Taking delivery of your new vehicle

man handing woman keys to new car

So you’ve decided to purchase a new car, but the dealership doesn’t have the exact make and model you want, you place an order with the dealership and start playing the waiting game before you take ownership of your new vehicle. When the vehicle arrives at the dealership the sales person will give you a call and arrange for you to take possession of the vehicle. Before you sign the ownership papers and accept whatever has been delivered, here’s a checklist of what to look out for before you accept your new car.

  1. Before signing for delivery, inspect your new car thoroughly. It would help to take a checklist with you when you go to the dealership
  2. Make sure the vehicle's 'build date' shows the year and month of manufacture stated in the paperwork.
  3. Check for paint, trim or glass defects. As this is a new car, there shouldn’t be any but being thorough and inspecting what you’re about to accept isn’t a bad thing.
  4. Check that all the accessories are working properly. This can include features such as bluetooth connectivity, rear seats that fold down the car radio, checking you have floor mats, indicators, windscreen wipers etc.
  5. Check the spare wheel, jack and tool kit are in place.
  6. Take the car on a test drive with the sales representative to ensure all is well mechanically. Make a note of any faults to be fixed without charge during the first service. If you find any faults, ask the sales representative to acknowledge them by signing the note you receive on delivery.
  7. Try to take delivery and make all checks during daylight hours and in fine weather. If you’re unable to take delivery, schedule for the car to be delivered when you are able to make these checks.

Once you’re satisfied with the checks you’ve conducted, feel free to sign and accept your new car. Congratulations on your exciting new purchase.

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