Is your vehicle included in the Takata airbag recall?

Airbag deflated in car

Another one million cars have been added to the recall list by the ACCC for future airbag replacement, including the Mercedes-Benz C Class, Ford Mondeo and Toyota Yaris.

Check your vehicle

The 1.1 million drivers affected by this second stage of the recall will be contacted by mail, email, phone or text message however drivers need to make sure their vehicle manufacturer or dealer has their contact information. Drivers who have difficulties or delays are urged to contact the ACCC.

According to the ACCC 1.9 million vehicles have had their airbags replaced, leaving 900,000 yet to be completed.

In February the Australian Government called for a compulsory recall on all defective Takata airbags along with immediate action required for Takata's alpha airbags. The NRMA is urging vehicle owners to check to see if their vehicle is affected by the compulsory recall and ensure the safety of their vehicle.

The confirmed list of cars with defective airbags includes vehicles made by BMW, Honda, Chrysler, Lexus, Jeep, Subaru, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ford, GM Holden, Toyota, Ferrari, GMC, Mercedes Benz, Tesla, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Audi, Hino Trucks and Skoda. 

Check if your vehicle has an alpha airbag

Vehicles that contain alpha airbags have the highest risk of rupture. Drivers with a vehicle containing an alpha airbag should urgently contact the vehicle manufacturer to have the airbag replaced immediately. All vehicles with alpha airbags are currently categorised as under 'active recall'.

Check if your vehicle is under active recall

An active recall means that you should have your airbag replaced now, and that you should contact the manufacturer as soon as possible in order to arrange an appointment for replacement.

If you have your vehicle's registration plate number, you can check to find out if your vehicle is affected at: or by texting 'Takata' to 0487 AIRBAG (247224).

Note your VIN number


You will need to know your vehicle identification number (VIN), which is a unique 17 character serial number that can be found on your vehicle or in documentation such as registration documentation. You can also find your VIN on the vehicle registration certificate issued by the vehicle registration body in your state or territory.

Don’t wait for a recall letter from your manufacturer. It is important that all vehicle owners are proactive in ensuring their vehicle is safe by contacting the manufacturer to book in a time to have the airbag replaced.

Manufacturer VIN 'lookup'

Most manufacturers now have a searchable recall database on their websites. The recall database will allow you to check the recall status of your vehicle by searching for its VIN, and the recall initiation schedule provides the dates of all recalls and whether it is an active or future recall.

For future recalls

If you find that your vehicle is not under active recall, it is important to check again in the future as recall action may be initiated for your vehicle later. If this is the case, you should ensure that the manufacturer has your current contact details, they will contact you when it is time to have your airbag replaced. 

Your vehicle manufacturer is required to publish a recall initiation schedule and searchable recall on their website by the 1st July 2018 (links noted above). 

Do not ignore recall notices

Do not disregard any recall communications which are addressed to you, even if you have already had your airbag replaced, you may discover that there may be a need for another replacement of an airbag.  

If you have had your airbag previously replaced after a crash, you should still take your vehicle in to be checked in case it was fitted with a defective Takata airbag. With instances of vehicles fitted with affected Takata airbags after a collision and those airbags rupturing and causing injury or death. We encourage you to not disregard any recall notices and to act on the aforementioned information and any notices that you may receive in the future or have received in the past.

What about second-hand vehicles?

Regardless of whether you bought your vehicle brand new or second hand, you are entitled to receive a replacement airbag free of charge.

To ensure that you are notified if your vehicle is subject to the Takata airbag recall, you should contact the Australian office of the manufacturer of your vehicle to ensure that they have your current contact details.

If your vehicle is affected by the recall, and you sell your car prior to receiving your final replacement, you should advise the new owner that the vehicle has an affected Takata airbag that will require replacement, and contact the Australian office of the manufacturer and provide them with the new owner’s contact details (with the new owner’s consent). 

Enquiries and complaints

If you have any further questions about the recall, you can get in contact with your vehicle manufacturer.

You will find that the car manufacturers must have a complaints handling process, which will ensure that any consumer issues that cannot be immediately resolved must be promptly escalated.

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