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The answers to our most common driving school and licences related questions.

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We’re committed to producing safer drivers for life, with highly trained instructors and a world class curriculum. And with over 90 years’ experience in helping motorists throughout their journey, our expertise is second to none.

Every lesson is tailored to the needs of the driver – from learners taking the wheel for the very first time or that have already driven 50 hours, to those that have been driving for most of their life.
To be eligible, the driver must have a NSW learner licence, be under the age of 25, and have completed a minimum of 50 hours of on road logbook driving – not inclusive of bonus hours accrued through (3 for 1) structured professional instruction.
Booking is simple. We have an online booking system or you can call 1300 696 762.
The cost is set by the RMS at $140 (incl. GST), and includes both modules. You can also purchase a gift voucher by calling 1300 696 762.
In order to receive the 20 hour log book reduction, module 2 must be completed within one month of completing module 1.
To begin module 2, you’ll need the knowledge gained in module 1. In order to get the 20 hour reduction to the log book, both modules must be completed in order, and within a month.
Unfortunately not. A requirement of the RMS is that module 2 is be completed in an authorised dual control vehicle.
As the course costs are set by the RMS, we can’t offer any monetary discounts to Members.
Rescheduling or cancelling is free of charge if done more than 7 days before the module 1 booking. All attempts will be made to reschedule the session to a preferred time and date if made within the 7 day period – subject to availability. Cancelations within 7 days will forfeit the full course fee.

If you need to reschedule an already scheduled module 2 session after already completing module 1, you will be required to pay the full course fee of $140 (incl. GST).

No shows will also forfeit the full course fee.

Senior Driving

Booking is simple. We have an online booking system or you can call 1300 696 762.
We’ll come to you. We operate in a number of NSW metro and regional locations.

A driving test is carried out by the RMS at a local motor registry in order to adhere to their licence system requirements. The tests are practical driving test with eight fail items. You must successfully pass all fail items to pass the test. A modified licence will be issued after three failed attempts. This test must be completed prior to you turning 85, and then every two years thereafter. A driving assessment is carried out by a licensed driving instructor with a senior assessor qualification. These assessments are usually conducted from your home and on your local streets. You can have as many assessments as you like on the proviso you don't perform a serious fail based on the RMS standards.

These assessments must be completed prior to you turning 85, and then every two years thereafter.

If you’re a NSW and ACT driver 75 years and older you’re required to have an annual medical examination to retain your licence. If 85 years and older, you must decide whether to keep your unrestricted li-cence or switch it to a modified licence.

An unrestricted licence requires you to complete a practical driving test or assessment every two years.

On renewal, senior drivers can chose a modified licence with certain conditions – pending negotiations with the RMS, i.e. a 'home to town' driving condition could be put in place. Modified licence holders aren’t required to undertake driving tests or assessments.