Mobile vehicle inspections FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the more common questions we are asked about mobile vehicle inspections.

A standard inspection will take 60-90 minutes. Mobile inspections are available Monday - Saturday, 7.30am - 5.30pm.
That depends on the type of vehicle you drive, For instance a prestige vehicle requires more components to be checked compared to a standard vehicle.
NRMA service Sydney Metro, lower Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Newcastle, Maitland, Canberra, and Illawarra. We offer both in store inspections at our car servicing sites, as well as mobile inspections to private residences or dealerships.
The in-store vehicle inspection is carried out at any NRMA car servicing centre, which is a convenient choice for car owners looking to identify any warranty issues for referral back to the manufacturer. Vehicles inspected at the car servicing centre have the advantage of an inspection on the hoist with the wheels removed to ensure 4WD engagement and a thorough brake pad examination.
While all of our inspectors are qualified mechanics, we focus solely on visual inspection of the vehicle and do not carry out repairs. NRMA Members do have access to these services through our Road Service channel. Car servicing and repairs is available at any of the 23 NRMA car servicing centres covering Sydney and NSW or you can use the mobile mechanics service available in selected areas.
Along with providing you with a comprehensive 76 point check on your vehicle, we conduct a test on your battery and charging system, complete a pressure test on the radiator, do a drive test, and every report is accompanied by photographs including interior, exterior, spare tyre, compliance plates, logs books, paint and panels. Our inspectors are also available to discuss the report findings in detail and answer any outstanding questions you may have. This service comes with the added security of having your vehicle checked by one of the most trusted brands in Australia.
A prestige vehicle has higher quality equipment, better performance, more precise construction, comfort, higher design, or is technologically innovative.
Yes, our inspectors are highly trained and have NRMA's 98 years of industry knowledge behind them. Imported and prestige vehicles are inspected frequently by our inspectors.
No, you are not required to attend the inspection, however if you wish to be present during the inspection please let us know and our friendly staff will arrange for the inspector to arrange a time with the seller that suits you.
We do offer same day bookings however it is first come first served. We can take bookings any time however booking before the day of inspection will get you the best available time.
We do check the brake pads and discs in our in-store inspections at NRMA car servicing, but not during our mobile inspection. The mobile inspectors provide a visual inspection only so do not remove any components of the vehicle during our inspection. We do conduct a visual and drive test and any brake issues picked up will be noted.

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