not you want a dealer or extended warranty. Learning about the jargon can help you out in more ways than expected.

Do you need extras?

Although it can be tempting to protect your new investment with everything that's available, taking a minute to think about whether you need rustproofing is always a good idea. Learn more about the other extras you should be wary of

Which gimmicks are useful?

One thing to consider while you’re being inundated with gimmicks is whether or not you'll get use out of them. Sure, the back seat DVD screens sound like a good idea, but you rarely have passengers that you need to entertain with films. Browse what other gimmicks are available here

Do you need to pay a deposit on your new car?

Knowing whether or not you have to pay a deposit can be helpful. Learn more about what you need to know about the deposit.

Does your dealership deliver?

Whether or not your dealership delivers your car to your doorstep for a fee or for free is important to know. If you're unsure as to what you have to look out for, read about it here.

Know the price of the vehicle you want?

NRMA's car loans calculator will help you estimate your car loan repayments over the life of your loan