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What’s involved in a car air conditioning re-gas?

It’s all too easy to forget about servicing your car’s air conditioning system until it’s too late. Like, when you’re sitting in traffic on a boiling hot day or freezing cold on a frosty winter’s morning. For many car owners, a good air conditioning system is a real luxury. But with a few essentials and a little TLC, your car’s air conditioning system can be reliable and effective – regardless of what the outside temperature throws at you. 

Our air conditioning service

  • Inspection of drive belts and pulleys
  • Check operation of valves and thermostats
  • Inspection of hoses and components
  • Evacuate system and recover refrigerant
  • Add required amount of refrigerant oil
  • Charge system with recommended refrigerant type and capacity (if required)
  • Condenser temperature check
  • Leak test system lines and components 
  • Run vehicle to check air vent temperature

Where can I have my vehicle's A/C system serviced?

Since a car’s air conditioning system has complex parts, it’s important to choose experienced technicians to handle its maintenance and repair. Luckily, the teams at each of the 23 Motorserve centres across SydneyCanberra and NSW can help you keep your cool with expert air conditioning diagnostics, re-gassing and repairs. Even better, NRMA Members always save 10% off the total bill*. Call today on 1300 223 544 for a quote.

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What’s that smell?

Dealing with a nasty smell coming from your air conditioning vents? Your air conditioner dries out the air in your car, but that moisture has to go somewhere. Water droplets form on the evaporator core in your instrument panel, then run out a drain tube to the ground outside. It’s a damp environment, making it a perfect breeding ground for mildew. That mildew slowly builds up, so, when you switch on the air-con, air passes over the evaporator and out the dash vents, bringing that foul smell with it. Part of our air conditioning re-gas service is treating the mildew in your heating and air conditioning system – killing the bacteria and the awful smell. 

Losing your cool

When your car’s air conditioning isn’t cooling the inside of your vehicle, it’s time for a re-gas. Australia’s different weather patterns can take their toll on your vehicle. Plus, providing a comfortable climate inside the car through heating and air conditioning is an important part of looking after it. Re-gassing involves the removal of the old refrigerant gas from your unit and replacing it with a new one. Having an annual service at one of our car servicing workshops will help prevent a costly air conditioning breakdown and save you money in the long run.

How often do air conditioners need to be re gassed? 

On average, your vehicle’s heating and cooling system may need to be serviced or re-gassed every 1 to 2 years. While some cars may go a good 5 or more years without needing to be re-gassed – even newer vehicles will lose around 10% of the gas in their air conditioning systems annually. And as this goes, so will that clean cold air.

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NRMA Members save 10% off the total bill*