How do I know if my fuel is contaminated?

Contaminated Fuel NRMA
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If you notice any of the following symptoms soon after refuelling you MAY have bought contaminated fuel:

  • Engine running rough or lacking power/performance

  • Engine harder to start than usual

  • Misfiring, pinging or backfiring

  • “Engine check” light illuminated

If you suspect that you have picked up a bad batch of fuel, your first priority is to take your car to your local mechanic or servicing dealer, for a check and verification.

If you are unable to drive your car to your mechanic, call our roadside assistance team on 13 11 22, who offer NRMA Members a quick check and advice or towing if assistance is necessary.

Be sure to note the date time and location of where the fuel was obtained, this is one of the three rules to remember while refuelling. Although many people do not retain receipts, they can be helpful when making claims for contamination issues and proof of purchase.

Advise the service station where you bought the fuel from that you are experiencing problems following the last refuelling and that you will be making a claim against them for the repairs that may be needed.

Have you ever had a bad batch of fuel?

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