Safer drivers course

Take 20 hours off
your learner logbook

Reducing roads risks and log book hours for learner drivers

This course is designed to establish safer driving practices for learner drivers under the age of 25, who are statistically most at risk of a fatal accident once they get their provisional licence. Research has shown that the more supervised practice a learner driver undertakes, the lower their chances of an incident*.

Earn up to 40 log book hours of credit#.

Learner drivers who have completed at least 50 log book hours of driving^ will receive 20 hours of log book credit when they complete a safer drivers course. Take 10 hours of professional driving lessons to gain another 20 hours of credit (on top of those 10 hours spent), and you’ll effectively reduce your required hours from 140 down to just 90.

The safer drivers course

In July 2013, the NSW Government introduced the safer drivers course as part of an ongoing review of the licensing system. Statistically, under 25s are most at risk of a fatal crash once they move to a provisional licence*.

Our driver training schools are accredited by the RMS to conduct the course in NSW for learner drivers. We provided industry advice to the NSW Government Advisory Panel that helped to develop it. Our advice was considered to ensure the safety and affordability for all learner drivers.

Course details

The course is designed to work in conjunction with the current NSW learner log book system. It consists of two modules:

Module 1: Classroom environment with theoretical education and discussions

Module 2: In car practical learning with a qualified driving instructor

The safer drivers course costs $140.00 (incl. GST). 

To complete the course, NSW learners must be under 25 and have completed 50 of on road driving hours in their learner logbook. See below for course locations and dates for module 1. Module 2 may need to be completed on a different date.

Course modules

Our safer drivers course is approved and accredited by the RMS. Here's what you can expect:

Module 1 – Theory

Learners will be educated on everyday road risks. Our trainers will teach them the proven, safe driving behaviours and techniques to encourage low risk driving behaviours. These include:

  • Hazard perception
  • Following distance behaviour
  • Speed selection
  • Gap election

Course duration: 3 hours
Course participants: 6 to 12 people

Module 2 – Practical

Learners will put the theory they learnt in the first module to practice, in a car with a trainer. In this module, the trainer will focus on coaching the individual needs of each learner driver, and reinforcing the low risk driving behaviour taught in the first module.

Module 2 must be taken within one month of completion of module 1.

Course duration: 2 hours
Course participants: 2 people

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*Research results from the NSW Government and RMS.
#Learners that have logged at least 50 hours of on road driving can earn up to 20 hours credit from the safer drivers course. A learner driver can record 3 hours of driving experience in their log book for every 1 hour completed with a fully licensed driving instructor – up to 30 driven hours. Learners will earn up to 20 hours of credit.
^These hours do not include those accrued through (3 for 1) structured professional instruction.