Why learners should complete the Safer Drivers Course

Driving instructor directs student
Driving instructor directs student

Set yourself up for a lifetime of safer driving

RMS approved
A premium product that’s competitively priced
Plus, an extra 20 hours of logbook credit once the course is completed.

As a young driver, we know that getting your P1 provisional licence is a big step towards becoming an adult. You’ll enjoy greater freedom, with the responsibility of being legally allowed to drive alone. However, with this new responsibility come risks, and unfortunately young drivers are more likely to be in a fatal accident after making the transition to their P1 licence. 

The NRMA driving school delivers their expertise by providing the Safer Drivers Course which aims to prepare you for this risky time in your life and introduces participants to lifelong, low-risk driving behaviours. The reality of driving every day is far different to taking a standard driving lesson. That’s why the course is designed to establish everyday driving practices for learner drivers under the age of 25.  Plus, it also gets learner drivers thinking about the type of driver they are going to be once they pass the driving test. 

The Safer Drivers Course is approved by the RMS and is designed to work with the current NSW learner log book systems. What’s more, leaner drivers who complete the course will receive an extra 20 hours of logbook credit. The course itself costs $140.00 and consists of two modules.

Module 1 – Facilitated group session:

Consists of a three-hour group discussion with fellow L platers, where participants will learn to manage risks on the road. Our trainers facilitate these sessions and make sure each learner walks away with key messaging and strategies to minimise their risk behind the wheel.

Module 2 – One-on-one practical coaching:

It’s time to put those new skills to the test. The final module is a two-hour practical coaching session with a trainer and another learner. The trainer will coach both learners in a controlled, on road environment to apply their risk management strategies and help them adopt low risk driving behaviours.

You might be thinking that this sounds a little too easy, surely there must be a catch? To complete the course, the learner must be under 25, hold a current licence, and have 50 hours completed in their learner log book. With locations across Sydney, most of regional NSW –  NRMA provides a Safer Drivers Course for learners near you.

So, whether you’re a parent looking for an affordable safe driving program to enrol your child into, or are a young learner looking to improve your knowledge about road safety – take the Safer Drivers Course with the NRMA.

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